Counting Down to Christmas with Ooshies

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Dec 062018

The Ooshies trend steadily continues and what could possibly be better than a soft, squishy Ooshie? 24 soft squishy Ooshies of course! I’ll admit we are a little late to the party but that’s easily solved: Just open 6 doors at once and your Ooshies Advent Calendar is back on track:

The Ooshies Advent Calendar (RRP $39.95) presents as a large colourful box that can stand up independently. Once you open the front cover the 24 secret doors are revealed while the open cover doubles as a cool pop-out play scene for your new Ooshies characters.

Forget about melted chocolates and unwanted sugar rush, behind this calendar’s 24 little doors you will discover 24 hidden Ooshies pencil toppers that are fabulously fun and functional too. Unlike sweet treats they will last long after Christmas and can be enjoyed over and over again. Big Ooshies fans will be pleased to hear that 12 of the calendar doors contain exclusive advent Ooshies, you can not find them anywhere else and they are a must-have for every Ooshies collector.

My little tribe can’t wait to find out which special Ooshies are hiding in their calendar. Miss 8 was super chuffed to find ‘Ken’ waiting behind one of the doors, so now there is finally a Barbie Ooshies wedding on the horizon. The kids play with their Ooshies all the time and still have a few must-haves they are hoping to add to their collection, so fingers crossed! I love that you can store the Ooshies in their little ‘homes’ like a pretty display cabinet, it looks adorable.

The 2018 Ooshies Advent Calendar is available in nine different styles. Whether you adore Care Bears, love Disney or admire Barbie, go crazy for Transformers or are Marvel mad, there is a perfect Ooshies calendar for everyone. Yes, even for large families like ours there is no need to fight!

Hip Tip: As the advent period has officially already started you can now scoop up an Ooshies Advent Calendar at a fantastic discounted price if you shop smart. Be quick and hunt down your favourite!

To find out more about Ooshies and to browse the range visit

Get into the Christmas spirit with Smiggle

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Nov 142018


After 12 years in Adelaide I know the tradition: once the Christmas pageant has been and Santa has been welcomed into town the Christmas tree goes up. With just six weeks to go until the big day there are lots of people eagerly staring at the calendar and Smiggle is ready to help you count down in style:

The brand new Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 (RRP $39.95) is here and it’s packed with awesome Smiggle goodies valued at over $70 that will have young Smiggle fans squealing with excitement!

Let’s start by saying that I am usually a very patient person. I love surprises, not knowing what’s ahead is so much fun and the waiting is definitely part of the whole experience. Every year people ask if me if I know what’s going to be hiding behind these 25 little doors and the truth is that I simply don’t know!! All I know is that in previous years my kids have been thrilled with their little advent gift every single day and that they end up with so many cool Smiggle finds at the end of the countdown. They love getting stationery items that are fun and useful and I am glad to avoid the traditional advent calendar sugar overdose, it’s a double win.

But, because I love my readers and don’t want to let you down I have allowed each of my little people to open one magical calendar door and have a quick sneak peek… I had to promise our friends at Smiggle not to give too much away but take it from me, it’s looking mighty fine behind the doors this year! We’ve spotted rainbow highlighters, a spy pen, a mini stapler, a fruity scented slap band, tiny sticky notes and there are plenty more limited edition items to be discovered.

The Smiggle Advent Calendar sells out every year so make sure you grab yours in time to avoid disappointment. Bring on December 1 so the official count down can begin!

Bonus: As if 25 gifts is not enough each Smiggle Advent Calendar comes with a special envelope that could hold 1 of 25 lucky tickets. If you are the lucky finder of one of these highly coveted tickets you will take home a Christmas gift to remember: a $1000 Smiggle shopping spree! Sadly we didn’t find one but I have my fingers crossed for all of you.

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit

Oct 122017


For most of this year we’ve been counting down until our baby’s arrival, without a doubt the highlight of the year. A crazy as they are about him, now that baby Ted is finally here the other kids are quickly moving on to the next big thing on our agenda: Christmas! With just 10 weeks to go time is rapidly ticking away so I better get my act together and start my Christmas preparations, are you on track with your shopping?

At Smiggle they know all too well how much kids love counting down to a special date, event or milestone, which is why they have put together this gorgeous collection of surprises just in time for Christmas:

Behind 25 secret little doors the magical Smiggle Advent Calendar (RRP $39.95, ages 6+) is hiding 25 awesome pieces of Limited Edition Smiggle stationery and gifts. Starting December 1st Smiggle fans can open one door daily to find a new gift every single day, what a great way to count down the days until Christmas morning!

Each calendar holds more than $70 of Smiggle goodies, making this Advent Calendar amazing value for money and much kinder on your children’s teeth than the chocolate alternative. I love the wide variety in gifts as it means there is something fun for everyone and you can even share the calendar as a family taking turns opening the doors.

Our curious tribe of kids was more than willing to take a sneak peek behind a few of the doors, giving Santa’s helpers a tiny taste of what Smiggle has in store this Advent season. From funky erasers to cute pencils, from cool wristbands to teeny notebooks and so much more, this calendar is bound to bring smiles every morning. Don’t worry, we’ll be good from here on and leave the remaining doors closed until December. I wonder what other fabulous finds are waiting for us?

But wait, there is more! As if 25 colourful Smiggle goodies aren’t enough of a gift already, Smiggle has also tucked away a bunch of lucky tickets in their Advent Calendars. You could just be the lucky person who finds 1 of 25 highly sought-after Smiggle Lucky Tickets, which means you have scored a huge $1000 Smiggle shopping spree. The sad news is that we didn’t find one, the good news is that means more chances for you. Good luck!

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit

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Feb 012013

Lime Tree Kids

Now that the school holidays are over pyjama days and lazy breakfasts are a thing of the past, it is time to get organised. The new Weekly Activity Planners from Lime Tree Kids are a very easy way for families with young children to plan ahead for the week.

Weekly Activity Planner

Weekly Activity Planner (RRP $29.95)

For young children it is important to know what is on the agenda for the day or even the week, I see this in my own kids every day. They love the feeling of being in control and knowing what is going to happen. Especially with them being in kindy part-time (3,5 days a week) it can be a little confusing: When is it a school day and when isn’t it? They would definitely love this handy Weekly Activity Planner ($29.95).

Activity MagnetsMade from fully magnetic materials you can attach the planner to any metal surface (except stainless steel). The Weekly Activity Planner comes complete with 40 individual activity magnets to help you plan your activities for the week. The pictures (and words) are easy to recognise so kids can help with the planning too. From (Pre) School to Playgroup, Shopping to Swimming, Playground to Party and many more, there are lots of different activity magnets to suit most families.

To find out more about Lime Tree Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit

Question: Name 4 activity magnets you will be using on your Weekly Activity Planner.

For your chance to win 1 of 2 Weekly Activity Planners email your name, address and answer to with BTS Lime Tree Kids in the subject line.

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  • Competition ends March 1, 2013
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Get organised with Inner-B + 20% off

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Jan 172012

As you know one of my new year resolutions is to have a better organised home, but to be honest my day-to-day life could do with some organisation as well. I used to think I was quite organised and had everything under control, but after forgetting a few birthdays and even a hairdressing appointment (costing me $49 for nothing) I realised something had to change. So on the weekend I made a start, I sat down and filled out my new Mum Organiser from Inner-B.

Australian company Inner-B is passionate about helping mums live a more organised life, so they can feel in control and less stressed (more time to enjoy the little things in life!). The Inner-B range contains 13 products that will help you become more organised and to get off on a good start in 2012 Inner-B is offering Hip little one readers an exclusive 20% discount on the whole range, simply enter the code ‘HLO’ at checkout (valid until January 25, 2012).

My Inner-B Mum Organiser is making my life a lot easier by storing all kinds of information for me. All you need to do is ‘follow the prompts’ so I filled out everything I could and straight away felt a little lighter and happier, knowing I don’t have to remember every birthday or appointment myself. With one week spread over 2 pages there is plenty of room for all my scribbles. I was surprised to see how quickly my weeks and months filled up!

It is really helpful to see your plans in front of you by week and month, I can now easily see where it gets too much. With the twins starting kindy this year my diary will become a lot fuller so it feels great to have a little memory help. I should have invested in a Mum Organiser much earlier, it would have been such a great help with all those new mum and baby check ups, immunisations etc. If you are looking for a babyshower gift the Inner-B Mum Organiser would make a lovely, much appreciated present for sure.

Aside from the obvious calendar and diary aspect the Mum Organiser contains useful pages for many other occasions like planning birthdays, holidays or a new fitness regime, your favourite websites, stores and books you wants to read, your family’s medical information and much more. The Mum Organiser ($44.95) is available in Fuchsia, Lime Green and Turquoise and you can re-use it year after year by just replacing the pages with a Mum Organiser Refill ($16.95).

Although I am generally quite an organised person there is one thing I am struggling to keep on top of, my freezer. Looking at my freezer you’d think I have been through a war and am scared of running out of food ever again, I just like the idea of always having something on hand and not having to run to the shop last minute. I decided to tackle my freezer and planned all the meals for the next few weeks ahead using my Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner.

The Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner Notepad ($6.95) sticks to your fridge with a magnetic strip so it is hard not be organised when you walk past it all the time. The notepad features 30 pages (= 30 weeks) and on each page you have room to plan your 7 days of meals PLUS a shopping list. Very handy as I often don’t make what I want because I am missing a few ingredients. Now that I plan ahead I can make sure I have everything I need on hand, saving me time and I finally get to empty my freezer.

To find out more about Inner-B, to order your favourite Inner-B products or to locate a stockist near you visit