Dec 102016

Like any good doll-mother our girls always make sure their beloved dolls are not short of anything. They sleep in the softest bed, get their hair brushed till it shines and wear the prettiest outfits, in fact their collection of festive frocks is even more impressive than my own! With warm weather finally on the horizon here are our girls’ Top 5 Australian Girl summer dresses:

Every year Australian Girl Doll fans flock (or should I say frock?) in to store hoping they can get their hands on that year’s exclusive Christmas dress. Being a limited edition this special number is always highly coveted and once it’s gone it gone! The 2016 Christmas Dress (RRP $28.95) is perfect for a wonderful Aussie Christmas with family and friends, I love how it combines the traditional red/white Christmas colours in the top with a more modern, casual floral print on the bottom half. As the cherry on top a delightful Christmas themed doll necklace is included, that’s your doll’s Christmas outfit sorted.

If there is one design my girls would love to wear themselves it would have to be the Sunny Polka Dress (RRP $24.95), with a fluffy two-layer tule underskirt this gorgeous pink polkadot frock is sure to make your doll the belle of the ball. It’s perfect for pretend proms, ballroom dances and birthday bashes and if it came in big girl sizes my little ladies would definitely be lining up for it.

The Summer Lime Dress (RRP $25.95) is the ideal casual dress for active girls who want to enjoy a nice day out in the sun. Made from soft 100% cotton this cute anchor-print dress is super comfortable, easy to put on and great for both everyday activities and special outings: from beach to bike to BBQ, this dress is your pick.

If you feel a proper party dress needs a bit of sparkle look no further than the Elegant Hi Lo Dress (RRP $27.95). Featuring plenty of glitter, a tule overlay and an eye-catching hi-lo shape this dress will make little eyes shine with delight. As a finishing touch a matching headband (could also be used as a corsage) is included. Pink is a popular party colour all year around, so this dress is sure to become a wardrobe favourite.

Last but not least there is the playful Black n White Dress (RRP $24.95), a great choice for girls who are not into pink and (looking at my daughters) particularly liked by older doll owners. Combining a classic black/white checkered fabric with a cheeky polkadot lining and plenty of ruffles this halter neck dress is all kinds of lovely. It even comes with neat white undies to wear underneath!

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Nov 032016

It has been a big few weeks for miss Sybbie with the start of kindy, an ear infection and several visits to the hospital with her broken little finger. She has settled in well at kindy and aside from a few tears really enjoys her playtime two mornings a week. It has made me realise how much she has grown this last year, she sure is a big girl now! She loves drawing, creating things with glue and scissors and playing with her sisters and their Australian Girl dolls:


So far sweet Jasmine has been claimed by older, dark-haired sister Olivia, her curly-haired sister Juliet is the proud owner of gorgeous Matilda and now miss Sybbie is over the moon with an Australian Girl of her own: meet Emily (RRP $139.95)!

emilyWith her bright yellow checkered shirt, brown boots and a proper Akubra on her head Australian Girl Emily looks like she would feel right at home on a station (very large farm) in the Aussie outback. You can see immediately that this is a girl who loves adventure, enjoys exploring the backyard and adores local wildlife. I think Emily would have loved to help out when we caught an injured koala in our street just a few weeks ago!

Like her friends Emily measures a generous 50cm tall, a perfect step up from the newborn doll Sybil used to play with. Made from firm, lovely to touch rotational vinyl and with strong ball joints the limbs are free to move and can be positioned during play, she can even stand up by herself. At the same time her torso is mostly soft so she is still huggable and human-like.


Sybil is particularly pleased with Emily’s beautiful long blond hair, after all she is a blonde herself too. She loves brushing the high quality kankelon hair (the same hair used in human wigs) with her little Australian Girl brush, if only she was this patient when I have to brush her own hair in the morning. Ribbons, bows, hair clips, she can’t get enough of it. She has already requested some new outfits for Emily so the girls can come up with even more stories and watching them play together and use their imagination is a real joy.

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Oct 022016

One of the things we try to do on all our holidays is visit a new zoo or wildlife park, the whole family enjoys a day at the zoo and so far we’ve seen five different ones already. Lions and elephants, rhinos and monkeys, the kids love seeing so many amazing animals together. Australian Girl dolls are big animal-lovers too and even have their own animal inspired outfits:

Jungle Dress

Featuring a cool leopard-print the Jungle Dress (RRP $29.95) is the perfect frock for a trip to the zoo, a jungle safari, a rainforest expedition or just a fabulous party. I love how this pretty dress combines the adventurous side of the animal print with sweet pink trims and a flower appliqué, it captures the best of both worlds. To make sure your doll’s beautiful hair does not get caught up in pesky velcro both the Jungle Dress and the matching shoulder bag (included) close with small press studs.

Giraffe Outfit

If you are looking for something a bit more casual the Pink Giraffe Outfit (RRP $28.95) is your match. Consisting of a comfy tee with cute ruffle detail, a giraffe print skirt and a matching bag your favourite Australian Girl is all dressed for a fun day out. This is a great set if you’re looking for a versatile outfit that can be mixed and matched with other pieces from your Australian Girl doll wardrobe.

Jungle PantsIf you are planning to climb trees, jump over rivers, chase animals and swing on vines during your jungle adventure you may find a skirt or dress is not the most practical choice. Designed with active Aussie girls in mind the Jungle Pant Set (RRP $23.95, tunic top and jungle pants) is super easy to move around in and has some handy little pockets for storing small treasures in.

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Sep 012016

After two long and tiring flights we have arrived safe and sound in The Netherlands, what a wonderful feeling to be on Dutch soil again! As we had not flown with Emirates before I was not sure what to expect but everything went smoothly and the staff was absolutely lovely and helpful, accommodating our large family wherever possible. At home we had thoroughly talked about and prepared for the flight and the girls even dressed up their Australian Girl dolls in style:

AG Stewardess

I just love this neat Australian Girl Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform (RRP $29.95) in classic navy with gold details, it looks so real and fits perfectly in a holiday story-line. The uniform consist of three separate garments (dress, jacket and knickers) and the signature wings embroidery really finishes off the look. If your Aussie girl is dreaming of becoming a stewardess this gorgeous set is sure to win your brownie points.

AG Doctor

Of course Australian girls can be whatever they want to be: A vet or a hairdresser, a scientist or a chef, an artist or a teacher, a police officer or a doctor, it is so important to empower your daughters and teach them to dream big!

AG Doctor CoatYour little doctor (or nurse) in the making can already start preparing for the job with this awesome Doctor Coat and Scrubs (RRP $24.95) outfit. The 7-piece kit will see your Australian Girl dressed from top to toe, ready to head into hospital theatre and save precious lives. This set would also be a great conversation starter and gentle preparation for girls who need to undergo surgery themselves or a thoughtful gift afterwards.

Australian Girl AstronautIf you are dreaming of something more adventurous and want a job that is really out of this world the Astronaut Rig (RRP $29.95) is your ideal match. Defy gravity, explore space, ride the milky way and set foot on the moon wearing the bright orange zip-up NASA Astronaut Uniform with matching black cap. Make sure to bring an Australian Girl flag to make your mark before you head back to earth!

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Oct 312015

I know it’s only October but when it comes to festive fashion you can’t start your shopping early enough. For ‘real’ Aussie girls there may be plenty of choice in pretty frocks but for the Australian Girl doll it’s first come first served and if the precious years are anything to go by the annual Christmas dress is guaranteed to sell out in a flash:


Every year the Australian Girl design team combines their creative efforts to design a lovely new doll dress that will leave you wishing it came in big sizes too. Take a look at the brand new 2015 Christmas Dress (RRP $24.95), how gorgeous is that?!

Australian Girl Mary-JanesWe all know you can’t get more Christmassy than red and green which is why this year’s Christmas dress features a double layer tulle underskirt in a refreshing lime green colour. The red and white polka dot dress is beautifully made with a lined bodice and finished off with a lime green ribbon and bow to match the underskirt. Just add some cute sandals, flats or Mary Janes and your Australian Girl is ready for the festive season!

Australian Girl Dress Christmas

As always the attention to detail is next to none and great care has been taken to ensure a perfect fit and easy dressing and undressing for little hands. Unlike traditional velcro which often pulls and tugs on clothing and hair the 2015 Christmas Dress (like all other Australian Girl doll clothing) is designed with convenient press stud closures at the back that are gentle on the fabric and your doll’s hair, after all no one likes brushing out the tangles.

Australian Girl Doll Christmas Dress

If you’re keen to surprise your little lady with this beautiful party frock for her Australian girl this Christmas please keep in mind that stock is limited and once sold out there will be no more shipments. We recommend you get your order in early to avoid disappointment.

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Sep 292015

It’s been a very long time in the making but now the wait is finally over, here’s your first look at the exclusive Girl Guide Uniform designed for the Australian Girl doll. My three girls are always asking for new additions to their Australian Girl wardrobe so I had no doubt this gorgeous new set would be a massive hit, doesn’t it look awesome?

Girl Guide Uniform

The brand new Girl Guide Uniform (RRP $32.95) consists of three pieces: a lovely navy blue pleated ‘skort’ (a trendy skirt and shorts combination), a Girl Guide replica shirt and the unmissable sash, after all you wouldn’t be a real girl guide without it. Of course everyone has to start at the beginning, I wonder what the first badge will be? To create your badges you can use anything you like: Buttons, stickers, tiny appliqués, embroidery… use your famous girl guide creativity and put together your doll’s unique sash.

Aussie Style Jacket

To get the ultimate Girl Guide look you can complete your outfit with the new navy/yellow Aussie Style Jacket (RRP $24.95). While this stylish coat with traditional Southern Cross embroidery on the sleeve matches the Girl Guide uniform perfectly it would also look fabulous on little athletes as they prepare for their next sport match or even the Olympics! Designed for chilly night the Aussie Style Jacket is warm and cosy and does up with a zip (as opposed to nasty velcro!).

Girl Guide Uniform

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Dec 042014

Christmas Countdown – Day 4

Like for most businesses the Christmas period is the busiest time of year for Australian Girl. Every year there are many girls all over Australia, as well as overseas, who are dreaming of finding their very own Australian Girl Doll under the tree.

Australian Girl Doll

If your daughter is one of them you’ll be pleased to know that there is still time to place an order for your favourite Australian Girl Doll or some of the lovely clothes, accessories and gifts to add to that Christmas stocking. The closing date for Christmas orders, sent via regular mail, is December 14 so be quick and get shopping:

Australian Girl Book PackEspecially for the festive season Australian Girl has put together a fantastic Australian Girl Value Book Pack ($30) containing all three Australian Girl adventure books at a hard-to-beat price. Australian Girls are much more than just dolls and these books really bring them to life, they make a perfect stocking filler or light weight Christmas gift to send by mail. Follow this lovely group of friends on their travels, starting with the discovery of The Rainbow Necklace.

In the second title Amy and the Wilpena Flood the rainbow necklace takes the girls on another exciting trip. This time the Australian Girls find themselves in Wilpena Pound during the early 1900s where they meet a girl named Jessie Hill who lives there with her family. The girls are off to the Queensland Coast in Annabelle and the Missing Turtles, the third book in the series, where they solve the mystery of the disappearing sea turtles with the help of the sparkling rainbow necklace.

Australian Girl Doll T-Shirt SetThere is no need to line up at the shops or wait for a parking space, the Australian Girl online store is very well stocked with new doll clothes and accessories that are ready to be sent out immediately. From sport sets to party dresses, from pyjamas to beach wear and much more, they have got your dolls holiday outfits sorted with great options for any budget. A new set of clothes makes the perfect stocking filler for your little Australian Girl Doll fan.

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