The (s)low down on solids

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Oct 042016


Child health nurses, leaflets, the internet, magazines, books, blogs… I don’t know about you but sometimes I get a little confused by all the conflicting parenting advice that’s out there. When it comes to introducing solids there definitely are plenty of ‘rules’ and opinions to consider. As a mum of five I know all too well that the journey to starting solids is not always a straight forward one and that is OK. Every baby and every situation is different and therefore you may need to sway from the middle road a little to find a good ‘fit’ for you child.

Harriet 3

If you are thinking of holding off on solids for a while it might be helpful to know that there are several common reasons to delay solid foods for your baby:

Immature Digestive System
Research has shown that it takes time for a baby’s digestive system to mature, therefore young babies may struggle to process (certain) foods resulting in upset tummies, gas, constipation etc. As our twins were born prematurely we took this medical advice on board and we kept their adjusted age in mind when deciding when to start solids. After the initial delay they quickly got the hang of it without any tummy trouble.

Hattie High Chair

Food Allergies
As you may remember our Sybil struggled with food from the moment we started her on solid foods, vomiting every 10-15 minutes day in day out. It became clear immediately that most foods did not agree with her very well and we held off on more solids until we were able to establish the offending foods. She was later diagnosed with a cow’s milk and soy allergy and for some time she was on a gluten free diet too.

If you are aware of any allergies or intolerance in your child (or even close family) please consult with a paediatrician and/or allergy specialist to put together a plan to safely introduce solids to your baby. When dealing with food allergies it is often easiest to cook meals from scratch so you know exactly what’s on your baby’s plate.

Heinz Teething Rusk

Oral Development
Having had several children with reflux problems and now also tongue tie I have seen that being able to swallow and properly move your tongue is very important when starting baby on solids. For some babies it is a case of learning as they go, for others some intervention may be needed via medication or surgery. After just one spoon full it was obvious our Harriet (now 12 months) was struggling so we visited our ENT for advice and had her tongue released shortly after. If you have any concerns about your baby’s ability to swallow or chew you may want to check with your doctor to make sure there are no serious issues that need treatment.

When introducing solids to babies you would usually start with a smooth puree consistency that is easy to swallow and does not require biting or chewing. As your baby gets older, becomes more experienced and gets (more) teeth you can move on to lumpier foods. If your child has oral development issues you may choose to stick with puree and mash a little longer, we did with our babies and they all got there in their own time.

In the end it is important to remember, every baby develops at his/her own pace and it’s OK to slow down on solids!

Oct 192015


Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 19

New baby on the way? Your time of hour-long makeup sessions, expensive face masks and fancy lotions and potions is about to come to an end, from now on your bathroom is all about your squishy little bundle of joy and his/her bath time routine. Especially for our Welcome Baby Giveaway our lovely friends at Curash have put together a great Curash Prize Pack to help you get started:

Curash range

Babies may be small in size but you’ll be surprised by how much room their bath essentials take up in your bathroom cupboard!

Curash Gift PackWhether it’s the daily bath or a relaxing massage, a dry patch of skin or teething trouble, a simply nappy change or nasty nappy rash, Curash has all your baby needs covered. Loved for years by Aussie mums the Curash range is wide available at major supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers across the country and it’s affordable too, so you’ll never have to go without your favourite Curash product.

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Feb 192015


After eight years in Australia I have gotten used to many things. I am used to speaking, reading and writing English day in day out (I still prefer Dutch), I eat BBQ dinners, Tim Tams and Sunday roasts (but not Vegemite or kangaroo) and I no longer freak out when I see a big spider or blue tongue lizard (although I’d rather avoid them). However there is one thing I am still not entirely comfortable with: the hot climate.

Old fan

Adelaide Summers can get really hot, the hottest day I have experienced since moving here was 47°C and it was far from pleasant. Luckily most of the rooms in our home are air-conditioned but unfortunately the bedrooms located in our extension are not so they can get rather warm in the Summer months. Previously we tried using an ordinary fan at night time and while hubby quite enjoyed the fresh breeze I found it too noisy to sleep with. Add to that the danger of one of our four inquisitive little ones sticking their fingers in between, or getting their hair wrapped around, the spinning blades and you can see why our fan ended up gathering dust in our storage (read dump) room.

Dyson CoolA few weeks ago we finally discovered a solution to our sweaty problem so, even with the thermometer predicted to hit a hot and horrible 38°C this weekend, we can now sleep cool and comfortably. I can not begin to tell you how relaxing it is to hop in bed at night and not be hot and bothered all night long, kicking off the sheets and getting up for a drink just to cool you down. The Dyson Cool has really come to the rescue for me this season.

The Dyson Cool is a revolutionary new fan designed by the talented engineers at Dyson, known around the globe for their innovative and high quality vacuum cleaners. Not only does the powerful and energy friendly Dyson Cool effectively cool down your room, it is also super stylish to blend in with your decor, it is 100% safe for children to touch without rotating parts that could injure little fingers AND it is up to 75% quieter than traditional fans.

Dyson Cool AM06

The sleek, modern design is surprisingly compact and light weight so it is easy to move from room to room, the fan can be gently tilted and rotates to cover a wider area. I love that it is super easy to clean, there are no small gaps where dust can gather (making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers like our daughters) and you can just wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Dyson Cool remote

Another great feature is the timer function, using the small remote you can program the fan to turn off after a certain period of time (up to 9 hours) so that you can save even more energy. It also means when we put our baby to sleep with the fan on we do not have to disturb her later at night to turn it off manually. With the remote you can customise your Dyson Cool experience to suit your needs and when not in use you it ‘magically’ (magnetically) attaches to the fan so it’s always within reach when you need it.

Dyson Cool range

Dyson fans are available in different sizes and colours so you can choose the design that’s perfect for your needs and fits home decor beautifully, prices start at RRP $449. For added peace of mind the Dyson Cool comes with a generous two-year warranty.

To find out more about Dyson Cool, to read up on all the technical facts and figures and to locate a stockist near you visit

Sauber Intelligence

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Dec 142011

If you have been reading Hip little one for a while you might remember that I wrote about my children’s allergies and my choice for bedlinen that is approved by the Asthma Council. Like many twins who were born prematurely our 3-year olds suffer from several allergies and it is not always easy to keep our house free from triggers. Our youngest has recently started showing similar signs, making me more determent to be careful with the products we bring into and use around our home. A clean, safe house starts with a quality vacuum cleaner and you most certainly can’t get any better than the new Sauber Intelligence.

The state-of-the-art Sauber Intelligence vacuum cleaner has only just arrived on our shores and is sure to impress even the fussiest housekeeper. Designed and manufactured by European manufacturer Sauber the innovative Sauber Intelligence features an innovative five level filtration system, thoroughly cleaning the air that flows through the vacuum cleaner and releasing clean air without irritating dust mites and allergens.

The ability to eliminate dust mites and allergens has earned this fancy vacuum cleaner the approval of the National Asthma Council and it is listed as part of the Australia Sensitive Choice Program. The Australia Sensitive Choice Program makes it easy for asthma and allergy sufferers to select products that are beneficial to their health and can improve their quality of day-to-day living.

Sauber is German for clean, pure, spotless, something we all wish for our household and now that goal has come within reach thanks to this clever design. Aside from the obvious cleaner results the Sauber Intelligence has many other great selling points, one of them being the minimum noise levels. If I hadn’t actually heard the Sauber Intelligence at work myself I would not have believed that a vacuum cleaner can be this quiet, such a big bonus with little people who need to sleep and one very sensitive little girl who doesn’t respond well to noise.

Just a few other key features of the Sauber Intelligence include a patented Sauber floor nozzle (which automatically adapts the rim of the brush when moving between carpet and hard floors, no more manual adjusting), energy efficient performance (using only the minimal suction required for each floor surface), a clear digital display with large symbols and very important, an ergonomic design for comfortable and effortless cleaning.

When researching household appliances I always seem to lean towards European made designs, as I am from Europe myself I am familiar with and can very much appreciate their reliability, durability and high quality. The 5-year warranty shows how confident Sauber is about the quality and performance of the Sauber Intelligence, standard warranty that long is hard to find elsewhere and will offer Australian families much needed peace of mind. In the unlikely case that your Sauber Intelligence does need to be repaired you’ll be pleased to know that repairs are done right here in Australia and parts are widely available.

For more information about Sauber or to take a closer look at the Sauber Intelligence (RRP $1500) visit or drop in at your local Godfreys store for a test run.