Alex Rider ‘Secret Weapon’ giveaway

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Oct 102019

In the latest heart-stopping Alex Rider release Secret Weapon, teen-turned-agent Alex Rider travels across the globe to stop evil enemies in their tracks. From kidnappers to terrorist gangs and from sneaky ex-army personnel to smooth criminals and more, Alex will encounter all kinds of troublemakers as he tries to complete a range of new MI6 missions. Alex Rider: Secret Weapon made the perfect holiday-read for our 11-year adrenaline-junkie, you can read his thoughts below:

Talented teenage super-spy Alex Rider, who works for the British Intelligence Service MI6, is a magnet for trouble. Alex will be pushed to the limit in seven action-packed adventures, each story is full of surprises and will keep you guessing what will happen next. Alex Rider stories are perfect for bored, adventure-seeking kids, they sure kept me entertained and I couldn’t put the book down!

There is nothing ordinary about Alex Rider’s life and nothing is as it seems: A free chocolate on the way to the dentist lands Alex in a secret hide-out in the midst of a food poisoning epidemic and a para-sailing trip in France takes a scary turn when the boat driver has a seizure and Alex has to take the wheel. Then there is a kidnap attempt and a laptop full of valuable information, a hunt for a hidden invention and a daring escape from jail by a dangerous drug-dealer who is out for revenge. And let’s not forget the mysterious car crash that Alex can’t remember at all…

I really enjoyed this story collection by author Anthony Horowitz. I hadn’t read the rest of the Alex Rider series before I read ‘Secret Weapon’, but now I definitely want to! I’ll be checking the school library once school goes back.

To find out more about Walker Books and to take a closer look at the Alex Rider series visit

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Micro Motorz giveaway

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Jul 012019

When it comes to collectibles it’s generally our girls who join the latest trends, with our boy(s) twiddling their thumbs on the sideline. As fun as tiny dolls, cute kittens and sweet squishies may be, master 10 is a bit too cool for all those gorgeous goodies. You can imagine his excitement when I finally stumbled upon this rad racing range from Jasnor:

Micro Motorz (RRP $12.95, ages 3-8) are the newest collective trend and all the boys (and girls too) are bound to go gaga for it! These miniature cars are small in size but big in action, combining building with collecting and even competiting for multiple layers of fun.

Each Micro Motorz pack consists of three connected packs: Pack one holds the tuning tool while pack two contains a car accessory (engine/spoiler) and a launching plate. Saving the best for last pack three will unveil your lucky Micro Motorz ride in a neat launcher/display box.

I absolutely love the fact that Micro Motorz are a real hands-on toy. First car crazy kids are required to use their brains and exercise their fine motor skills when building their launcher. Once the construction is complete you can shoot your Micro Motorz vehicle at lightning speed or even hold a race with multiple vehicles. Why not get your friends together and see who crosses the finish line first!

Are you driving for team Speed Demonz, Hot Rodz, Nitro Chargerz or Monster Treadz? With 21 awesome cars to collect across the four different teams there is plenty of collecting to be done in Micro Motorz Series One. Will you complete your team, unwrap rivals or discover an ultra rare set of wheels? You never know what you will find, each Micro Motorz blind pack brings a new surprise. Keen fans can proudly store and show off each car in its own handy launcher turned display case, they even click together to create a cool stack display!

You can find Micro Motorz at Big W store, Toyworld, Toy Mate, Kidstuff, NewsXpress and other leading independent toy stores across Australia.

To find out more about Jason, to take a closer look at Micro Motorz and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a Micro Motorz prize pack (RRP $51.80, consists of 4 randomly selected Micro Motorz) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Sep 112016


Now that miss Juliet is 6 years old she considers herself quite the lady (Can I have earrings now Mummy?). She has grown so much this last year and is definitely a real schoolgirl, her reading is getting better by the day. A few weeks ago she brought her favourite picture book to school for Show & Tell and proudly read a few lines from this gem by Jen Storer:

Blue, the Builder's Dog

Blue, the Builder’s Dog (RRP $24.99) spends his days at his boss’ construction site, keeping an eye on the building work and offering a helping paw here and there. At work Blue feels pretty special, but at home it’s a different story and it’s weighing him down.

Surely a real builder’s dog deserves a proper kennel to match his job description? Inspired by his day-job Blue decides to construct his very own dream home and the end result is looking pretty pawesome. But then the storm rolls in…

The book’s bright colours and friendly illustrations are sure to appeal to young readers and I think especially little boys will love the construction site setting, the diggers, building tools and hard hats.

To find out more about Blue, the Builder’s Dog by Jen Storer and to order a copy online visit

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‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’ giveaway

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Jun 072016


The past weeks have been a little tough on our twins at school, so we decided to take a few much needed ‘mental health days’ and make some changes. We went for fun outings, baked, watched movies and got ready for a fresh new start this week. Of course it wouldn’t be relaxing for our twins without a pile of books including this cheeky new Penguin read:

The Kid with the Amazing Head

Based on the giggles coming from the couch I think we can safely say that The Kid with the Amazing Head (RRP $9.99) is a hilarious little book (even I had a smile on my face when reading it). The book tells the rather unbelievable story of a boy named Steven who wakes up with an amazing head that he can change, swap, move and use to his heart’s content. Once Steven discovers his brand new talent he is determined to put it to good use and turn a boring day into an exciting adventure.

‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’ is very easy to read with lots of cool comical illustrations that really bring the story to life. A bit silly, a bit crazy, a big naughty and very funny, author and cartoonist Andrew Weldon clearly knows what makes kids tick.

To find out more about ‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’ by Andrew Weldon and to order a copy online visit

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Sep 012015

Penguin Australia

As you may know our son Tommie has been a big fan of the Aussie Stuff Happens boys books from the start. He loves it when a new title is added to the range and has enjoyed all of them so far, in saying that he has been especially hanging out for Tom to be added to the Stuff Happens family (nothing like reading your own name in a book!). Last month the wait was finally over, meet Tom and Harry:

Stuff Happens TomJust when he thought the tennis cup was his Tom’s luck turns around and he loses the match. His confidence has taken a big hit and he may even quit tennis all together. Stuff Happens: Tom teaches young readers that the power of imagination and believing in yourself are important keys to achieving your goal. Winning is awesome but it is okay to make mistakes too, once Tom starts believing in himself he is finally able to hit the winning serve and enjoy tennis again.

Stuff Happens HarryIn Stuff Happens: Harry the whole class goes on an excursion to the art gallery and Harry discovers that art is not as boring as he thought it was. Normally he prefers to fly under the radar so when it turns out he has a talent for drawing Harry has mixed feelings. On the one hand he loves the compliments of his mum and teacher but he is also worried his friends will make fun of him. When his artwork is the big hit at the Art Fair he realises that being different is pretty cool too.

To find out more about the Stuff Happens series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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Jul 172015

Crawf's Kick it to Nick

Often people think that reading is more something for girls, while boys are expected to kick a footy in the backyard with their mates. Well I have news for you, boys love reading too but sometimes the trick is finding a book with the right theme to get their attention. If you’ve got a young AFL fan at home who is looking for a cool read the Crawf’s Kick it to Nick series by Shane Crawford is just what you need. Fun and interesting, not too thick and not too thin (ca. 90 pages), some pictures here and there and of course some footy tips and tricks from the experts; score!

T-Rex At TrainingAhead of the upcoming finals Nick and his mates are warming up with a last-chance training session. When the kids discover that a dinosaur fossil is buried under the field they are only worried about the upcoming match, but then a bubbly mass of purple goop appears and the footy practice turns into a race against a pre-historic animal of gigantic proportions. I hope their footy skills are up to scratch because they’re about to run for their lives in Crawf’s Kick it to Nick: T-Rex at Training.

Half-Time HeroesIn Crawf’s Kick it to Nick: Half-time Heroes The Crocs win the very special opportunity to play a half-time exhibition match at the AFL Grand Final. Nick is terribly excited to be playing at the MCG, thousands of people will be watching his team in the stadium and millions at home on TV. He is rather disappointed when he is not selected as the team captain but realises that it’s a team effort and together they can do anything. They’re about to win the game when ‘Cactus’ and the mysterious ball of purple goop come to throw a spanner in the works…

There are currently 8 different ‘Crawf’s Kick it to Nick’ books to collect.

To find out more about the ‘Crawf’s Kick it to Nick’ series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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Jun 012015

Penguin Australia

We all know stuff happens every day so it was about time for some new adventures to be added to the Stuff Happens book series. This time the spotlight is on Lennie, who argues with a teacher, and Cooper who goes on school camp; they are real-life stories that regular Aussie boys will recognise and love:

Stuff Happens CooperWhen Cooper’s grandfather dies unexpectedly he is not sure how to feel: he is angry because he misses his Pop, at the same time he is upset that he has missed the start of school camp. When he does make it to camp Cooper just wants life to continue the way it was, but everything seems different. It takes a frightening accident with a kayak and a night out in the woods for Cooper to come to terms with what has happened in Stuff Happens Cooper (RRP $9.99)

Stuff Happens LennieStuff Happens Lennie (RRP $9.99) is my favourite book in the series so far, it felt like it was written about our own son. Lennie loves reading, learning and sharing his knowledge with other people, whether they like it or not. Mr. McDonnell, the relief teacher, and Lennie don’t exactly hit it off straight away and as always Lennie insists on being right all the time. It’s time for Lennie to learn that you don’t always have to be right or have the last word and that’s OK. Who will be the bigger person?

To find out more about the Stuff Happens series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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