Adventure ah-OYOY

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Sep 082016


When people think of kids bedrooms or playrooms they often think bold, bright colours (and lots of them) are a must, however the truth is that a big colour-overload can be rather overwhelming and even a bit unsettling for little munchkins. Luckily more and more parents are starting to see the charm in soft pastels, neutral tones or black/white monochrome which can be fun, fashionable and relaxing all at once. Check out this gorgeous play rug from Mimimacko:

OYOY rug

Designed in Denmark by talented artist Lotte Fynboe the OYOY range is all about ‘less is more’, celebrating simplicity, function, colour and quality in true Scandinavian style.

Adventure RugThe brand new and very beautiful OYOY Adventure Rug (RRP $98, 180 x 70cm) is a fantastic example of this perfect balance. The minimalistic black and off white design is classy and totally on trend, fitting in with a modern children’s bedroom, playroom or even the casual corner of a living room.

At the same time the rug doubles up as a fun play mat thanks to the handprinted road map. Get out the cars and trucks, toy animals and miniature houses and watch the kids use their imagination to come up with the most amazing adventures. You have got to love this multi-functional decor piece!

Made from 100% woven cotton this OYOY creation is soft to play on and high in quality, spot clean only is recommended

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To find out more about Minimacko, to browse the OYOY range and to order online visit

Ready, Set, Go with VTech Toot-Toot Drivers

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Jul 312016

Toot-Toot Drivers

When people hear we have four girls they often assume that our house is filled with dolls and other pink stuff. While I admit that we do have quite a lot of pink and purple and have adopted several dolls over the years too, our house most certainly isn’t a no-go zone for cars. If your kids love building tracks, doing construction works and having races as much as our five kids do they are sure to go mad for the latest VTech craze:

VTech 1

Toot-Toot Drivers is a fun, interactive and educational range of cars and playsets created for children aged 1 to 5, in saying that even our almost 8-year olds have been fighting for a turn with these cool wheels. From a garage to an airport and from a parking tower to a service station, there is plenty to see and do in the world of Toot-Toot Drivers.

VTech 2

Designed to be mixed and matched the Toot-Toot Drivers range is a fantastic concept for young families, as they can build, extend, connect, swap, change and grow their collection one piece at a time. The brightly coloured pieces are perfectly sized for small hands so young children can build and play independently and use their imagination to make up their own exciting Toot-Toot adventures.

VTech 3

Let’s be clear, there is much more to Toot-Toot Drivers than just some cars and a track. The colourful electronic vehicles are power packed with lights, sounds, phrases and songs, which are automatically activated when a vehicle passes one of the clever SmartPoints. What a fun way to encourage pre-schoolers to learn while they play and practise their fine motor skills!

Lift & Fix Repair ShopIf your car is in need of a thorough checkup you can drive straight into the brand new Toot-Toot Drivers Lift & Fix Repair Shop (RRP $34.95). This extensive set is fully kitted out with a car wash, a workshop with a real lift and tools to get the job done, one car is included. With the car service done and dusted you can quickly fill up on petrol on the top floor and drive down the ramp to continue your journey.

Toot-Toot Racing RampwayAnother great example of Toot-Toot Drivers’ many different ways of play is the need-for-speed Toot-Toot Drivers Racing Rampway (RRP $24.95). Using the 15 included pieces young race drivers can construct an impressive two-storey stunt track, an extra long raceway or a side-by-side race track (great fun when you are playing with friends). The Racing Rampway comes ready-to-play with a fast Toot-Toot Racer, pop him on the SmartPoint Launcher to test your new track right away.

Toot-Toot Fire TruckPrices start at RRP $11.95 for single vehicles up to RRP $99.95 for the amazing Toot-Toot Drivers Super RC raceway. This affordable pricing allows families to treat their little collector to a new set of wheels, playset or addition for the track on birthdays, special occasions or just a nice surprise every now and then without breaking the budget. Plus it makes it very easy for family and friends to come up with a birthday gift idea too!

VTech toys are available at major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the Toot-Toot Drivers range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Apr 102014

With our Europe holiday slowly coming closer the kids are becoming more and more interested in planes. This will be the first time the older three really understand the concept of flying and they can’t get enough of hearing all about it. I’m very glad they are too small to read the newspapers and worry about missing planes, instead we are keeping things upbeat with the latest Disney DVD release Planes:

Planes Blu-rayLet the makers of the roaring Disney hits Cars and Cars 2 take you on a sky high adventure with Planes. He may be built for farm work but Dusty the Crop Duster is dreaming of racing up high with the ‘real’ planes and taking part in the ‘Wings around the Globe’ competition. Unfortunately not everyone believes he is up to the task, add to that the small issue of his fear of heights and you can see why it won’t be easy to make his dream come true.

It takes a lot of practice, the support of his loyal farm friends and the expert advise of former war plane Skipper but to everyone’s surprise Dusty the Crop Hopper qualifies for the race. Now it is up to him to prove himself over the course of the race while flying from country to country. What a great way to learn about some of the world’s most famous monuments!


Along the way Dusty meets friendly competitors, jealous co-flyers and even some very attractive aircraft and as the race continues he slowly overcomes his fear of heights. He quickly wins the hearts of all participants thanks to his kind and helpful nature, it looks like he really is in with a chance to win this thing. Will Dusty’s big dream come to an end when he crashes and seems beyond repair?

Planes is available on DVD ($29.95) and Blu-ray ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Disney, to discover the latest releases and to order your favourite titles online visit

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May 132013

When a new baby enters the family it can be quite challenging to keep everyone happy. Even though my older three are quite used to sharing my attention it still took them a couple of weeks for them to get used to the new addition and sometimes having to wait a few minutes when I am feeding or changing her. Especially during the school holidays it was tricky to find a balance, luckily I had the Activities Box from Finlee and Me on hand to help keep them all entertained.

preschoolideassmThe concept of the Activities Box ($22.95) is simple: A small cardboard box filled with 40 sturdy wooden coins, each representing a child friendly activity. As soon as I opened this little box I knew it would be brilliant for our family, there are so many activities to choose from and they all require little to no preparation. Most of them I could even supervise from the couch while feeding the baby, double win.

From ‘Have a puppet show with different coloured socks’ to ‘Play thumb wrestle’ and from ‘Measure things with string/ruler/taper measure’ to ‘Play Simon says’, my kids always have an absolute ball pulling out a coin and discovering new activities. We still haven’t done them all and even if you draw the same coin the activity is never exactly the same as last time. Our 2 and 4 year olds really enjoy the Activities Box and we are definitely taking it with us when we’re off to Melbourne next month. If the weather is keeping us inside the holiday cabin at least we’ll still have lots of fun.

car11smAnother little gem that’s perfect for traveling is the Fold ‘n’ Go Car Mat ($21.95). This compact little pack (the size of a big postcard) folds out to make a nice wipe-clean play mat that measures ca. 37 x 37cm, quite a decent size for on-the-go. Of course these roads are no fun without cars to drive on them so the Fold ‘n’ Go Car Mat also features 5 handy pockets to store your child’s favourite matchbox cars in.

carmat11smKeep one in your handbag and pull it out when you need to keep your little one busy while waiting at the doctor, when visiting grandma or eating out or when you are on holidays. It weighs next to nothing, hardly takes up any space in your bag and makes a great ‘special occasion toy’. This is a handmade product so each mat is slightly different and it makes a gorgeous gift for a car crazy boy or girl.

As if one not sleeping, grumpy, crying baby is not enough we also had a sad little 2-year old on our hands after taking away the dummy. She has finally gone back to sleeping through the night but day sleeps are a thing of the past. The only way I can get her to have a rest on the couch is by putting on one of the award winning Dinosnores CDs ($19.95). I didn’t think she’d be into it but to my surprise she really likes it and lays down quietly listening to it. That’s a big thing for a busy bee like her!

dinosnoresfairysmEach CD has a different theme, for example fairies, kittens or dinosaurs (there are quite a few popular kids themes to choose from). The CD starts with a calm, relaxing story about the topic of your choice, this guided relaxation technique will help little one to settle down after a busy day. No loud voices, silly tunes or jokes, just one calming voice. After that it continues with peaceful soundscape, all together the CD plays for 60 minutes which should be enough for most children to drift of to sleep.

To find out more about Finlee and Me, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Rubbabu, drive away from $9.95

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Jan 282012

I was very pleased to spot these gorgeous Rubbabu vehicles, proudly parked at Sukimama. Two years ago we were lucky enough to add one of these fantastic toys to our collection but I have never been able to find other designs here in Australia. In fact, Sukimama is the very first Australian retailer to stock these award winning toys.

The Rubbabu toys are popular all over the world and are currently being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. As the name suggests the range is made from rubber, a natural and soft material that is safe for babies and toddlers. At an average size of 9cm they are the perfect size for little hands to hold, push, slide or race and they won’t make noise or scratch your beautiful floors.

Within the Rubbabu range you’ll find 14 different designs in bright, bold colours that kids will love. A police car, an ambulance, a school bus, a race car, a fire engine and even an airplane, lots of choice and it is hard to stop at one. With prices starting at $9.95 they are very affordable little gifts and you don’t have to worry about giving something that is dangerous or won’t last.

Don’t just take my word for it, the more than forty awards won by Rubbabu prove that these toys really are as fabulous as they look. Aside from the vehicles range Rubbabu uses the same materials to create other baby and toddler toys. While you are at Sukimama why not check out the Rubbabu Animal Farm Playset, Geometrical Shape Shorter and Learning Balls.

For more information about Sukimama, to browse the Rubbabu range and to order online visit