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Sep 042017

Who says twins are missing out by having to share their birthday with their sibling? At our house it definitely doesn’t mean half the fun, we just double the celebrations and spread them out over a whole birthday weekend. Special outings, yummy birthday treats and personal dinner requests, games, movies and staying up late, the twins just turned nine and we sure marked it in style.

As you know I love wrapping up a board game as it really is a gift that keeps on giving and the whole family gets to enjoy it. After spotting this cool new Hasbro release in a catalogue master 9 kept dropping hints for it, so he was over the moon to find it in his present pile.

Combining the timeless entertainment of Monopoly with the excitement of your favourite Nintendo game Super Mario Monopoly Gamer (RRP $44.99, ages 8+) is bound to be a hit with game fanatics of all ages. Thought you’d worked out your go-to Monopoly strategy? Think again! This funky twist on a much loved classic is shaking up the rules and will have everyone sitting on the edge of their seat.

After reading up on the game basics we bit the bullet and got the two dice rolling, exploring the new board, travelling through warp pipes, earning coins, discovering each character’s unique abilities, scoring special power-ups and of course collecting property along the way.

At the end of each trip around the board you get a shot at a Boss Fight, will you manage to beat the bully and score big? We found it is definitely helpful to have an adult on hand to explain the game, give instructions, supervise and play bank. Our tip: There are quite a lot of rules to learn so keep the manual within reach.

Up your game and expand your Monopoly Gamer family with other Nintendo friends and foes like Luigi, Boo, Rosalina, Wario or Diddy Kong. Each ‘Monopoly Gamer’ Power Pack (RRP $5.99) contains a new character figurine, a character card granting unique powers for even more Monopoly Gamer fun and a sticker. There are eight different Power Packs to collect, which Super Mario legend would you like to be in your next game?

If you are a real die-hard Nintendo fan and can’t wait to face off against the biggest opponent of all, Bowser, you must get your hands on the special ‘Monopoly Gamer’ Collector’s Edition (RRP $64.99, available only at EB Games). Featuring premium packaging, an exclusive Bowser token, an exclusive Bowser Jr. Boss card and more this is the ultimate Father’s Day gift idea for a Nintendo-mad dad.

To find out more about Hasbro, to take a closer look at the Monopoly Gamer board game and to locate a stockist near you visit www.hasbro.com.

Dec 202014


Christmas Countdown – Day 20

With only four short days to go until Christmas many mums are running around like mad women doing the last minute grocery shopping, preparing the house for all the visitors and trying to source a few missing Christmas gifts. If you are still searching for a present that will get the thumbs up from the boys you may like to know that the toy experts at TOMY are putting their money on Battroborg as the big hit this Christmas:

Battroborg Warrior Knight vs Viking Arena Set

Are you, like me, unfamiliar with the Battroborg phenomenon? (Yes I still have a lot to learn and discover too when it comes to toy trends) Battroborg Warriors are motion control battling robots outfitted with interchangeable weapons and armor.

Battroborg WarriorsUsing handheld motion controllers players can control their Battroborg robots as they battle it out against each other in the Battroborg Warriors Battle Arena (ages 6+). Each warrior has a different story, different armor and weapons, who will conquer when they face each other in the ring? Knock your opponent down with the strike of a sword, the hit of an axe, the sweep of a kama or the swing of a blade and be crowned the winner!

To find out more about Battroborg, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit au.battroborg.com.

For your chance to win a Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set (RRP $89.95) enter our giveaway below:

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