Sep 252011

Sleep, I need as much as I can get but unfortunately the twins don’t always understand that. Every night they go to bed nicely at 7pm but it is the early morning wakeups that really get to me. A few months back it was starting to get out of control so I decided to give the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock from Parents Like Us a go. I can not begin to describe in words what effect he has had on our household.

The BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock is designed to, you guessed it, train children to sleep. This clever clock helps children to know when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up by using a friendly monkey shape that young children will find very interesting. When the parent puts the monkey to sleep at bedtime his eyes will close so your child understands it is time to sleep. When it is time to wake up (a decent hour of the day set by the parent) his eyes will open and some fun jungle sounds can be heard. The time itself is visible on both a digital and analogue clock.

When we started using the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock about 4 months ago I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I would have tried anything that could possibly help us get more sleep. I was expecting for it to take some time before they got the message but they took to it very quickly. In fact, it has become a daily ritual for us: the twins say bye-bye to the ‘monkey clock’ when he goes to sleep and in the morning they run out of their rooms very excited to tell us the ‘monkey clock has woken up’.

Another huge advantage of this cute little gadget is that you can adjust the alarm time to suit, like when daylight savings ends or during school holidays when you want your children to sleep a little longer. When we visited Melbourne in July we took the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock with us so the kids would behave well at night in a strange environment and they nicely stayed in bed until the monkey opened his eyes. Of course they also love the sound of chirping birdies to wake up to.

Whilst this clock is obviously designed for the little ones who can not read the clock yet (3 years +) it will still be useful after that as a teaching aid when practising clock reading as kids can use both the analogue and digital clock to look at. Another useful feature is the temporary night light (a little button on the top).

To find out more about Parents Like Us or the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock ($47.90) and to place an order online visit Until the end of October Australian orders receive free shipping to celebrate the grand opening of this fantastic store.

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