Myla’s Sparkling Friends

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Oct 282020

If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you might remember the arrival of the fluttering Myla the Magical Unicorn back in 2018. Fast forward two years and Myla hasn’t lost her sparkle yet, the girls still play with her often and she is a main character in many of their plays. In fact, they’ve recently welcomed some new fairytale friends for even more mystical adventures:

Myla’s Sparkling Friends (RRP $29.95, ages 4+) are the perfect proof that there is no such thing as too much magic, the more the merrier is our motto! The adorable Ava, Mia and Penny may be smaller in size but they are definitely big in entertainment.

With their fluttery wings, sparkling eyes, bushy tails and long flowing mane these colourful creatures come straight out of an enchanted forest. They talk, sing, move and light up making them a wonderful companion for all your fairytale stories. When you touch their mouths or wiggle their wings they’ll chatter away with more than 100 different sentences, songs, melodies and sounds that will truly bring your fantasy forest to life.

Simply press the jewel necklace to select a colour, then touch your new friend’s eyes, horn, wings or tail to see it light up in the most beautiful colours. You can decorate them over and over again, it’s a bit like make-up but without the mess (Yay!). The animal friends even teach you the name of each colour, now that’s smart.

My girls like playing with Myla’s Sparkling Friends in the dark and I have caught them taking their light-up buddy to bed so they can admire the rainbow colours as they go to sleep. While the animals are rigid and cannot be posed, they can actually perform really lifelike movements. If you push their wing or squeeze their leg you will be treated to a wagging tail or flapping wings, adding a lovely dimension to your child’s pretend play.

To help you care for and dress up your sparkling friend some little accessories (eg. a comb, hair clips or coloured charms) are included. We love the fabulous price point and the compact size of Myla’s Sparkling Friends because it means these cute creatures can come along on car trips and sleepovers, check out the sweet carry bag Hattie found for her friend Mia.

Myla’s girl squad currently consists of Ava the Fox, Mia the Unicorn and Penny the Peacock.

You can find Myla’s Sparkling Friends by VTech right now at your local Big W store and select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Forest Fun with ZoomiZooz

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Oct 192019

As fun as it is to have all six children at home on holidays, it is also nice to get back into the school routine and have a slightly quieter house during the day. During the holidays all the kids usually play together, but term 4 has begun so it’s back to preschool play for the two little ones. Ted and Hattie got very spoilt for their birthday a few weeks ago and they are now really enjoying all their fabulous new toys like this great set by ZoomiZooz:

What are Zoomizooz, you ask? These colourful collectable characters have just zoomed their way into Australian toy stores and are quickly bowling over curious pre-schoolers with their fun antics and adventures. On their own they roll, tumble and wobble but the real magic happens when you combine them with one of the ZoomiZooz play sets…

The big ZoomiZooz Tree House (RRP $79.95, ages 1-5) is the perfect home for a busy ZoomiZooz family. The little ZoomiZooz can go up and down in the lift, swirl down the spiral slide or even travel down the cool rope bridge on a magnetic ZoomiZooz seat. With levers to lift, buttons to press, doors to open and much more there is plenty to discover and try for small hands.

All over the Tree House you’ll find clever interactive spots that trigger more than 80 sounds, songs and sentences. There’s even a Magic ZoomiZone that recognises every single ZoomiZooz character eg. ‘Hi, I’m Koala’, ‘Can you put Tiger on the Magic ZoomiZone?’ ‘Hooray! I’m Tiger, roar!’, ‘I’m a cute cat, meow. My eyes are big and shiny’ and many more. Seeing/hearing that their actions (of putting an animal on the ZoomiZone) bring on a response is very rewarding to young children making this is a very popular feature.

As you can tell it gets pretty noisy in this animal kingdom! Parents will be pleased to know there are two volume levels so you can adjust the sound as needed. Whether it’s training those fine motor skills, encouraging pretend play, practising cause and effect or introducing animal names and sounds, ZoomiZooz are full of learning fun. Ted likes a bit of fast-paced action so he loves watching the ZoomiZoos tumble down the rope bridge and sending them on the spiral slide as speedy as they can go.

The ZoomiZooz Tree House comes with four different animal friends (a cow, tiger, cat and monkey) but of course the more is always the merrier. There are currently 4 ZoomiZooz Play Sets and 24 different animal friends to collect (available in single, three or six pack) so you can build your ZoomiZooz world at your own pace. Hip Tip: The cute animal packs make a fantastic budget-friendly stocking filler for a young ZoomiZooz fan!

The ZoomiZooz range is now available at Target, Big W, good toy stores across Australia and selected online retailers.

To find out more about ZoomiZooz, to take a closer look at the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

‘Fanatical about Frogs’ giveaway

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Sep 262019

In many ways our little miss 9 is a lot like her mama, but when it comes to her favourite animals Juliet is most definitely not mine! Where I love the furry, soft, cuddly kind she goes crazy for scaly and scary, slimy and slippery ones that give me the shivers just thinking about them. She loves learning all about these creepy creatures so this gorgeous Flying Eye Books title has her name all over it:

Fanatical about Frogs (RRP $27.99) is a delightful combination of art and amphibians. Across 40 beautifully decorated pages well-known British illustrator Owen Davey introduces young readers to all kinds of interesting facts about frogs, before you know it your budding biologist will be quite the frog expert!

From a desert rain frog to the American bullfrog, from the Vietnamese mossy frog to a starry night reed frog and many more, you have never seen a bigger collection of frogs before. How small/big are different types of frogs and what makes them special? Where do they live and how do they grow? What sounds do frogs make and which frogs should you stay far away from? If you have a froggy question this book is bound to have the answer! Even the frog that turns into a handsome prince gets a little mention.

To find out more about Walker Books and to take a closer look at ‘Fanatical about Frogs’ visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Fanatical about Frogs (RRP $27.99) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter, good luck!

Welcome to the Squad: Best Furry Friends – Series 2

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Jan 042019

Just when the kids had gotten comfortable at the new school things are about to be shaken up, with brand new classes waiting for them next year. A new teacher and new students to meet, many new names to learn and (hopefully) new friends to make, it’s a little scary but I am trying to get them excited about what’s ahead. Best Furry Friends Besties Zoe, Cassandra and Angelina are about to make new friends this year too, check out these fresh faces:

2019 is off to an exciting start with Best Furry Friends Series 2 hitting the shelves. BFF Besties Kristin, Stephanie and Phoebe are the new kids on the block and the latest girls to join the furry friend fraternity, bring on the next #BFFSquadGoals adventure!

As we recently adopted two baby bunnies (Annie and Benjamin) there was an instant connection with our new BFF Bestie (Ages 5+) Kristin and her BFF Cuddles the Glitter Bunny. Kristin has long blonde hair (great for playing hairdresser), shoes that come off and you can pose her head, arms and legs for pretend play. Her pet Cuddles has a sparkly tuft of fur, big fluttery eyes and a teeny pink nose and she loves being carried in Kristin’s Pink Gift Bag. Of course Kristin also brings along her rolling pet carrier, which is where we found Scruffy the Furry Guinea Pig.

Each BFF Bestie comes with an exclusive BFF and fashion bag, a hair accessory and a rolling pet carrier with a hidden BFF inside.

If you thought the BFF’s in Series 1 were adorable you are in for a real treat with the new Best Furry Friends BFF’s (Ages 5+) Series 2. How can you not fall in love with Gummy the Koala or Gus the Galah and covet the Pepperoni Pizza Bag or Pineapple Donut Bag? We are still hoping to find Florida the Flamingo, nor have we found the Strawberry Cupcake Bag just yet but we’ll keep trying.

There are over 50 BFF’s and bags to collect in series 2, some common, some rare and even three very special limited editions: Sasha the Rose Gold Husky, Deedee the Gold Sparkle Jelly Dragon and Samantha the Furry Persian Cat. With so many possible combinations there is a perfect BFF + bag match for everyone. And remember you can always swap and trade your doubles with your collector besties!

BFF’s are available in single mystery packs (1 fashion bag/1 BFF House/1 BFF) and in assorted Deluxe 6-packs (1 fashion bag/1 pet carrier/6 BFF’s), so you can grow your BFF collection at your own pace.

Lucky for our miss Hattie (age 3) you are never too little to become a BFF Bestie, these adorable Mini Plush in a Bag (Ages 0+) make the perfect furry friends and you can take them with you wherever you go in their own little carry bag. Who will become your BFF: Is it Sasha the Husky, Dash the Ginger Tabby Cat or maybe Stardust the Glitter Pegacorn?

You can find the BBF range at all major toy stores and toy departments across Australia.

To find out more about Best Furry Friends, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Best Furry Friends

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Jun 222018

Anyone who knows me will know that I hate change. I am such creature of habit and I like it when things stay the same. This week has been a tough one for all of us as our children left their familiar school, their favourite teachers and their class mates and moved to a new school where we have to start all over again. It has been a sad goodbye to all their closest friends, but thankfully these little BFFs are small enough to come along:

An adorable bunch of Best Furry Friends (ages 5+) has just walked into Australian stores and they are quickly stealing hearts all over the country. From Rose the Pug to ‘Purple Jelly’ Zara the Sloth to ‘Metallic Pink’ Pippa the Pegasus, from a pretty pink frilly bag to a blue clamshell bag to a sweet donut bag, my girls just love the excitement of opening a blind bag. There are more than 60 different BFFs and bags to collect and one even more rare than the other.

You can build your BFF collection one creature at a time and store each in their very own BFF house, carrier or a pretty locket. They are a perfect size for small hands, pant pockets or school backpacks, so you will always have a little BFF on standby when you need a friend. BFFs make a great companion for little trips, doctor visits or (as we can testify) your first day at a new school.

Wherever besties Angelina, Cassandra and Zoe go their furry little friends go too, carried around in a stylish  bag or comfortably travelling in a special rolling pet carrier. Are you a sporty Cassandra, a serious Zoe or maybe an artist like Angelina? Each Besties Doll has a unique personality, she comes with a cool accessory, a fashion bag, a pet carrier and two BFFs. If you’re lucky you could even find the highly sought after limited edition Blossom Panda…. We’re still searching for her!

Of course miss Hattie didn’t want to miss out on all the fun, and thankfully there is a Best Furry Friend for the youngest family member too. Stardust the Pegacorn (ages 3+) is super soft, super cuddly and super sized and she loves coming along on all your adventures in a big carry bag. This Pat & Chat pal enjoys a good hug and if you pat her on the head she’ll reward you with 15 different chatty lines. Hattie takes Stardust everywhere and don’t you dare ask her to share her cuddly companion with someone else…

Who said you can only have one BFF? When it comes to Best Furry Friends you can have as many as you like, the more the merrier!

You can find the BBF range at all major toy stores and toy departments across Australia.

To find out more about Best Furry Friends, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Dec 292017

Pan Macmillan Australia

When you have a large family like ours Christmas is quite the big party, so many laughs and giggles, so much food, loads of presents and happy faces all around. Of course it can be a bit tricky to find suitable gifts for the little ones as they already have everything but you can never go wrong with books. These two sturdy Alphaprints board books were a big hit with miss 2:

Grumpy pug, tiny chihuahua, scruffy terrier, little dachshund… which type of dog is your favourite? In Happy Dog (RRP $12.99) young readers can meet all kinds of friendly dogs, discover what makes each dog special and even touch their bodies to experience different textures. Miss 2 really enjoys the way the text rhymes and she loves patting the soft belly of the golden retriever and the long hair of the colourful Afghan hound.

If dogs are not your thing and you prefer a feathered friend you are sure to find one in Quirky Bird (RRP $12.99). There is so much to love about this delightful bird book: Aside from the rhyming text and the introduction to interesting bird species it is filled with bright colours, interesting textures and materials and there are every day objects to spot in each page. Who would have thought a sunflower could be turned into a duckling, spades make perfect pelican feet and a trumpet resembles a hummingbird’s beak?

Priced at just $12.99 each these board books are a brilliant affordable gift idea for curious toddlers, they’re an ideal boredom buster for holiday car trips too. With so many different ways to read and learn the kids will reach for these books over and over again.

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at the Alphaprints range and to order your favourite titles online visit

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Nov 262016


If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you may remember the fabulous Toot-Toot Drivers toys I wrote about back in July. Fast forward four months and these clever little cars are still being driven around the house, in fact they are such a hit we have expanded our fleet since then with several other fun vehicles.


Toy specialist VTech has also added to their Toot-Toot family with two exciting new ranges that toddlers and pre-schoolers will love, just in time for the gift-giving season:

toot-toot-tigerLike all Toot-Toot designs the adorable Toot-Toot Animals (RRP $11.95, ages 1-5) are created with little people in mind: They have bright, attractive colours and lights, play fun sounds and songs, can ride around on wheels and their compact shape makes them easy to hold for small hands. I think they are a perfect size and price for your child’s Christmas stocking. Bonus: Every animal teaches the first letter of its name, what a cute introduction to the alphabet.

Of course the colourful animals are great fun on their own, but the special Toot-Toot Animals Playsets really bring them to life. Fitted with VTech’s unique SmartPoint™ technology each of your Toot-Toot animals is recognised as it passes the clever SmartPoint locations, activating a range of sounds, songs, melodies and phrases.


The result is a fantastic interactive play scene that allows young children to learn whilst having fun and it will keep them entertained for hours. By connecting the track pieces you can even link the different Playsets together and grow your animal world. From a friendly Farm to an adventurous Safari Park or playful Tree House, these animals are never short of new things to do and discover.

toot-toot-splashIf your little one can’t get enough of Toot-Toot play you can now continue the fun at bath time with the brand new Toot-Toot Splash (RRP $16.95, ages 1-5) arrivals. These cool sea animals and water vehicles are guaranteed to make the daily wash the highlight of your child’s day with catchy songs, sounds, phrases and lights. Being waterproof all Toot-Toot Splash toys can safely be enjoyed both in and out of the tub, how awesome is that?

VTech toys are available at major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the Toot-Toot range and to locate a stockist near you visit