Win with BabyBjörn #dadstories

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Mar 192017

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Baby snuggles, as a proud mother of five little ones it is no secret that I just can’t get enough of those squishy little bodies and that sweet baby scent. The way they just lean into you and are comforted by your unique mama smell and the feel of your body is absolutely priceless. But mums are not the only ones who enjoy that closeness, dads love bonding with their babies too and babywearing is a wonderful way to keep your precious bundle close.

Like myself Hip Daddy has totally fallen in love with baby wearing and has walked many kilometers with one of our children strapped to his chest. Does your baby daddy still needs some convincing? The stylish new Baby Carrier One Spring collection by BabyBjörn is sure to win him over, I can’t decide which of the new colours and prints I love most!

BabyBjörn’s heartwarming #dadstories campaign proves that loving dads come in all shapes and sizes, why not join in the fun and share your favourite ‘dad stories’ on Instagram using the hashtags #babybjorn #dadstories. Your special contribution could be rewarded with one of the weekly BabyBjörn prizes and one lucky dad will even take home a $1000 Master Card cheque (of course all dads win unconditional love from their special little people!). Conditions apply, competition ends April 6, 2017.

To find out more about BabyBjörn, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Boba Carrier – New look, new features

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Jan 152012

In the very early days of Hip little one I wrote about the Boba Carrier, a fantastic soft structured baby carrier that made going out with the kids so much easier for me. I first started using this carrier just over two years ago, wearing my chubby one year old son in it. At the time I was pregnant with baby number three and even though the baby belly was growing rapidly I used the Boba nearly every day with ease.

Once the baby was born I could hardly wait for her to reach the minimum weight for the Boba Carrier, luckily she got there quickly so I could get out and about with the twins in the double pram and baby in the Boba. People always commented on how comfortable she looked in there and they still do. Both hubby and I love the Boba Carrier so much that we actually have two, we keep one at home and one in the car so we always have one within reach.

My baby has changed a lot since that photo was taken and so has the Boba Carrier. The new, revamped Boba Carrier is now suitable for newborns as little as 3.5kg up to 20kg, so most mums can starting using the carrier from the very early days all the way up to the toddler stage. This wide weight range makes the Boba a fabulous investment for families. The Boba Carrier can be worn at the front and at the back so it is really versatile.

It is obvious that the original Boba Carrier has undergone a little beauty makeover too, the new Boba is available in five different styles with gorgeous new fabrics like Lila, Tweet and (my favourite) Soho. Priced at USD $125 the Boba Carrier is a stylish and affordable alternative to some of the big names with a rather expensive price tag. If you are not convinced yet why not go try it out for yourself at one of the Boba stockists, there are Boba stockists in many countries worldwide.

I was already very impressed by the high quality and clever features of the original Boba Carrier so I have no doubt this new release is well worth the money. If you were to make a list of things you are looking for in a carrier the Boba Carrier will tick all the boxes for sure. Let’s hope I am lucky enough to add to my brood one day so I can try out the fabulous newborn hold which looks fantastic!

To find out more about Boba, to take a closer look at the Boba Carrier and to order online go to or visit a retailer near you.

SNUGG Baby ( + win your own!)

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Dec 032011

As you probably know by now I am a big fan of baby wearing. Before I knew I would be having twins I always pictured myself being out and about all day, travelling with my baby in a carrier. Because I was blessed with twins it turned out to be a little harder and I was forced to use my pram most of the time. When my youngest daughter was born I was so excited to be able to use a carrier and I still carry her whenever possible. In fact I own several carriers so I pick whichever one suits my mood and my outfit that day. If you want to stand out from the crowd and don’t like boring mass produced products you will absolutely love the handmade carriers by SNUGG Baby.

SNUGG Baby is the love baby of Malaysian mum-of-two Liza. Liza has a passion for creating unique, beautiful, high quality baby carriers that allow you to take your baby wherever you go and do so in style. She knows very well that everyone is different so her range is always growing and many designs are one-of-a-kind. You can even pick your favourite fabrics and colours and order your own custom made SNUGG Baby carrier.

At the moment there are four styles available: the Stork (a soft-structured carrier), the SNUGG MT (a Mei Tai carrier), the SNUGG Ringsling and the SNUGG Bamboo Wrap. There is no good or bad, it is just depends on your own preferences and what you find comfortable and practical. Prices start at MYR 115.50 (ca AUD 36) for a Ringsling up to MYR 325 (ca AUD 102) for the awesome SNUGG Stork Carrier. These are great prices for handmade products of this quality and they are all unique.

I’ll admit that before I started using the SNUGG MT I was a little unsure about the style, but after watching the instructional video on the SNUGG Baby YouTube channel I realised there was nothing difficult about it. It is actually just as quick to pop on as a soft-structured carrier and I like the support of the cross-over back. The SNUGG MT and Stork carrier are both suitable for front and back carry.

At the moment SNUGG Baby is running a competition where you can win your very own SNUGG Baby Carrier, there are 3 great prizes up for grabs and one of them is this fantastic denim Stork Baby Carrier sporting the caption ‘I heart Breastfeeding’. There are different categories you can enter and the competition is open to entrants worldwide. If you have fallen in love with one of the SNUGG Carriers you can profit from free worldwide shipping (orders over MYR200), both promotions end December 31, 2011.

For more information about SNUGG Baby, to browse the current range of styles and fabrics and to order online visit