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Regular Hip little one readers will know that our household has been battling eczema and other skin conditions, our youngest child in particular is always scratching which is heartbreaking to see. Over time we have worked out a few of the triggers, some of them we can avoid but others you simply can’t. Like many other parents we have learnt the hard way that harsh skincare products are disastrous for baby’s skin so we only welcome natural products in our home.

Australian company Brauer Naturals has heard the call from worried parents and developed a range of natural baby skincare products that is eczema friendly and gentle on sensitive skin. Created with natural ingredient like paw paw, chamomile and honey these products will leave your baby feeling soft and smelling delicious, without the worry of nasty chemicals and artificial fragrances.

The Brauer Naturals Baby range consists of 6 great products that cover your little ones from top to bottom and from morning to night. For in the bathroom there are Baby Bath + Body Wash, Baby Shampoo and Baby Sleepytime Bath, Baby Nappy Balm and Baby Soft Skin Lotion are must-haves for on the changetable and last but not least there is the Baby Massage Oil for those special one-on-one moments.

As a mum of two little girls and a boy I am very aware of the difference between washing long hair or short hair, a head full of tangled hair can really ruin a fun bath or shower run. The Baby Shampoo leaves my girls’ hair easy to manage afterwards so we can enjoy the happy faces a little longer. And between you and me, I always take just a bit too much of the Baby Soft Skin Lotion so I can use the ‘excess’ myself after moisturising the kids.

For some extra smiles and giggles each Brauer Naturals Baby product comes with a free bath duck, there is a whole duck family to collect. Now the great thing about Brauer Naturals Baby is that, on top of a happy baby and happy mum, it leaves your wallet healthy too as the products have a very gentle $11.49 price tag.

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