Dec 122016

Christmas Countdown – Day 12

As a mum of five little ones I know very well that a proper, good quality, durable mattress takes a big chunk out of your family budget, so it is not something you want to have to replace often. Adults are (usually) quite good at keeping their mattresses clean but for children that is a big ask, we all know accidents happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent them. If you have ever tried to clean, scrub and deodorize a mattress you know it ruins your mood, takes ages and after all that it never becomes 100% clean again. Here’s the good news, there is hope!

Australian mattress specialist BedGuard takes the hassle out of a wet bed with an innovative waterproof mattress range that keeps little (and big) sleepyheads comfortable, clean and dry all night long.

Designed to stop liquids, stains and odours from ruining your mattress the unique BedGuard protection layer is guaranteed to keep nasties at bay, in case of accidents just use some paper towel to remove the spill and your mattress is fresh, clean and dry again. No more sleeping on crunchy, sticky, plastic mattress protectors, no more scrubbing, no soda-treatment, no yucky yellow stains and no sneaky odours hanging around, what a fantastic time (and irritation) saver for busy parents!

Aside from repelling liquid, odours and stains BedGuard mattresses have many other great features that make them a family favourite. The anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, bed bug resistant and flame retardant properties give parents peace of mind, they can sleep well knowing their child is safe and comfortable at all times. All BedGuard mattresses are double sided and filled with above industry standard foam density and high quality inner springs ensuring a comfortable night sleep.

BedGuard is an Australian family business and all products are designed and made right here in Australia using high quality materials. Being Australian made you can rest assured that the manufacturing process is closely monitored from start to finish to supply Aussie families with an outstanding product that they can enjoy for years. BedGuard mattresses have a life expectancy of 10 years and come with a generous 5 year guarantee.

Within the BedGuard mattress range you’ll find three different types of waterproof mattresses (Guardian Comfort, Guardian Luxury and Guardian Opulence) to suit beds of all sizes, from your baby’s cot to a large king size bed BedGuard has the whole family covered. Prices start at $198 (cot size) and delivery costs depend on your location.

To find out more about BedGuard, to explore the innovative BedGuard features and to order online visit or get social on

For your chance to win a BedGuard Guardian Comfort Waterproof Single Bed Mattress (RRP $379.50) including metro delivery enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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Jul 252015


There is no denying it, life with a family of six (soon seven) is BUSY. There is always something happening, books to be read, hair to be plaited, jokes to be shared, tears to be dried, chores to be done, meals to be cooked and much more. Most days I manage to stay sane (some I don’t!) thanks to my organised nature. I am a planner, someone who thinks ahead where possible and gets things sorted in advance to avoid chaos.

Decor 5-piece SetLike all mums I have many jobs and some I am better at than others, I’ll be honest and admit that cooking will never be my big talent but of course my hungry tribe still needs to be fed so it has to be done. Thankfully it is okay not to be good at everything and there are some wonderful mamas out there who generously share their gifts and ideas to keep you inspired like the lovely Katrina at The Organised Housewife.

Decor Fridge

Grab & Go, just the way I like it!

I often jump onto Katrina’s blog to discover new recipes and meal ideas and I particularly love her helpful Lunchbox Ideas section. Prepared with a big stack of Décor containers and inspired by The Organised Housewife I regularly fill up my freezer with delicious meals, lunchbox snacks for our kids, that way I never find myself empty handed! I love opening my fridge or freezer and seeing a stack of red containers full of yummy, homemade food waiting for us.

Decor Oblong 1

Easy left-overs for hubby’s lunch

The reusable Décor Microsafe range is ideal for storing meals in fridge or freezer and even defrosting, heating and steaming in the microwave thanks to the handy steam release vent. Doing all of this in one single container means no need to transfer food and create more dirty dishes, yay! The stackable containers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes (perfect for family meals, single meals, cakes, soups and sauces) and you can use your fridge and freezer space as efficiently as possible.

Tellfresh Tag SetTo help you keep track of your stash you can label your meals with Tellfresh Tags that can be attached to the  side of each container. The Tellfresh Storer System Tag Set (RRP $3.49) comes with 12 waterproof tags, a little pencil and eraser (yep, they’re reusable) so you will never be guessing what exactly is inside and when you cooked it, that means there will be less wasted food. Décor Microsafe products are made right here in Australia and are free from BPA so they keep your food fresh AND safe.

To find out more about Décor, to locate a stockist near you and to browse the range visit

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How to ease your nagging backache

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Apr 292015

Ever since I fell pregnant with the twins in 2008 I have been struggling with a sore back. Many broken nights, busy days with lots of cleaning and lifting, a huge baby bump, heavy babies to carry on my hip, a lack of core muscles and a big tummy muscle separation, another two pregnancies… all added up it is no surprise that these days my back is not what it used to be and it has been causing me a lot of grief.

Over the years I have tried many things to help relieve my backache and I would love to share my three (very Aussie) top tips with you:

OZ MattressTake a closer look at your mattress
Gently bounce on your mattress, inspect it closely and feel around with your hands. It is likely the springs are no longer as bouncy as they were in the beginning and you are probably sleeping in a sunken spot leaving your back in an unnatural position night after night. After a long, long, long time of waking up exhausted with a sore back and hips hubby and I recently swapped our old, used up mattress for a strong, sturdy, supportive new mattress and the difference is ah-ma-zing.

When we tried out some of the mattresses in stores I could immediately feel the welcome support in much needed places, I realised that I no longer wanted to wake up feeling like a bruised and battered old lady. Yes a new mattress doesn’t come cheap but it is a long-term investment and when you divide the total cost over every night, week and year you will be sleeping on it it is absolutely worth every cent. When mattress shopping make sure to shop local and support an Australian made and owned product like Oz Mattress.

MyOki Wheat Bag ScarfeUse a wheat bag
A good, decent size heat bag is probably one of the fastest ways to ease your nagging backache. It’s easy to use, effective and you can use it on other sore body parts too. I have been using a Lavender MyOki Wheat Bag Scarfe to provide much needed relief for my shoulders and back and it works a treat, it is soft and comfortable against the skin and it smells absolutely delicious.

The unique shape of the MyOki allows you to wear it as a scarfe around your neck or wrap it across your back or waist, wherever you could use the warm, soothing relief of 1.2kgs of certified Australian Bio-Dynamic Wheat. Want to swap your heat pack for a cool pack? You can cool the MyOki in the freezer too, now that’s what I call a real versatile design!

Bosisto's Eucalyptus RubTry a soothing muscular rub
Just like the wheat bag Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Rub is only a temporary solution but is affordable, easy to use and widely available. This warm and soothing muscular rub smells divine and it rubs in easily (plus it’s the perfect excuse to ask hubby for a back massage). Within a minute or two your back will start to warm up and your muscles will start to feel better very quickly.

I love how something simple and natural as Australian Eucalyptus oil has so many great uses! Both hubby and I use the Bosisto’s rub regularly and are big fans.

Do you have another great tip for beating a nagging backache? Let me know, I’d love to try it out.

Feb 132015


Last call: Just one sleep to go until Valentine’s Day! If you were planning on surprising the special person in your life with a little something special you better be quick or risk a disappointed face. Why not gift your loved one a touch of luxury and shop the wonderful Zk’in skincare range?

zk'in range

Zk’in Certified Organic Skincare is proudly Australian made and looks after skin of all types without exposing you to nasty chemicals. From moisturiser to cleanser, from masque to serums and even hand cream and toothpaste, Zk’in has your entire beauty regime covered.

Zk'in SerumZk’in prides itself in delivering clinically proven results without the harsh, harmful ingredients that are used in many other skincare products. If you’ve been dreaming of smoother skin with fewer lines but you’ve been hesitant to try injectable fillers you’ll be pleased to hear that Zk’in  Certified Organic Skincare has developed a gentle, natural, pain free product that lives up to the task.

The gel based Zk’in Line Smoothing Serum (RRP $59.95, 25 ml) quickly delivers visible skin smoothing results, tackling those lines around your eyes in just moments. The serum is rapidly absorbed by the skin and is suitable for all skin types. People all around the country are loving this safe, non-toxic wrinkle treatment and the feedback is nothing but glowing, just like the results!

To find out more about Zk’in, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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Dec 192014


Christmas Countdown – Day 19

After weeks of planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, caring and running around getting ready for Christmas many (if not all!) mums are in desperate need of some relaxation and pampering. If you are one of them you are sure to love today’s fabulous Christmas Countdown prize from zk’in:

zk'in range

Made right here in Australia zk’in Certified Organic Skincare is free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and other nasty unnatural ingredients. The range currently consists of 12 products that deliver naturally beautiful clinically proven results without the worry of toxins or synthetic ingredients, just what you need to create a better, healthier you in 2015.

zk'in Brightening & Hydrating MasqueYou may not have time or money to relax for hours at your local beauty salon but we can all free up 10-minute to let zk’in Certified Organic Brightening & Hydrating Masque (RRP $39.95) work its magic. Made with organic cocoa, organic Aloe Vera and organic fucoidan, extracted from Brown Seaweed found in pristine Tasmanian waters, this quick and easy face mask smoothes wrinkles, increases hydration, improves elasticity and enhances overall skin appearance by up to 68%.

zk'in Hydrating MistWith families spending lots of time outside during the summer season the zk’in Certified Organic Hydrating Mist (RRP $39.95) is an absolute must-have for your handbag. If your or your child’s) skin is left a little red after a nice day in the sun you can count on this handy product to offer relief, in fact in just 2 hours redness will be reduced by a huge 50%. It’s a lovely, light skincare product that is suitable for sensitive, normal and dry skin.

zk'in Rebalancing LotionIf your skin is more the oily type look no further than zk’in Certified Organic Rebalancing Lotion (RRP $44.95), it contains an active ingredient derived from plant based marine biotechnology (EPS Seamat®) that has been clinically tested to create a matte effect, reducing shine within one hour and lasting until end of day. You will love its beautiful scent featuring Mandarin, Bergamot, Frankincence and Ylang Ylang organic essential oils.

To find out more about Zk’in, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

For your chance to win a $125 Zk’in Prize Pack containing zk’in Certified Organic Brightening & Hydrating Masque, zk’in Certified Organic Hydrating Mist and zk’in Certified Organic Rebalancing Lotion enter our giveaway below:

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Hop in bed with g.nancy (+ FREE shipping)

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Sep 292014


For a while it felt like winter would never end but this week I am finally taking off the ‘fluffy’ sheets and folding away the flannelette pyjamas, summer is on its way! The kids have grown a lot in just a few short months so it’s time to shop for some gorgeous new sleepwear for my bunch, I think we may hop in bed with g.nancy:

g.nancy Sleepwear

The stylish g.nancy range is designed with love by talented New Zealand artist Georgia Nancy Nicholson and made right here in Australia, after all there is nothing like shopping local. Featuring neutral colours, trendy prints and a comfortable fit g.nancy is the answer to your search for the perfect pyjamas. Little fashionistas will love the original designs and soft 100% cotton fabric while mum is sure to appreciate the snug fit and durable materials that are built to survive the everyday wash and wear.

g.nancy Tiger PJsThe current g.nancy collection consists of both summer (short sleeve/shorts) and winter (long sleeve/pants) sets, so no matter where in Australia you live they’ve got you covered. A friendly tiger complete with tail, black and white stars or maybe a grey milky way, which one do you like most? All g.nancy pyjama sets ($55) are suitable for boys and girls and available in sizes 1 to 6, you can find your favourite styles in store at Baby Donkie.

Until the 30th September 2014 (tomorrow!) Baby Donkie offers FREE shipping Australia wide on all orders, simply enter the code ‘BREAK’ at checkout for your discount to be applied.

To find out more about Baby Donkie, to browse the g.nancy sleepwear range and to order online visit

Apr 012014

Mrs. Darcy

Maybe it is just me but I always struggle to keep up this time of year. There are a couple of public holidays, Easter, the school holidays and then all of a sudden it’s Mother’s Day. In many households it’s up to mum to buy the Mother’s Day presents for both grandmas and if you’re very unlucky you even have to buy your own gift (I have in the past!) so if you don’t want to get caught out now is the time to get organised.

Mrs. Darcy Hello Hamptons Hand CreamBecause we mums seem to spend more time shopping for our little ones than for ourselves (if ever) the lovely Dong-Maria at Baby Donkie has decided to help you out. When you’re browsing the online boutique for hip kids pieces you can pop your own Mother’s Day gifts in your basket at the same time! The brand new Mrs. Darcy range has arrived in store and it’s the perfect gift of luxury for mamas of all ages.

Mrs. Darcy Soiree Spa BagAt Australian label Mrs. Darcy they believe that everyone deserves to be spoilt every once in a while so they have created a gorgeous collection of delicious hand creams, pretty spa bags and scented candles perfect for that quiet moment of relaxation. With names like Hello Hamptons, May We Dance and French Pear you know you’re in for a real treat, the only question is which one to pick?

Mrs. Darcy Hello Hamptons CandleI myself am a big fan of scented candles and especially now that cold and cosy weather is around the corner I would be thrilled to receive one of these beautifully packaged candles (hint hint). They look and smell just divine, are Australian made and with a burning time of up to 60 hours + you are sure to get lots of enjoyment out of them. Bonus: Once your Mrs. Darcy candle has finally finished burning you’re left with an elegant reusable glass jar. Prices start at $27.95.

To find out more about Baby Donkie, to browse the Mrs. Darcy range and to order online visit

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