Feel the breeze with BabyBjörn

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Feb 122016

BabyBjorn logo copy

Can you believe miss Hattie is 4.5 months old already? She is the most gorgeous smiley girl who would love to be attached to mummy 24 hours a day if she could, yay for sweet baby cuddles whenever I want! Most of the time I am more than happy to oblige but I have to admit it does get a little hot and sweaty in this warm South Australian summer weather. Thanks to BabyBjörn I can treasure our close bond and enjoy a refreshing breeze at the same time, happy faces all around:

BabyBjorn Side On

The Baby Carrier One Air (RRP $249.95) combines all the award-winning features of the famous Baby Carrier One with a super soft and airy mesh fabric that allows for much needed airflow, is quick drying and keeps parent and child cool and comfortable.

Baby Carrier One AirThe fantastic 4-in-1 design offers parents the freedom to carry their child as they wish: higher for newborns, lower for older babies, inward-facing, outward-facing, front or back carrying position; the Baby Carrier One is all about versatility. As your baby grows you can change the carrying position to suit your and your child’s needs and you can enjoy carrying your child all the way up to 3 years old (15kg) making it a great investment for young families.

I am not the only one who likes baby wearing, hip daddy does too so I love that the shoulder straps and waistband can be adjusted in size in a matter of seconds. The waistband is nice and firm and the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort, after having had 5 babies my back is not as strong as it used to be so I really appreciate how the weight is distributed evenly and keeping good posture is very easy.

babyBjorn behind

At BabyBjörn they understand that we all want the best for our children which is why this carrier is developed in close collaboration with leading paediatricians. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has given the Baby Carrier One Air the thumbs up as a ‘hip-healthy’ carrier with an ergonomic wide-leg carrying position and a generous 32 cm seat area.

BabyBjorn Wide Leg

Aside from being safe for your child’s hips and development the Baby Carrier One Air is also safe to chew or suck on, something our little Harriet loves to do when she is all snuggled up for a walk. All fabrics used in this carrier are gentle against your child’s skin and completely free from health-hazardous substances and allergens, that’s one less worry on my mind.

BabyBjorn Carrier One Air

Another great feature of the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is that it is suitable directly from birth (min. weight 3.5kg), there is no need to purchase a separate infant insert. This not only saves you money but hassle too and you can easily change between passengers of different ages/weights. The clever ‘zipped’ seat can be adjusted to suit newborns up to 62cm (higher newborn position) or older babies (lower baby position), at 60cm Hattie is about to go into the lower position. Just do up the correct zip and you’ll always have the perfect seat for your little traveller, easy as pie.

There are lots of different baby carriers around and some are trickier than others but the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is definitely easy to use. The main ‘frame’ simply slides on over your head like a sweater, I find this feels really safe, sturdy and reliable. Next you do up the waist band behind you and pull it tight. All that is left is to place your baby on the ‘seat’ and fold the front panel towards you which you then secure with 4 strong safety buckles. Click and go!

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air is currently available in stylish Silver Mesh or Black Mesh.

To find out more about BabyBjörn, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.babybjorn.com.au.

Oct 032015

OZ Baby Trends

Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 3

If you are a long-time follower of Hip Little One you will now by know that I am big fan of baby wearing. While it was a little tricky to do with the twins I definitely got the hang of it with baby no.3 and our little reflux baby miss Sybbie (no.4) was attached to me almost permanently. I absolutely love the close feeling of having my baby nearby, there are just so many benefits for both mother and child! If you’re keen to discover the joys of baby wearing too you can count on OZ Baby Trends to get you started:

Caboo NCT

Created by the talented people behind Close Parent the Caboo NCT (RRP $89) is an ideal baby carrier for busy families on the go. It’s soft and safe, light in weight, easy to use, allows for multiple carrying positions and it’s super comfortable to wear, what more could you wish for?

Caboo NCT FrontThe Caboo NCT is suitable for teeny tiny newborns (minimum weight 2.27 kg) all the way up to 15 kg and complies with safety standards so you can rest assured your growing baby is carried in a safe and healthy way at all times. The adjustable design of the Caboo NCT and the classic gender neutral colour makes it a great pick for both mums and dads (and grandparents and babysitters too!).

Caboo NCT BackBaby’s weight is distributed evenly and thanks to the comfortable wide straps that cross over on the rear there will be reduced strain on the wearer’s back and shoulders, after all, a newborn may be light as a feather but baby do get heavier very quickly! Unlike many other carriers the Caboo NCT also offers a convenient hip carry position for older babies, allowing you to enjoy the closeness for longer.

To find out more about OZ Baby Trends, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.ozbabytrends.com.au.

For your chance to win a Caboo NCT (RRP $89) enter our giveaway below:

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Aug 192014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Big Birthday Bash – Day 19

Two months ago I introduced you to Dutch label ByKay, I showed you how I wear our youngest child in the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim and we gave a beautiful ByKay Baby Carrier away to a lucky reader. Unfortunately with giveaways there can (usually) only be one winner resulting in many sad faces, which is why the lovely team at ByKay Australia decided to offer up a second ByKay carrier for our Big Birthday Bash:

Up for grabs ByKay Essential Bluetoday is a gorgeous ByKay Essential Baby Carrier ($89.95) in your choice of colour, with seven great colours to choose from there is a perfect shade for everyone. Made from soft, stretchy cotton jersey this wrap style baby carrier will keep your hands free and your little one comfy and cosy from birth up to 10-12 kg. You even get a free storage bag for your ByKay carrier, although I think your carrier will be in use most of the time so you’ll hardly need it.

As an added bonus the winner of this Big Birthday Bash giveaway will receive a cute ByKay hat to match his/her new carrier, imagine the adorable photos you can take of your stylish baby!

ByKay range

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bykay.com.au.

For your chance to win a ByKay Essential Baby Carrier with matching ByKat Hat in the colour of your choice (subject to availability) enter our giveaway below:

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Jun 302014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Since becoming a mum almost six years ago I have tried several different styles of baby carriers (some I loved, some not so much) but I always put the Mei Tai in the ‘too hard basket’, it just looked difficult, time consuming and more intended for hardcore baby wearers which I do not consider myself to be. Everything changed the moment I saw a picture of the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim, it looked so hip and comfortable and it simply had my name written all over it.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

My new ByKay Mei-Tai arrived just as I was heading out the door for school pick-up but I was so excited I couldn’t wait, I had to try it out straight away. No time to read the instructions, I tied on the waist strap, popped the little passenger in and the rest was very straight forward: over the shoulders, cross over on your back, cross over again on your front and tie up at the back. It immediately felt really comfortable and supportive and the weight was spread out beautifully.

ByKay Mei-Tai Denim

Because the wide straps cross over as opposed to going straight down they don’t dig in, the fabric surrounds your body like a second skin and follows your every move, the best way to describe the Mei-Tai feeling would be ‘natural’. Miss Sybbie snuggled into my chest like she always does when I hold her and she clearly enjoyed the warmth and cosy Mei-Tai hug. The mums at school admired the stunning denim carrier and commented on how happy and content Sybil looked and when she fell asleep on the way home I knew I would never look back again.

ByKay Mei-Tai Back

Our gorgeous girl is not a fan of strangers, new environments, loud noises etc so places like busy shopping centres, crowded events and big airports cause her a lot of distress. By carrying her close to me in the ByKay she feels safe and protected, crisis averted. At the same time, when you have a big family like ours you are always short of hands and especially in those crowded situations it is important to hold onto those little hands tightly so I love how the ByKay Mei-Tai allows me to keep two hands free to look after my children.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we headed into the city to run a few errands for the holiday. Sybil was very tired which usually means super cranky and on edge but the ByKay totally prevented a melt down. She rested, smiled, cuddled, slept, looked around, enjoyed plenty of kisses and hugs and even munched on a biscuit and not a single tear which is amazing. I feel so much more confident about our upcoming plane trip now, thanks ByKay!

ByKay Deluxe Denim

A few facts and figures: The ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim ($199.95) is made from a super soft cotton/linen blend and is available in dark jeans or stonewashed, the carrier is machine washable. The clever adjustable design and wide shoulder straps make it an ideal carrier for all ages from newborn to 4-5 years old (obviously this will depend on your child’s weight) and can be worn front, hip and back. For extra shade, shelter from the rain, a cosy sleep environment or extra head support a handy sleep hood is attached, this is a fantastic and very practical feature that I use a lot.

If you haven’t entered our ByKay giveaway yet there is still time, you could be taking home a brand new ByKay carrier! For your chance to win a ByKay Essential or Design Baby Carrier just let us know which colour/style you would most like to win, for more details visit our original ByKay giveaway or take a shortcut and get your entries in below.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bykay.com.au.

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Jun 152014

ByKay Carry Your Love

With only 6 weeks to go until our holiday I am getting rather nervous. As if 21 hours on a plane (plus a 7 hour stopover) is not exhausting enough we have 4 young children to keep happy on this long journey. I’m not particularly concerned about the oldest three as they can be entertained with books, games, toys and movies, my big worry is miss Sybbie, our 17-month old troublemaker.

ByKay range

If you are a long term reader of Hip Little One you have probably read about our battles with reflux, food allergies, sleep and poor growth and as a result of these ongoing issues our little monkey struggles with severe separation anxiety. A new environment, a look from a stranger (and even family!), someone coming too close, they are simple things that upset her a lot and I am expecting our plane trip to cause a lot of tears.

ByKay Essential PinkOver time baby wearing has become one of our biggest sanity savers, making Sybil feel more comfortable, happy and safe when out and about. Carrying her close to me offers her a feeling of security, she clearly feels protected and safe and she loves snuggling into my chest when we go out, it also keeps her upright which helps with her reflux problems. I can not imagine going on a holiday without our ByKay Baby Carrier, it is an absolute travel must-have.

ByKay Design GreenDesigned in my home country The Netherlands the ByKay range of baby carriers are the ultimate combination of comfort, ergonomics, practicality and style, allowing all parents to wear their children in a carrier that suits their personal taste and lifestyle. There are currently six different ByKay carriers, and a rainbow of colours, to choose from. From newborn to toddler, from boy to girl, from mum to dad, from ring sling to Mei Tai and from classic and neutral to bright and cheerful, there is a perfect ByKay carrier for everyone.

ByKay Essential BlueThe ByKay Essential Baby Carrier ($89.95) is made from soft, stretchy cotton jersey making it an ideal choice for your precious bundle from birth up to 10-12 kg. The snug, wrap around design is very popular with new mums because it is comfortable for baby and for mum and has a nice natural feel to it, it’s like a second pair of arms to hug your baby while you keep your hands free for other things. There are 7 great Essential colours to choose from and a free storage bag is included.

ByKay Design CarrierIf you love the features of the Essential Carrier but are looking for a more eye catching print and a larger weight limit you’ll find the ByKay Design Baby Carrier ($129.95) ticks all your boxes. The star and flower design are a real stand-out and with a weight limit of 18kg you are guaranteed to get lots of wear out of it. The breathable, 100% natural cotton fabric is a great choice for our warmer Australian climates, making sure mum and bub are comfortable all year around.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bykay.com.au.

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Hands free with Manduca

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May 102013


If you are a regular Hip little one reader you may have read that our smallest addition is a very cute but not overly happy baby. Now of course I would love to sit down and hold her all day but the reality is that that is just not possible when you have 3 other children to look after and a household to run. Some people might say it won’t hurt her to cry a little but I can’t listen to her sad little baby cries without wanting to pick her up and cuddle her. The best way to keep everyone happy is to keep her close and content in a baby carrier whilst still keeping my hands free for everything else that needs to be done, it’s the perfect solution for all of us.

Manduca (2)The world of baby wearing can be quite confusing, there are so many different brands and styles and everyone has an opinion on what is best. My advise: Don’t just pick the cutest colour/print, first make sure your new carrier is safe (encourages an orthopedically correct seating position), comfortable (for you and baby), genuine (there are lots of counterfeits on the market!) and suitable (for your baby’s weight and your activity).

manducaMpositionGerman label Manduca is one of the world’s leading baby carrier brands and very popular here in Australia. Manduca carriers promote the healthy M-position, the natural shape of babies’ legs which supports their spine and pelvis. Your baby’s (future) health is not something to take lightly so please pick your carrier with care. The Manduca carrier is not just comfortable for baby but also for mum, it is fully adjustable with wide, padded shoulder straps and a supportive waistband.

Manduca FrontBeing a so-called soft structured baby carrier the Manduca is both sturdy and supportive yet flexible at the same time, just the way I like it. It gives me the confidence that baby is well protected and in the right position and it easy to put on, pretty much like a backpack but then at the front. We use the Manduca Blackline, made of 100% organic cotton it is soft (right from the start) and safe (no nasties).

Sybil is perfectly comfortable in the Manduca (see the M position of the legs)

Sybil is perfectly comfortable in the Manduca (see the M position of the legs)

Most soft structured baby carriers have a minimum weight requirement of ca. 5.5kg (Ergo) – 7kg (Boba), so they would not be recommended for a newborn unless you buy a specific newborn insert to fit. The Manduca however is designed with an inbuilt newborn insert (3.5kg+), this means most babies can be carried in a Manduca straight from birth. Not only does it save you the cost of buying an extra insert, it also very practical as you can’t forget it. This great video shows exactly how the insert works, it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it with our newborn.

She loves being close to mummy and being able to look around

She loves being close to mummy and being able to look around

Another fantastic feature of the Manduca carrier is the built in suncover. It is nicely tucked away in the special pocket at the front and can be rolled out when you need the extra coverage, the cover is very handy for sunny days, to protect your sleeping baby from curious people/light and to provide privacy when breastfeeding, it also gives extra head support. As you can tell the Manduca has got your whole day covered, from sleeping to feeding to awake time and from sun to rain and in between.

Manduca BackA Manduca carrier is a great investment as it can be used from newborn all the way up to 20kg, that’s the weight of my 4.5 year old! As your baby gets older and heavier you can start wearing your Manduca on your back, something we still do with our 2.5 year old sometimes. It’s great for long walks or days out, we don’t have to bring a bulky pram but she can have a rest when those chubby little legs get tired.

The Manduca Blackline is available in three different colours and is priced at $189.

To find out more about Manduca, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.manduca.com.au.