Cake Lingerie has got your Mother’s Day gift covered

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Apr 222013

With Mother’s Day just a few short weeks away it is time to start dropping some hints. Mother’s Day is all about showing mothers and wives how much they mean to you, how amazing they are and how much you appreciate them, they really deserve to be spoilt on this special day. Personally I love gifts that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself and a beautiful set of new lingerie is definitely not on my weekly shopping list. Time to send hubby a link to the Cake Lingerie website I think!

Cake Lingerie Sorbet

The Cake Lingerie range is specifically designed for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, I have been a member of this very blessed category for the past 5 years so Cake Lingerie and I have become quite good friends. Mums from all over the world have fallen in love with the beautiful fabrics, flattering designs, high quality materials and superior fit, there is a perfect Cake Lingerie style for every mum. Recently Cake Lingerie has added a special Plus Size bra to the range so that bigger breasted mamas can indulge in the divine Cake Lingerie too.

Cake Lingerie Sorbet LavenderThe Cake Lingerie Sorbet set (Apricot and Lavender) is available in bra sizes 10D up to 18J and brief sizes S to XXL. When you are breastfeeding your breasts can go up quite a lot in size and many women struggle with this extra weight and extra volume, I know I do. The Cake Lingerie Sorbet bra offers fantastic support, providing fuller busted women with much needed confidence without giving in on style.

Cake Lingerie Sorbet ApricotFeaturing a smooth full cup, complimented by feminine lace detail, the Cake Lingerie Sorbet is a simple but very flattering design. It’s a perfect example of the charm being in the details, when you have larger breasts you don’t want to look ‘overdecorated’ and the Sorbet bra has the perfect balance. It keeps everything nicely in place and can be worn under tighter clothing without being too noticeable. A real winner that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

As always you can expect your Cake Lingerie order to arrive beautifully wrapped and ready to be gifted.

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Valentine’s Day: The perfect gift for mum

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Feb 142013

If you are a dad looking for a special gift to spoil your leading lady this Valentine’s Day, or of course if you are a mum who is left to buy her own present, look no further than Cake Lingerie. Cake Lingerie has got all the mamas (of all sizes!) covered with a range of stunning, stylish, comfortable lingerie and sleepwear options.

A Cake Lingerie Valentine's Day gift for every mama

A Cake Lingerie Valentine’s Day gift for every mama

For the Fashionista Mama Shortbread Maternity Bra ($64.90) and French Knickers ($29.90)
For the Sexy Mama Licorice Twist Flexible Wire Maternity Bra ($64.90) and Brief ($29.90)
For the Feminine Mama Vanilla Cream Maternity Bra ($64.90) and Brief ($29.90)
For the New Mama Cotton Candy Nude Maternity Bra ($54.90) and Brief ($26.90)
For the Practical Mama Dark Toffee Nursing Tank ($59.90) and French Knicker ($29.90)

As always you can expect your Cake Lingerie order to arrive beautifully wrapped and ready to be gifted.

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A little midnight treat, Choc Vanilla by night

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Sep 282012

Although I am not much looking forward to being heavily pregnant in the middle of summer I am strangely excited about having a summer baby for once. My other three children were winter babies, all born in August so I have plenty of experience with chilly night feeds. Instead of covering myself in layer upon layer of warm pyjamas I can finally shop for gorgeous, summery sleepwear at Cake Lingerie.

I had been admiring this Choc Vanilla Lingerie Nursing Camisole ($54.90, size S-XL) for a while and now that I have a set waiting in my wardrobe I can’t wait for the warmer nights. This luxurious, silky soft camisole fits perfectly around my growing belly and there is plenty of room left to grow. The support is surprisingly good even for someone with a small frame and larger bust like me. I can really appreciate the flattering details like the gentle gathering and sweet ruched shoulder straps, very feminine.

Once baby is born the Choc Vanilla Nursing Camisole provides easy nursing access, the drop down cups are practical and discrete and everything else can stay nicely covered up (always one of my worries). I’ll be packing this set for the hospital for sure! Not only is the black colour (with small vanilla dots) very slimming, the fabric is also very forgiving so you can feel and look beautiful. After all, Cake Lingerie’s message is: Love the body you’re in!

Any expecting mum will agree that there’s nothing more unpleasant than a tight waistband, which is why the Choc Vanilla Lounge Pant ($54.90, size S-XL) sits under the belly. The high quality cotton feels so soft that you won’t want to take these pants off, they are so comfy! The lace trim adds a feminine touch to the relaxed, 3/4 length lounge pants and I am sure you can see why this set is much more than just sleepwear.

If Choc Vanilla does not make your taste buds tingle I am sure the beautiful Blue Berry or Apple Crumble version of this lovely Cake Lingerie set will get the thumbs up. A great addition to any maternity wardrobe and a gorgeous gift idea for a special mama-to-be.

To find out more about Cake Lingerie, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Bra fitting for expecting mums, 7 Top Tips

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Sep 072012

Bra Fitting Tips by Cake Lingerie Creative Director, Tracey Montford

As an expectant or nursing mother, it’s important to look for cotton based or lined lingerie during your 9 months and postpartum. This allows the skin to breath as well gives you the most comfortable wear since you will be dependent on this and want to make sure you feel the best at all times.

Ideally, you should be fitted into your bra in the first trimester on the tightest hook to allow for growth in the following months. Alternatively, if you are on the search around 28 weeks for a bra, make sure the band is on the last hook, so you can easily tighten the band post birth as your body changes again. It also helps to find a bra with cotton lined inseams in the cups and straps to prevent any skin irritations caused by rubbing, and to provide a smooth feel to the body. This also is beneficial during breastfeeding as the cotton fabric soaks any leaks.

Understanding your bust line is imperative to comfort and fit, as a smaller bust (B-D cups) is best suited to plunge styles, which provides lift, shape and support. Whereas, a larger bust (DD+ cups) suits balconette styles that offer more coverage and support to the sides and top of the breasts (including A lined frame slings for fuller figure bust sizes) – your closest lingerie store-fitting specialist will be able to help you with this.

Always make sure you purchase a good quality bra, as a low quality product will quickly loose its ability to provide a secure fit, support and shape through wash and wear in the fabrics and elastics. An expectant mother should also have at least 4 new maternity bras, 2 that are basic and 2 that are fashion, that you can rotate with depending on the occasion (as well to last longer), to wash, and suit different periods of your pregnancy.

Pregnant women have lots of options when choosing the best maternity bra for them – including a variety of styles for different trimesters and functions such as support, lift and shape. These include first trimester, non wired and mould cup bras; second and third trimesters, flexible wire, non wired and mould cup bras; post birth, non wired and mould cup; and 3 weeks + post birth, all styles.

At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and secure in your new maternity/ nursing bra so don’t be afraid to shop around and try on a few styles, adjusting the straps and band as you go.

Tracey’s Top Tips:
1) Look for cotton fabrics and inseams for breathability and comfort
2) Understand your bust line to determine the style you need (e.g. plunge for smaller busts, balconette/fuller figure for larger busts)
3) Make sure the bra is not ‘too tight’ or ‘too loose’ across the band, cups and straps
4) Ensure the top cup fabric has some stretch to allow for breast growth
5) Check there is a 6 hook and eye expandable band
6) Always purchase for quality and comfort
7) Own at least 4 maternity/nursing bras per pregnancy

To find out more about Cake Lingerie, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Cake Lingerie grows with you: 3rd Trimester (+ savings up to 30%)

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Jul 052012

Over the past few months I have introduced you to some wonderful Cake Lingerie designs that will carry you all the way through and beyond your pregnancy. We have ended up at the last trimester with one last Cake Lingerie style to support and flatter those beautiful pregnant curves during those last exhausting, but above all exciting, weeks.

As a real Dutch girl I absolutely love my licorice (especially the double salted) so how could I resist the Cake Lingerie Licorice Bra? This balconette style is fitted with flexiwire, offering fantastic support and creating a beautiful shape especially for bigger sizes. There is more to this bra than you might first think, on closer inspection you’ll notice the lovely details like lace edging, a delicate lace overlay and a sweet black and gold base.

Although the bra may look more decent than playful to some, the Cake Lingerie Licorice Set most certainly makes up for that at the back with a cheeky see through brief. Together they make a lovely combination and a delightful treat for any expecting mother. You can enjoy the Licorice Bra after the birth too: the drop-down cups allow for easy feeding access and the 6 band settings allows for the expected changes in weight during and after the pregnancy.

Just like a pregnancy goes through changes to finally unveil something amazing and beautiful, Cake Lingerie is working on something exciting too. The brand new Cake Lingerie logo and latest collection will be revealed very soon and I can promise you it is going to be stunning. Until then save up to 30% on selected styles like this Cake Lingerie Toffee Convertible Bra, offer valid while stock lasts.

To find out more about Cake Lingerie, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit

Cake Lingerie grows with you: 2nd Trimester (+ FREE brief offer)

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Jun 082012

A little while ago I introduced you to Cotton Candy, the new Luxury Seamless Maternity/Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie. This bra is already named the ‘Best-ever Maternity Bra’ and is highly recommended by many for the first trimester but of course Cake Lingerie has got you covered throughout the whole pregnancy and beyond.

Generally you’ll find that during the second trimester your breasts and rib cage have regulated in size. Because your bra size now remains roughly the same until very close to giving birth you can safely wear any bra that is either non-wired or flexi-wired provided it has been fitted properly. The Cake Lingerie collection offers both non-wired and flexi-wired bras in many different styles, it is a matter of personal taste which bra you like best.

The elegant Frosted Almond Bra has lots of stylish AND clever features that mums will love. First of all there is the classy balcony shape which will flatter your new curves beautifully (even bigger sizes), the soft lace adds a romantic, feminine touch and the soft cups provide extra comfort. To top it off this non-wired bra has padded straps, easy drop-down cups and 6 different size settings to allow for growth.

Some of you might recognise this vintage style lingerie set as this is already the second release, it was such a huge hit when it first came out that it sold out in an instant. After missing out the first time I was thrilled to get my hands on a set the second time around and it still is one of my big favourites, I just love the classic creamy colour, the romantic lace and of course the unbeatable support.

Right now purchase the Frosted Almond Bra and you will receive the matching Frosted Almond Brief completely free. Offer valid for a limited time only, visit the Cake Lingerie Online Store to order.

To find out more about Cake Lingerie, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit

Apr 272012

In 3 weeks time it is Mother’s Day, a day I always very much enjoy and value as I feel so very blessed to be a mum (not just on Mother’s Day of course but the whole year around). I love thinking back to my very first Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with the twins, although they weren’t born yet I really did feel like a proud mother. Everything changes from the moment you fall pregnant, it starts with little changes in your body and so much happens in those 9 months!

In the first trimester your breast size will change and your breasts might feel tender or painful. It is very important that your bra is not restricting your breasts and allows for growth (your size can change very quickly!), which is why a seamless, non wired bra is highly recommended. Cake Lingerie newest bra, Cotton Candy, is specifically designed to grow with the wearer (even up to a 4 cup sizes) so an expecting mum can purchase a bra and know it will continue to provide the perfect fit.

The Cotton Candy bra is a hot topic at the moment because there is no other bra like it. The luxury seamless maternity/nursing bra is made with unique, silky-soft yarn that is extremely comfortable and there are no itchy tags or seams to irritate your sensitive skin. Even without wires it still offers fabulous lift and support through carefully positioned double-layered side slings, strength panels and a supportive T-back structure.

What I LOVE about the Cotton Candy bra is that it has the comfortable feeling of a sports bra and at the same time it is soft and luxurious, offering amazing support even for bigger bust sizes. This bra is a real must-have for expecting mums and I can guarantee you that you will wear it day and night, through the different stages of pregnancy and just after birth. The flexible material does not lose shape so mums can expect the Cotton Candy to be a good fit at all times.

The Cotton Candy Bra ($54.90) and Brief ($26.90) are available in grey and pink in sizes S-XL.

Especially for Mother’s Day Cake Lingerie is running a fantastic promotion: Purchase any two Cake Lingerie bras in one transaction and receive the new seamless transition bra Cotton Candy FREE! This great offer is available at participating stockists and online until May 13th 2012, visit the website for more details.

To find out more about Cake Lingerie, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit