Nov 122012

The older the kids get, the more their imagination grows and with two 4-year olds in the house I am often lost for words by all the games and stories they make up together. Sometimes it is as if they are encouraging eachother to get as silly as possible, yet at the same time it is adorable to watch and such a blessing to witness. I love toys that encourage imaginative play and that is exactly what Bilibo does.

The award winning Bilibo range, created by Swiss designer company Moluk is all about imagination. In fact there is nothing straight forward about it! As a serious, down-to-earth, boring grownup you might look at Bilibo and wonder what to do with it, but curious little minds love this quirky toy and find a thousand-and-one uses for it. Which side is up, which side is down, is it for storing or is for pouring? It is totally up to you.

The world of Bilibo is full of surprises and with the Bilibo Pixel Game Box there is even more fun to be had. The box contains six Bilibo Minis, 36 coloured chips and a customisable dice but no instructions, after all kids are creative enough to come up with their own games. Flip, collect, roll, hide, count, share, swap, what game would you like to play with Bilibo? My three keep it simple, just grab a handful of chips each and swap until you only have chips that match your Bilibo Mini colour.

Also part of the Moluk designer collection is Plui, an innovative new bath toy that is sure to put the fun back into bath time. The Plui Rainball Bath Toy may look plain and simple but isn’t that usually the best? Fill your Plui by holding it under water, then lift it out and watch the ‘rain’ coming down. Kids will love controlling the rain by covering and uncovering the small opening at the top with their finger. Plui is available in blue, green and yellow.

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