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Jan 312016


With the spotlight on ‘Back to School’ it’s all about our oldest three kids at the moment. Trying on uniforms, picking new backpacks, testing out lunch boxes and drink bottles… it may seem like miss Sybbie is missing out on all the fun but with her 3rd birthday just two weeks away she is getting ready for her own dose of excitement.

Bobux Sybil

It feels like yesterday that we battled to get some food into our tiny baby who was struggling to grow, now she measures almost 1 metre tall! She is such a cheeky, active girl and sitting still is definitely not her thing. She is always on the move, climbing, running, chasing, jumping, skipping, hopping as fast as she can and ideally as loud as she can too.

Bobux climbing

Her long, skinny body is not always as coordinated as she would like it to be so not a day goes past without a little slip, slide or fall, it’s good I keep a big supply of band-aids on hand! A good supportive pair of shoes is an absolute must for her growing feet and preferably a design that looks lovely, is non-slip and able to withstand the rough and tumble of active kids as well… I know, we have quite a wish list.

Bobux wood

At Bobux they understand that when it comes to children’s shoes parents don’t just want ‘cute’, ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’, they want quality, support, durability and comfort to encourage healthy, strong feet. Those little feet have to last a lifetime so, even though they will be hiding in socks or shoes most of the time, they are not something to mess around with. Children’s feet are serious business!

Wildflower Mary JaneLuckily the foot experts at Bobux know that the eye wants something too so they have combined al those must-have features with awesome looks that kids (and their parents) love, no wonder Bobux footwear is a hit around the globe. After careful consideration we decided the beautiful Wildflower Mary Jane (RRP $80, size 20-29) ticks all the boxes for us and miss Sybbie is super chuffed with her ‘red flower shoes’, happy faces all around.

Bobux solesThese versatile Wildflower Mary Janes are sweet and strong, flexible and feminine, comfortable and cute, safe and supportive, leather and long-lasting… they simply have everything we look for in the perfect girls’ shoe. Sybbie can be quite fussy with clothing and shoes and if they are ‘not right’ she will let us know immediately and refuse to wear them. For her to be happy with these gorgeous shoes says a lot.

The vibrant red colour is bright and cheerful and the leather is soft and beautiful quality. They really go with everything in her wardrobe and look lovely with bare feet in Summer but awesome with tights in Winter too. Also important: Sybbie loves being able to put them on and take them off herself thanks to the Velcro strap, our little miss independent is growing up…

Bobux slide

To find out more about Bobux, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Oct 112011

Sometimes children get into a habit and you wish you could reverse what you did, like when I gave them a drink of water during the night a weeks ago. Ever since that night they ask for a cup of water next to their bed, and no matter how many times I say they don’t need it they insist on it. Unfortunately this midnight drink has been causing us some troubles, the first issue is that they can’t really find it in the dark and the second issue is that when they do find it they spill water everywhere, when they drink but also as they try and put it away without light to show them the bedside table. You can imagine my excitement when Suki from Sukimama told me about the Litecup and all my problems now belong to the past.

Litecup ($18), available in 7 colours

The Litecup is, wait for it, a cup and light in one. The cup features a light-up base that gives the cup a warm glow at night so it is very easy to find (and put back) and it even has an automatic sensor which means the light switches on when it’s dark and off when light. The BPA free, dishwasher safe Litecups are cleverly designed with a non-spill lid and a unique 360º easy flow seal, so you can drink from any angle without making a mess.

In store I also spotted the Dimples Sleepsac, available in a Merino wool/cotton blend design ($139.95, 0-2 and 2-4) for autumn, winter and spring and a cool organic cotton design ($109.95, 0-2) for the warm summer months. What really makes the Sleepsac stand out from the crowd is the way it converts from sleepingbag to jumpsuit. Toddlers can stay warm as if they were in a sleeping bag but they can stand up and walk too, more/longer wear for your money and an easy transition!

Bobux i-Walk Sneaker

Very high on my wishlist are these Bobux shoes for my youngest daughter, by the time summer comes around she should be ready for the Bobux i-Walks and hopefully by then I have also made up my mind between the pink and navy Mary Jane shoe. I-walks ($64.95, 21-24) are made of high quality eco leather and feature a fully flexible anti-slip sole, they are perfect for active toddlers and the ideal next step after soft soled baby shoes.

To find out more about Sukimama, to browse the range and place an order online visit

For your chance to win one of two Litecups (winner’s choice of colour, subject to availability) visit and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which product in store do you really like and why?

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