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A few months ago I told you that the famous musical CATS was on its way to Australia and I am glad to say the wait is finally over. Right now Sydney fans are enjoying this magical show and spread out over the next few months six major Australian cities (Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) will get a chance to share in the feline fun, with the curtains eventually closing permanently in May 2016.


Whether you have been a fan since its theatre premiere in 1981 or are yet to discover the excitement of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical, CATS is sure to impress the entire audience. Some of the country’s best musical stars, including Aussie sweetheart Delta Goodrem who stars as Grizabella, have signed up to be part of this Summer’s tour and the end result is an incredible all-Australian performance.


From Rum Tum Tugger to Victoria, from Old Deuteronomy to Skimbleshanks and from Rumpleteazer to Mister Mistoffelees, each cat in the Jellicle Tribe has a story. Take a look at the amazing CATS cast and discover which talented performers are hiding behind the incredibly detailed make-up, fluffy wigs and and furry costumes.

Gus Cats

If you haven’t booked your tickets just yet there is still time left to lock in seats for a CATS performance near you; your mum, sister, child or best friend, who would you like to share your CATS experience with? The upcoming festive season would be a perfect excuse to treat your special someone to a fantastic night out.

To find out more about Cats, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online visit

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CATS is coming to Australia!

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Jul 122015


If you have always wanted to see Cats The Musical in all its glory but you’ve missed out I’ve got good news for you. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical CATS is headed our way and will be touring Australia throughout the Summer months. With six of Australia’s biggest cities on the agenda there is a good chance they’ll be performing near you, so be quick and grab those seats for an unforgettable night out.

Cats Australia

CATS first made its debut back in 1981 at the New London Theatre where the award winning musical was played for 21 record-breaking years and almost 9,000 performances. People in more than 30 countries have fallen in love with this spectacular show already and now Australian fans are finally getting their turn. Earlier this week producers of the hit musical announced an all-Australian cast for the upcoming tour, the audience is in for a real treat with the following stars already locked in:

Gus Cats

The female feline favourites from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats will be Amy Berrisford (Demeter), Delta Goodrem (Grizabella), Madeline Cain (swing), Emma Delmenico (Resident Choreographer/swing), Dominique Hamilton (Rumpleteazer), Ashleigh Hauschild (Tantomile), Jade Hui-Wen Coutts (Victoria/The White Cat), Erin James (swing), Emily Keane (Cassandra), Sarah Landy (Bombalurina), Bree Langridge (swing), Holly Meegan (Jennyanydots), Samantha Morley (Jellylorum/Griddlebone), and Stephanie Silcock (Jemima).

Cats Vicky

The male cats will be played by Daniel Assetta (Rum Tum Tugger), James Cooper (Admetus/Macavity/Dance Captain), Andrew Dunne (swing), Matt Edwards (swing), Christopher Favaloro (Mr Mistoffelees), Keanu Gonzalez (Alonzo/Rumpus Cat), Ross Hannaford (Skimbleshanks), Sam Hooper (swing), Thomas Johansson (Pouncival), Tobias Madden (Carbucketty), Matt McFarlane (Munkustrap), Stephen Morgante (Resident Director/swing), Brent Osborne (Mungojerrie), Josh Piterman (Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger), Taylor Scanlan (Bill Bailey), Jason Wasley (Old Deuteronomy), and Patrick Whitbread (Coricopat).

Grab your bestie, your mum, sister or a bunch of friends and lock in the ultimate CATS experience today, it will be memory that will be treasured for years. Seats are limited and tickets are selling like hot-cakes so there is no time to waste!

To find out more about Cats, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online visit