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Oct 132016

Pan Macmillan Australia

As much as master 8 loved being on holidays, he really missed his (almost daily) visits to the library. The few books we brought with us only lasted a couple of days and English books were not easy to find. Now that we are home he is quickly making up for lost reading time starting with this awesome new Pan Macmillan kids’ read:


Most kids would love to go on an unexpected overseas trip, but not London teenager Mak. When his parents take him to India to deal with an urgent family situation he is not happy at all, it is too hot and sweaty and the city too crowded and loud. When Mak and his family go on a boat ride along the river they get caught in a terrible storm, Mak finds himself separated from his family and lost in the big, mysterious jungle that’s full of unknown dangers.

City-boy Mak realises soon enough that he, for a real chance of survival, will have to embrace the adventure and step out of his comfort zone. Climbing trees, making shelters and foraging for food, there is plenty to learn when you are lost in the jungle. On his journey Mak meets and befriends a family of wolves, rescues a trapped panther, escapes snakes and fights monkeys, but there is still no sight of his parents. Eventually it is the panther and his own clever thinking that puts him back on the map of civilisation. It’s obvious: Mak has been given the Spirit of the Jungle.

Famous survival-expert Bear Grylls has done a fantastic job putting childhood classic Jungle Book in a modern (and very exciting) new jacket. Both our twins thought Spirit of the Jungle was a great read, in fact they are quite keen to try some of his survival tips for themselves. Miss 8 especially enjoyed the interaction with animals and the saving of wildlife, while master 8 loved the scary parts like dangerous snakes and sneaky poachers. Definitely a win for the bookshelf!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Spirit of the Jungle (RRP $14.99) by Bear Grylls and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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