Take A Seat With Babyhood

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Feb 202016


Almost eight years ago hip daddy and I selected the Babyhood Georgia sleigh cots and change table for our two bundles of joy, I vividly remember how happy and proud I was looking around our gorgeous baby room. Five babies later and we are still using the same nursery furniture every day, clearly our choice for quality and durability has paid off!

Babyhood Table + Chairs

Hopefully we’ll get just as much enjoyment out of the Babyhood Playing Table with 4 Chairs (RRP $249) which we recently added to our living room. As you can probably imagine it can be quite tricky for short legs and arms to (safely) climb on and off high chairs and sit up properly at a big kitchen table, so this child-sized set is making life a lot easier and safer for our growing family.

Babyhood rounded corners

From breakfast in the morning to tea-parties at lunch and from drawing, puzzling and games to snacks after school, our lovely wooden table is in use all day. The chairs also double as a seats on a bus, the frame of a blanket fort or movie theatre seats, there is no lack of imagination here! The kids can hop on and off the chairs with ease without needing help and without getting hurt (yay for rounded corners). Measuring 60x60cm in size there is plenty of surface space and even with all four chairs taken there is enough room on the table for breakfast plates or colouring books.

Babyhood table

Often children’s furniture features bright colours or busy patterns, great for kids but not always a good match for the rest of your home decor. The traditional look of the Babyhood table and chairs fits in effortlessly in most homes and doesn’t date so we are sure to enjoy it for years to come. The beautiful finish and natural colour variances in the warm, chocolate wood are just stunning especially when it catches the sunlight.

Babyhood chair

Not only does the wood look classy and timeless, it is also very strong, solid and eco-friendly. As a busy family with five young children we always think ahead and opt for durability, this table and chairs set is built to last and I am confident it will survive the every day hustle and bustle of our little tribe.

The Babyhood Playing Table + Chairs set is currently available in four classic looks: white, baltic, cedar and chocolate.

To find out more about Babyhood, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.babyhood.com.au.

Bounce for joy with Bombol

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Jul 242015


Now that we have dug up most baby goods from storage we’ve finally put together a short shopping list for the last missing bits and pieces. Most items can easily do with some more squishy baby-love but sadly our bouncer has not survived its winter sleep, I am a little sad as it holds sweet memories but there is nothing we can do about it. On the hunt for a lovely replacement I stumbled upon this super stylish number at The Little Haven:

Bamboo Bouncer

The Bamboo, created by Italian designer label Bombol, is a beautiful modern piece of nursery furniture that would look stunning in any nursery or living room. Inspired by the famous properties of nature’s own bamboo this classy seat is light, flexible, durable and strong, in fact it is so strong it can easily hold up to an impressive 18kg (the weight of an average 4-5 year old). From baby bouncer to comfy ‘chaise longue’, what a brilliant investment for young families!

Bamboo SpringFrom sit and play to rest and nap, thanks to the patented Dynamic Backrest the Bamboo bouncer adjusts to your child’s needs effortlessly. Not only can parents adjust the position of the seat without disturbing a sleeping baby, children can also change their position independently simply by shifting their weight, how easy is that? This ability to move positions easily in combination with the ergonomic design encourages healthy development.

You can use the Bamboo from birth (3.5kg onwards) keeping baby comfortable strapped in by the safety harness. However smaller babies might lack the weight to bring Bamboo’s Dynamic Backrest down to the sleeping position so for those lightweight bubbas a special New Born Kit is available. The New Born Kit provides extra head support and adjusts the Bamboo’s performance to the lighter weight of smaller babies.

Bombol Bamboo

The Bombol Bamboo Bouncer (RRP $289.95) is currently available in three stylish unisex colours: Spring (lime), Elephant (grey) and Coconut (cream). Which one is your favourite?

To find out more about The Little Haven, to take a closer look at the Bombol Bamboo Bouncer and to order online visit www.thelittlehaven.com.au.

Around the table with Jack & Evelyn

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Jun 142015

Jack & Evelyn

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a fabulous sale at Jack & Evelyn, offering their gorgeous wooden table and chairs sets at such a great price it was almost too good to be true. Our old table and chairs set (lovingly nicknamed ‘the little table’) gets used every single day for breakfast, homework, games and more so after a couple of years of heavy use it was starting to look a little worse for wear. It was time for an upgrade and this sale came at the perfect time.

Jack & Evelyn table

The great thing about Jack & Evelyn Table & Chairs is that you can mix and match within the range to suit your family perfectly. A table and 2 chairs, a table and 4 chairs or even just single chairs or table to expand/replace a setting you already have. The neutral white table and chairs fit in effortlessly with your living room, play room or bedroom decor and if you like a pop of colour you can choose pink or navy chairs too. Prices start at $39 (single chair) up to $189 (table + 4 chairs).

Wooden Table & Chair Set

Within just a few days our new small people table setting was delivered by courier, neatly packed in sturdy cardboard boxes padded with foam for extra protection. With lots of curious kids and grabby crabby hands around I left the assembling for hubby to do on the weekend. All was very straight forward, easy to do and fitted together beautifully and I could not be more pleased with the end result.

Jack & Evelyn Table Chairs

The kids are really chuffed with their new table, it’s just perfect for indoor picnics and sweet tea parties, board games and craft. Measuring 60 x 60 x 50cm in size the table is plenty big enough for my four little people and being square it is actually larger than our old round table, bonus!

To find out more about Jack & Evelyn, to browse the range and to order online visit www.jackandevelyn.com.au.

The Mocka Asta, a hip feeding chair on a budget

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Mar 092013


After setting up two nurseries before I was quite clear on what I wanted this time around. I had discovered in the past that some things are really not needed or just don’t work, while I missed other aspects that make the perfect nursery. One of the things I missed in my previous nurseries was a nice chair to sit down in with baby and maybe even use to breastfeed in every now and then.

Mocka Asta ArmchairI didn’t want a big fancy rocking chair but just a comfortable, good looking chair that I could still use after the baby stage and preferably one that wouldn’t break the bank. While ordering the cute Post Box storage unit for miss 2 from Mocka (read more about that here) I spotted the stylish Mocka Asta. The Mocka Asta is a modern armchair designed to be enjoyed by big people yet with a very little $79.95 price tag.

The Mocka Asta in action

The Mocka Asta in action

Mocka Asta RedNow this may not be a dedicated feeding chair but it is very well suited for it: It is a wide design, has arm rests for support and even has a gentle rock to it. The Mocka Asta comes in timeless black, red and cream and this last one fits in beautifully with our neutral nursery. I think it looks so peaceful and inviting and I love sitting down in it for a feed and quiet cuddle with the baby. I know we will enjoy this chair for a long time to come, it is going to be an ideal reading chair in the living room later on.

Mocka Kids ArmchairAt Mocka they understand that kids love to be ‘just like mummy or daddy’ so they have created a kids version of the Asta chair too. The Kids Armchair ($49.95) is available in black, blue and red and is designed for children aged 18 months – 6 years old (30kg). I think they would be perfect for a kids bedroom, playroom or of course lounge area and as these cool chairs don’t look childish at all they will blend in well with your own interior.

A real big bonus: You don’t have to worry about sticky hands and dirty fingers as the seat fabric of both the adult and kids armchair is machine washable.

To find out more about Mocka, to browse the range and to order online visit www.mocka.com.au.

Time Out!

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Jan 012013

My Little Star

First of all I would like to wish all of you a wonderful, exciting and very happy New Year full of joy and special moments. One of my New Year resolutions is to take a regular time out, with my kids, with my husband and maybe even one for myself every now and then. It is so easy to get lost in the rush of day to day life, the kids grow so quickly and I don’t want to miss out on that because I am too busy.

Time Out Chair

We often think of time out as the consequence of naughty behaviour, but personally I think time out is just a quiet moment for yourself. You can use this time to reflect on things that happened but also to look forward to what is coming, to appreciate what you have right now and to make exciting plans. I think I need a Time Out Chair like this cute kids chair from My Little Star, if only it came in my size!

Wishing you all some precious time outs this year.


May 122012

Although the past week has been wonderful with many sunny days perfect for the park or playground we all know it won’t last forever. The days are already getting shorter and before we know it the kids will be forced to stay outside due to cold and rain. Luckily my three very much enjoy inside activities too and they spend lots of time playing with playdough, doing puzzles, drawing and, their big favourite, reading. And where better to sit down for a relaxing read than in a Lelbys Bean Chair from Avidiva.

Some gorgeous new Lelbys Bean Chairs have been released for this autumn season and the prints are just beautiful, they are a much more classy and timeless alternative to fluorescent pink Dora and in-your-face Spiderman couches. The unique prints will appeal to children and fit into your own decor too, proving you don’t have to give up your sense of style when you share a house with little people.

Based on the familiar concept of bean bags these bean chairs are filled with lots of little foam beans (not included but widely available in stores) to create a soft, comfortable seat for your little one. When filled the Lelbys Bean Chairs measure ca. 60cm wide by 60cm high, big enough for children up to 5 years old whilst not taking up too much room in your living room, play room or kids bedroom.

The Australian designed Lelbys Bean Chairs are available in 13 different prints to suit different genders, decors and colour schemes and all prints are made of high quality 100% cotton canvas. The bean chairs come with a no spill inner calico bag for safety and ease of cleaning (because no parent likes the idea of hundreds of beans spilling on the floor). And because they know little kids are curious the outer sleeve has a child proof zip which requires a paper clip to release and unlock.

To find out more about Avidiva, to take a closer look at the Lelbys Bean Chairs ($99.95+) and to order online visit www.avidiva.com.au, Australian orders ship free of charge.