Dec 092011

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Over the past weeks I have been sharing many great Christmas gift ideas, helped lots of parents save money on their Christmas shopping and even gave some decoration tips but somehow I have not been feeling 100% happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and enjoy giving gifts, I cherish time spent with family and sing along with Christmas songs but for me there is more to it than that. I know it may not be popular or hip in everyone’s eyes but I (and my family) celebrate CHRISTmas, not just Christmas or xmas, and this is more important to me than all my hip Christmas shopping finds. When I spotted this month’s Australian Women’s Weekly one thing jumped out to me from the cover straight away: Stars who have faith.

I often feel that I am one of a minority and sadly there are not many famous people who speak out publicly about being a Christian, giving the impression that it may not be very popular to express your religion in public. To come across such a well known and much loved magazine and look at the faces of five famous Australians who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in is very encouraging. Like me these five people celebrate Christmas because of Jesus’ birth and they implement this into their Christmas day activities in different ways.

I loved reading about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks, who’s family celebrates the birth of Jesus with one of Kate’s delicious chocolate cakes (unfortunately no recipe there but to make up for that this issue of Women’s Weekly magazine (when purchased in store) does come with a free recipe book full of beautiful Christmas dishes including the yummiest desserts). What better way to explain Christ’s birthday to children than with a real birthday cake with candles? Yes her children do get presents but that is not what Christmas is all about.

Then there is Elka Whalan, the former Olympic swimmer who I very much admire for speaking out on national tv about her opinion on drugs. Expectant mum Elka is pictured in a beautiful shot showing off her baby bump, she will be very busy this Christmas with two little ones but she is not complaining. She feels abundantly blessed and being grateful for all you have is also part of Christmas (and other days too, something I sometimes forget when I am tripping over all the toys my lovely kids have once again not put away).

What really hit home for me is the interviews with former treasurer Peter Costello and NRL player William Hopoate (yes, the Women’s Weekly is not only about women!). I never really thought of how hard it can be for men to be outright about their beliefs in a male work environment (obviously much harder than it is for me being at home with my children). I take my hat off for them and feel inspired to be open about what Christmas means to me, even if it is not popular! So here we go: To all of my lovely readers, have a very blessed CHRISTmas! My chest feels a lot lighter now that I’ve said it!

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