Aug 092018

‘It is impossible until it’s done’
Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

While sadly Nelson Mandela is no longer, his legacy lives on and to this day the world is inspired by one man who was determined to fight for change. Not only would Nelson Mandela have turned 100 this year, it also marks 25 years since the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, all the more reason to celebrate his remarkable life in style with a visit to Madiba the Musical:

Combining traditional African dance and vocals with contemporary twists, eternal love songs and stirring anthems Madiba the Musical tells the life of former South African leader Nelson Mandela like you have never heard or seen it before. What an amazing opportunity to learn about Mandela’s lifework as a lawyer and activist for peace, catch a glimpse of his fight against apartheid and get a taste of forbidden love in a troubled land.

Featuring authentic and talented performers from all across the globe (including Australia’s own Timomatic) this energetic new stage show will open your eyes to South Africa’s history and the amazing difference one man made to his homeland. According to Mandela’s own grandson Madiba the Musical is ‘the best show about my grandfather’, are you ready to meet the man that is Nelson Mandela?

Madiba the Musical will tour across Australia from October 3, 2018, visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Warrnambool, Perth and Adelaide. After this the turn goes to our neighbours in New Zealand with stops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Tickets are available now so make sure you secure your seats!

To find out more about Madiba the Musical, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online via Ticketmaster visit

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  • 1x double pass for Madiba the Musical on Wednesday 3rd October (7pm) at Comedy Theatre, Melbourne (RRP $179.80)
  • 1x double pass for Madiba the Musical on Thursday 17th January (7.30pm) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (RRP $179.80)

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Jul 262016

Becker Film Group

I don’t know about you but these days I find there is very little on TV worth watching. Large family life is pretty busy so if I do have a rare quiet moment for some screen time I pick carefully, preferably a good movie or an interesting documentary. With the weather cold and miserable all weekend and two sick munchkins on the couch we all snuggled up to watch this fascinating new release by Becker Film Group:

Get ready to see the best of Africa up close as you embark on an African Safari of epic proportions, expertly guided by Mara Douglas-Hamilton and ‘The Lion Whisperer’ himself: Kevin Richardson.

African Safari DVDAfrican Safari takes viewers on an amazing jeep and hot air balloon journey to spot the very best of Africa from different angles: from elephants to lions, from rhinos to giraffes, from buffalos to cheetahs and more, Africa’s wildlife never ceases to impress. Some moments the animals come closer than you’ve ever seen before, bringing a fantastic experience to your very own living room.

The nice thing about this trip across Africa is that it’s real and (sometimes literally) down to earth. Not everything goes to plan all the time, but the bumpy hot air balloon landings and unexpected lion visits to the campsite make African Safari natural, believable and enjoyable to watch. We felt it was great fun for the whole family.

African Safari

African Safari is now available for digital download and on DVD (RRP $24.99) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Becker Film Group and to watch the African Safari trailer online visit

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Apr 252014

Khumba logo2

Get ready for a wild African adventure with an adorable, and rather unique, young zebra called Khumba and join him on his journey across the Great Karoo desert:

Khumba, released by Transmission Films, tells the story of little Khumba, known within his herd as the half-zebra because he is only half striped. Some members of the herd even believe he brings bad luck, life is not easy for Khumba who is confronted with his different looks day in day out. When rain fails to fall and the water hole runs dry the blame falls on Khumba, it’s a heavy burden to bear and when he hears of a mysterious water hole that may help him get those missing stripes he leaves the herd.


On his hunt for the water hole Khumba meets a range of interesting animals, some friendly and some not so much. He travels the highs and the lows, the mountains and the valleys and the hot and dry desert, dreaming of finding his missing stripes. All he wants is to be the same as other zebras, believing that this will break the curse and solve the important drought issues.

Khumba DVDKhumba is a lovely story about friendship, self acceptance and believing in yourself, it teaches children a very valuable lesson: don’t try to change who you are, real beauty can be found in being yourself and accepting your differences. At 82 minutes it is quite a long movie for young children so our 3-year old didn’t watch it completely but master 5 did and loved the story, he really got the message which was lovely to see.

Khumba is available on 3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray Combo (RRP $34.99) and DVD (RRP $29.99) from leading retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Khumba, to learn all about the movie characters and to watch trailers online visit

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