Aug 252015


With Father’s Day just 1,5 week away time is quickly running out to find the perfect present for the special man in your life. Every year I try to put together a few different gifts for my hip hubby, making sure he receives something fun, luxurious, practical and tasty (after all, we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach). This year Aussie favourite Tooheys is making your Father’s Day gift shopping easier than ever with the release of the ultimate gift for guys of all ages:

The full-colour, hardcover Tooheys Cooking Handbook is written with real Aussie blokes in mind. It’s filled to the brim with tasty recipes that are sure to impress yet surprisingly simple to make. From pork to potatoes and from pasta to pies, from salmon to salad and from sausages to stir-fries, it contains delicious recipes to suit the whole family and thanks to the easy-to-follow, hands-on instructions even the biggest amateur-cook can give them a go.

Tooheys Cooking Handbook

I am blessed with a hubby that knows his way around the kitchen better than I do and he loves discovering new recipes so I know he will thoroughly enjoy cooking his way through this great read (whilst enjoying a beer or two). My guess is that he will first try his hand at the Finger Lickin’ Wings, something our little guinea pigs will be more than happy to taste test for him. Of course you can count on Tooheys to include a few beer-based recipes too, would you like to serve your mates some homemade Cheesy Beer Damper, Sticky Barbecued Ribs or Dark Ale Pate at your next BBQ?

So ladies, if you are looking for a cheeky way to get your man into the kitchen and in charge of dinner look no further than the new Tooheys Cooking Handbook.

Tooheys Cooking Handbook (RRP $39.99, 234 pages) is available for purchase at leading bookstores across Australia or online in the Tooheys Online Store.

To find out more about Tooheys, to take a closer look at the Tooheys Cooking Handbook and to order your copy today visit

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Oct 092014


Lazy Sundays, daylight savings, sunny weather, great friends and yummy barbecue dinners, Summer season has kicked off (even if slightly hesitant to start with) so we christened it in style with a fun game of KLOP:


Originally born in beautiful Finland this super trendy game is now available in Australia and it’s tossing over Australians one KLOP at a time. KLOP (RRP $59.95) is a fun outdoor game for all ages, it’s perfect for birthdays in the garden, picnics at the park, afternoons on the beach, evenings at the caravan park and anywhere else you can get together with a group of people who love a good game.

KLOP gameEach KLOP game consist of 12 chunky wooden pegs, a ‘chuck’ and a score block, all neatly packed together in a sturdy wooden storage box with carry handle. The pegs are set up in starting position and you use the chuck to toss over the pegs, it has a bit of a Flintstones feel to it. You may think KLOP is just another ordinary bowling game but it is much more than that, it really gets your brain working as you use your strategic skills to reach the required score.

All players take turns tossing the chuck to knock over the pegs, obviously you can set any goal you like but the basic KLOP game aims for a score of exactly 50. If you toss over multiple pegs you add the number of pegs to make up your score but if you toss over 1 single peg the number on the peg marks your score, all scores are noted in the scoring book. Each throw changes the location of the pegs so every round you have to recalculate how many more points you need, then locate and knock over the peg(s) that can give you the points you’re after.


Adult players will love the strategic side of this game, having to earn an exact number of point is not as easy as it sounds and requires a bit of thinking ahead. If you love a game that gets those radars turning KLOP is just what you need! Younger players, even if they are too little to add up, will love a good throw of the chuck and every peg down is a step closer to the finish, you can just simplify the game by crowning the first person to reach 50 or more the winner.

To find out more about KLOP, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit, shipping is FREE Australia wide.