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Oct 082018

As sad as it is all good things have to come to an end. We returned from our big European adventure almost three weeks ago and (after sleeping off their jet lag) the kids squeezed in two more weeks of school before the school holidays arrived. They settled back into school life in no time and also quickly caught on to the Ooshies trend:

Ooshies (ages 5+) are the latest collect and swap trend to hit the school yard and with so many awesome Ooshies characters to collect it is no wonder all the kids are joining in the fun! Don’t be fooled by their small size, these soft squishy pencil toppers are big in entertainment and hot property among hip boys and girls. They can be enjoyed on and off your pencil and they are a perfect size for pockets, pencil cases and backpacks.

Ooshies are available in loads of different ranges so there is a favourite Ooshie for everyone. From DC and Marvel to Pixar and Disney, from DreamWorks to Cars and much more, no matter which team you’re on, Ooshies has you covered. We started our collection with Elsa and Olaf (of course!) and just discovered that Barbie and her friends are the latest additions to the Ooshies family, fabulous news for my little Barbie fans!

The excitement of a blind bag never wears off and the girls were in luck: the adorable Pyjama Barbie and pretty Mermaid Barbie were at the top of their wish list. There are 17 different Barbie Ooshies to collect including a highly coveted limited edition Golden Mermaid Barbie. If we do manage to find that special goldilocks I’ll make sure to share a snap!

My personal favourites (yes, even mums can have an Ooshie soft spot) are the Care Bears Ooshies, it’s like being a child all over again. I just adore these gorgeous bears, I might have to start my own collection! I have already popped some Care Bears blind bags away to put in the girls’ shoes in the lead up to Sinterklaas, I have no doubt they will absolutely love the surprise.

Ooshies are sold in single bags (ideal as a small treat, a pocket money buy or stocking filler for Christmas) or as multi-packs, a speedy way to complete your Ooshies collection. And don’t forget you can always trade with your friends if you have doubles! A little birdie told me that Transformers and Star Wars are soon to join the gang and even an Ooshies Junior range is coming up.

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when and where the next Ooshies will pop up…

To find out more about Ooshies and to browse the range visit www.ooshies.net.

‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’ giveaway

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Mar 032017

Just when I thought we’d made it through Summer without too many hot days a heatwave arrived here in Adelaide, it’s been a real scorcher of a week. Even my active girls who normally love spending time outdoors have been chilling inside under the cool airconditioner with a good book and a fun movie to keep them busy. This week Barbie is enjoying some screen time too in a brand new DVD adventure:

When Barbie plays her favourite video game she magically finds herself on the other side of the screen where she becomes a real star in ‘Barbie: Video Game Hero

It’s game on for Barbie who has been transformed into a fun roller-skating character. In the game, she meets Cutie, the loveable cloud-shaped friend, and Bella, the roller-skating princess. Together, they soon discover a mischievous emoji is trying to take control of the game. As they travel from level to level, Barbie must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out-of-the-box thinking to save her team and beat the game!

‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’ is now available on DVD (RRP $29.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Pictures Australia and to take a closer look at ‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’ visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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Mar 242016

Barbie Spy Squad

From warm and sunny to cold and rainy, the Easter holidays can be a real mixed bag. The key to keeping everyone happy (and mum from going crazy) is to be prepared for everything: think of some cool outdoor activities, check out indoor fun in your neighbourhood, stock up on craft supplies and pick up some new books. Don’t forget to also grab some nice movies and popcorn for a lazy afternoon inside, Universal Sony Pictures has got you covered:

If you thought Barbie spends her days being pampered at the hairdresser, walking the catwalk or relaxing on a cruise ship you better think again. There is more to Barbie than just a pretty face, together with her fabulous friends Teresa and Renee she forms the ‘Barbie: Spy Squad‘, a trio of secret agents on a mission to solve another mystery.

Barbie Spy Squad DVDWith their mindblowing gymnastics skills, great focus, excellent teamwork and clever thinking the three friends are the perfect team to catch a gem-stealing cat burglar. It’s is sure to be a tricky job full of challenges but it’s nothing these top spies can’t handle, they won’t give up until they can say ‘mission completed’. Join the Barbie Spy Squad as they go undercover for an action-packed adventure full of girl power.

‘Barbie: Spy Squad’ is now available on DVD (RRP $29.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Sony Pictures, to take a closer look at ‘Barbie: Spy Squad’ and to order a copy online visit www.theviewingloungestore.com.au.

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A house fit for a queen: Miniio

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May 182012

As a child I remember dreaming of a beautiful, big doll house, I was particularly jealous of the one my cousins had. They owned a three storey Barbie doll house with the matching furniture and even the Barbie campervan. Now that I am a mum myself I can’t see the beauty in all that plastic, pink and glitter so I am very pleased to see that there is a very stylish new type of accommodation available to house our daughter’s precious dolls.

The stunning Miniio dollhouses are designed and handmade in Poland and you can now find them in Australia too. These works of art are made by hand from wood, metal, stone (plus a few other modern, yet non-toxic and food-safe materials) and they are finished with natural beeswax. No wonder they are well received by modern, eco conscious parents.

Unlike many other dollhouses the impressive Miniio homes are sized down from reality six times making them the ideal size for 30cm fashion dolls like Barbie. It may not be Barbie’s favourite colour but she will soon realise that there is such a thing as ‘too much pink’ and you can make a home your own by adding a few of your own accessories. I on the other hand love the neutral coloured decor, it is not too girly and very timeless.

This amazingly beautiful Miniko design features two storeys and comes complete with everything you need to decorate this modern house. From a stylish sofa, coffee table and bookcase to lights, mirror, rugs and much, much more; this is not your ordinary starter home. The Miniko home looks as if it comes straight from a high class architecture and interior design magazine, styled by a very talented designer.

You can be sure that a Miniio dollhouse will be used for years, handed down to siblings and kept as a keepsake. Years from now it will be taken out again for precious granddaughters to play with when they come visit.

To find out more about Miniio, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit www.miniio.com.au.