Jul 032012

As you probably know by now I am crazy about books, I have been for as long as I can remember. I enjoy all kinds of books but I definitely can’t go past a good detective, my love for a good mystery story started early too with world famous teen detective Nancy Drew. Nancy has been very popular for decades but it looks like she has finally got some competition, meet Arkie Sparkle, Treasure Hunter.

Arkie is a not-so-ordinary eleven year old who is simply destined to become a treasure hunter, how can you not when both your parents are archeologists? The Sparkle family is always busy solving mysteries and going on exciting treasure hunts so when Arkie finds out her parents have been kidnapped she knows exactly where to start. She grabs her brilliant cousin TJ, TJ’s dog Cleo and they head off in BLUR, the Sparkle’s very own mini-jet.

Arkie Sparkle – Code Crimson is the first title in the Arkie Sparkle series with six more titles soon to follow. Each book covers one day in which Arkie has to visit a different continent and search for a special treasure, the final goal is to locate Arkie’s parents and get them home safe and sound. In Code Crimson Arkie and TJ travel to their first stop, Egypt, and visit the temple of Ramses II in their search for treasure no.1.

The Arkie Sparkle series was written for 7-12 year old and I think that this age group will definitely enjoy Arkie’s adventures. Arkie is smart, witty, very funny, hip and interesting so I have no doubt kids will be keen to join Arkie on the biggest treasure hunt of the world. Code Crimson is a very affordable, pocket sized book ($6.99, ca. 110 pages), perfect for kids who are turned off by thick novels and cheap enough to give as a little extra gift and collect the whole series.

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