Dec 072015

ByKay Carry Your Love

Christmas Countdown – Day 7

It’s only the first week of December and we’ve already had two 40°+ C days here in Adelaide, I think we can safely say that Summer has arrived in all its (very hot) glory. On sweltering days like this there is nothing more refreshing than a splash in the pool or sea, which is why ByKay has given their famous ByKay baby carrier a wonderful Summer makeover:

As the name suggests the ByKay Aqua Water Carrier (RRP $69.95, black or turquoise) is specifically designed to be worn in and around water, allowing parents to keep cool on hot days whilst keeping their baby safe and nearby.

Aqua Carrier TurquoiseAs a mum of five little ones I love the freedom of baby wearing, I value the closeness and knowing our Harriet is happy and content. She is currently 10 weeks old and has her longest and most settled sleeps when I wear her on my chest (or hubby’s chest), as long as she senses a familiar smell and soothing heartbeat she is in her element. In saying that, on warm days it can get rather hot and sweaty in a carrier which is not very pleasant for parent or baby.

The 100% polyester, fine gauge knit fabric of the Aqua Water Carrier wicks away moisture and sweat and dries quickly. This reduces the chance of overheating and that yucky clammy feeling of wet fabric, making it perfect for our humid Aussie summers. ByKay carriers are easy to wear and soft against the skin, the adjustable wrap around design ensures a comfortable fit for wearers of different sizes and body shapes whilst being supportive and safe.

Aqua Carrier

As the high tech fabric blocks out more than 90% of harmful UV rays you can rest assured that your baby is not only comfortable but well protected too, one less things to worry about for busy mamas. The Aqua Water Carrier is designed for front carrying and is suitable for precious babies up to 12kg. Obviously water safety is important so please be aware of these simple rules when wearing your baby in and around water.

To find out more about ByKay, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

For your chance to win a ByKay Aqua Water Carrier (RRP $69.95, black) enter our giveaway below:

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Aug 192014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Big Birthday Bash – Day 19

Two months ago I introduced you to Dutch label ByKay, I showed you how I wear our youngest child in the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim and we gave a beautiful ByKay Baby Carrier away to a lucky reader. Unfortunately with giveaways there can (usually) only be one winner resulting in many sad faces, which is why the lovely team at ByKay Australia decided to offer up a second ByKay carrier for our Big Birthday Bash:

Up for grabs ByKay Essential Bluetoday is a gorgeous ByKay Essential Baby Carrier ($89.95) in your choice of colour, with seven great colours to choose from there is a perfect shade for everyone. Made from soft, stretchy cotton jersey this wrap style baby carrier will keep your hands free and your little one comfy and cosy from birth up to 10-12 kg. You even get a free storage bag for your ByKay carrier, although I think your carrier will be in use most of the time so you’ll hardly need it.

As an added bonus the winner of this Big Birthday Bash giveaway will receive a cute ByKay hat to match his/her new carrier, imagine the adorable photos you can take of your stylish baby!

ByKay range

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a ByKay Essential Baby Carrier with matching ByKat Hat in the colour of your choice (subject to availability) enter our giveaway below:

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Jun 302014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Since becoming a mum almost six years ago I have tried several different styles of baby carriers (some I loved, some not so much) but I always put the Mei Tai in the ‘too hard basket’, it just looked difficult, time consuming and more intended for hardcore baby wearers which I do not consider myself to be. Everything changed the moment I saw a picture of the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim, it looked so hip and comfortable and it simply had my name written all over it.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

My new ByKay Mei-Tai arrived just as I was heading out the door for school pick-up but I was so excited I couldn’t wait, I had to try it out straight away. No time to read the instructions, I tied on the waist strap, popped the little passenger in and the rest was very straight forward: over the shoulders, cross over on your back, cross over again on your front and tie up at the back. It immediately felt really comfortable and supportive and the weight was spread out beautifully.

ByKay Mei-Tai Denim

Because the wide straps cross over as opposed to going straight down they don’t dig in, the fabric surrounds your body like a second skin and follows your every move, the best way to describe the Mei-Tai feeling would be ‘natural’. Miss Sybbie snuggled into my chest like she always does when I hold her and she clearly enjoyed the warmth and cosy Mei-Tai hug. The mums at school admired the stunning denim carrier and commented on how happy and content Sybil looked and when she fell asleep on the way home I knew I would never look back again.

ByKay Mei-Tai Back

Our gorgeous girl is not a fan of strangers, new environments, loud noises etc so places like busy shopping centres, crowded events and big airports cause her a lot of distress. By carrying her close to me in the ByKay she feels safe and protected, crisis averted. At the same time, when you have a big family like ours you are always short of hands and especially in those crowded situations it is important to hold onto those little hands tightly so I love how the ByKay Mei-Tai allows me to keep two hands free to look after my children.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we headed into the city to run a few errands for the holiday. Sybil was very tired which usually means super cranky and on edge but the ByKay totally prevented a melt down. She rested, smiled, cuddled, slept, looked around, enjoyed plenty of kisses and hugs and even munched on a biscuit and not a single tear which is amazing. I feel so much more confident about our upcoming plane trip now, thanks ByKay!

ByKay Deluxe Denim

A few facts and figures: The ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim ($199.95) is made from a super soft cotton/linen blend and is available in dark jeans or stonewashed, the carrier is machine washable. The clever adjustable design and wide shoulder straps make it an ideal carrier for all ages from newborn to 4-5 years old (obviously this will depend on your child’s weight) and can be worn front, hip and back. For extra shade, shelter from the rain, a cosy sleep environment or extra head support a handy sleep hood is attached, this is a fantastic and very practical feature that I use a lot.

If you haven’t entered our ByKay giveaway yet there is still time, you could be taking home a brand new ByKay carrier! For your chance to win a ByKay Essential or Design Baby Carrier just let us know which colour/style you would most like to win, for more details visit our original ByKay giveaway or take a shortcut and get your entries in below.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Jun 152014

ByKay Carry Your Love

With only 6 weeks to go until our holiday I am getting rather nervous. As if 21 hours on a plane (plus a 7 hour stopover) is not exhausting enough we have 4 young children to keep happy on this long journey. I’m not particularly concerned about the oldest three as they can be entertained with books, games, toys and movies, my big worry is miss Sybbie, our 17-month old troublemaker.

ByKay range

If you are a long term reader of Hip Little One you have probably read about our battles with reflux, food allergies, sleep and poor growth and as a result of these ongoing issues our little monkey struggles with severe separation anxiety. A new environment, a look from a stranger (and even family!), someone coming too close, they are simple things that upset her a lot and I am expecting our plane trip to cause a lot of tears.

ByKay Essential PinkOver time baby wearing has become one of our biggest sanity savers, making Sybil feel more comfortable, happy and safe when out and about. Carrying her close to me offers her a feeling of security, she clearly feels protected and safe and she loves snuggling into my chest when we go out, it also keeps her upright which helps with her reflux problems. I can not imagine going on a holiday without our ByKay Baby Carrier, it is an absolute travel must-have.

ByKay Design GreenDesigned in my home country The Netherlands the ByKay range of baby carriers are the ultimate combination of comfort, ergonomics, practicality and style, allowing all parents to wear their children in a carrier that suits their personal taste and lifestyle. There are currently six different ByKay carriers, and a rainbow of colours, to choose from. From newborn to toddler, from boy to girl, from mum to dad, from ring sling to Mei Tai and from classic and neutral to bright and cheerful, there is a perfect ByKay carrier for everyone.

ByKay Essential BlueThe ByKay Essential Baby Carrier ($89.95) is made from soft, stretchy cotton jersey making it an ideal choice for your precious bundle from birth up to 10-12 kg. The snug, wrap around design is very popular with new mums because it is comfortable for baby and for mum and has a nice natural feel to it, it’s like a second pair of arms to hug your baby while you keep your hands free for other things. There are 7 great Essential colours to choose from and a free storage bag is included.

ByKay Design CarrierIf you love the features of the Essential Carrier but are looking for a more eye catching print and a larger weight limit you’ll find the ByKay Design Baby Carrier ($129.95) ticks all your boxes. The star and flower design are a real stand-out and with a weight limit of 18kg you are guaranteed to get lots of wear out of it. The breathable, 100% natural cotton fabric is a great choice for our warmer Australian climates, making sure mum and bub are comfortable all year around.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit

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