Oct 082015

Fly Babee

Almost a year ago I gave you a sneak-peek of an exciting new baby product called Fly Babee, designed by a clever Aussie mama called Emma. The past year has been a whirlwind of exciting developments for Emma with Fly Babee appearing on Shark Tank (and locking in an investor!) as well as scoring a Bronze Award at the latest St George Banking Group Ausmumpreneur Awards. Clearly people all over the country are falling in love with Fly Babee and it’s time you do too:

Fly Babee

Hailed as a real must-have for travelling families Fly Babee (RRP $99.95) is the world’s first sleep-easy cover designed for airline bassinets, pram carry cots and strollers. It’s compact, portable and extremely light-weight (just 600 grams!), yet big enough to comfortably fit around airline baby beds and large prams and provide your baby with a private place for a little snooze.

Fly Babee Storage BagThe practical pop-up design makes Fly Babee extremely easy to use, it unfolds in the blink of an eye and attaches to the bassinet or pram frame with simply clips. This same strong pop-up frame creates a safe, spacious ‘dome’ around your baby without a claustrophobic feel or the risk of collapsing. When not in use you can keep your Fly Babee cover safely tucked away in the handy carry bag (included) which attaches to your pram with two velcro straps.

Fly Babee Pram CoverFly Babee is packed with plenty of other great features to make travelling with a baby a little easier, for example block-out fabric that locks out over 90% of surrounding light, 100% breathable fabric to avoid overheating and a convenient ‘Chance a Glance’ window so parents can have a little safety-peek without disturbing your tiny dreamer. So with the holiday season coming up, make sure you pack your Fly Babee and take the stress out of your next family adventure.

To find out more about Fly Babee, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit www.flybabee.com.au.

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Fly Babee, first class flying for babies

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Nov 302014

Fly Babee

When people hear we recently travelled to Europe for a whole month with four children under six they usually call us crazy. Because all my family lives overseas plane trips are simply unavoidable so (while I admit it is not the most relaxing journey ever) over the last few years we’ve become quite experienced in air travelling with kids. The key is to be well prepared and there are some fantastic products out there to help you make your next flight enjoyable and stress free.

Fly Babee

We’ve flown with all four children when they were babies, even with the twins, so we know first hand how tricky it can be to stick to your normal routine and settle your (newborn) baby into a good sleep. The in-flight bassinets are fantastic but unfortunately they are usually located under a brightly lit TV screen, near the frequently visited toilets and next to noisy kitchens so there is a lot of disruption. Invented by one very clever Australian mama the brand new Fly Babee is here to rescue your baby’s (and your own!) sleep:

Fly Babee Storage BagFly Babee (RRP $99.95) is the world’s first sleep-easy cover for airline bassinets, pram carry cots and strollers. The brilliant breathable design blocks out 97% of hindering light, offers UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays, protects your child from the looks of well-meaning strangers and reduces your baby’s exposure to nasty germs. It’s compact, portable and light-weight (it weighs just 600 grams!) and the universal fit will make this every mum’s must-have travel accessory.

Fly Babee Pram BagSetting up the Fly Babee is a piece of cake, thanks to the handy pop-up design it unfolds itself automatically and attaches to the in-flight bassinet or pram frame with one simple clip on either side. Returning it to a compact package and back in the included storage bag takes a bit of practice but after a few tries you will have mastered this technique too. The storage bag conveniently attaches to your pram handle with velcro.

Fly Babee Pram CoverThe dome shaped canopy gives your baby plenty of room to move and breathe and you can check up on your sleeping bundle at any time through the super quiet ‘Chance a Glance’ flap. Once the Fly Babee is in place you can easily put your baby in and take baby out via the big zippered openings. Fly Babee is such a fantastic invention, if you are travelling with a baby this Summer you have to put this great Aussie product on your packing list for sure.

Fly Babee ClipsAs the Fly Babee is the world’s first airline bassinet cover it is hard to compare but it also doubles as a pram cover which makes it a great multifunctional product. Compared to many other pram covers it is a lot quicker and easier to use, all it takes is two clips instead of endless ties to do up or press studs to close. It also offers much more room thanks to the dome shape whereas other covers often stretch tightly across the frame leaving little moving space which can be scary for young children.

To find out more about Fly Babee, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit www.flybabee.com.au.