Jul 172015

Crawf's Kick it to Nick

Often people think that reading is more something for girls, while boys are expected to kick a footy in the backyard with their mates. Well I have news for you, boys love reading too but sometimes the trick is finding a book with the right theme to get their attention. If you’ve got a young AFL fan at home who is looking for a cool read the Crawf’s Kick it to Nick series by Shane Crawford is just what you need. Fun and interesting, not too thick and not too thin (ca. 90 pages), some pictures here and there and of course some footy tips and tricks from the experts; score!

T-Rex At TrainingAhead of the upcoming finals Nick and his mates are warming up with a last-chance training session. When the kids discover that a dinosaur fossil is buried under the field they are only worried about the upcoming match, but then a bubbly mass of purple goop appears and the footy practice turns into a race against a pre-historic animal of gigantic proportions. I hope their footy skills are up to scratch because they’re about to run for their lives in Crawf’s Kick it to Nick: T-Rex at Training.

Half-Time HeroesIn Crawf’s Kick it to Nick: Half-time Heroes The Crocs win the very special opportunity to play a half-time exhibition match at the AFL Grand Final. Nick is terribly excited to be playing at the MCG, thousands of people will be watching his team in the stadium and millions at home on TV. He is rather disappointed when he is not selected as the team captain but realises that it’s a team effort and together they can do anything. They’re about to win the game when ‘Cactus’ and the mysterious ball of purple goop come to throw a spanner in the works…

There are currently 8 different ‘Crawf’s Kick it to Nick’ books to collect.

To find out more about the ‘Crawf’s Kick it to Nick’ series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Apr 072015

Penguin Australia

I’ll be honest here: I don’t like footy. As I was raised in The Netherlands I do get excited about soccer but words like AFL, NFL, NRL, footy and rugby don’t mean much to me at all. However as our children are growing up in Australia it was only a matter of time before our son would request to try his hand (or foot) at footy too. If you have a little footy fan at home too you are sure to love this gorgeous new children’s book:

Why I Love Footy

Why I Love Footy (RRP $19.99) is a large, hardcover children’s book covering all there is to love about footy, written from a child’s point of view. Featuring gorgeous illustrations and easy-to-understand language Why I Love Footy explains everything there is to know about this popular sport.

Why I Love Footy 1

From the rules of the game to what to expect at the footy match, from special moments shared with family and other fans to team songs and mascots, from prizes to win to foods to eat and cards to collect, these 32 colourful pages of footy fun are perfect for young readers (and unknowing mamas).

Why I Love Footy 2

Why I Love Footy very much focusses on the bonding part of the sport, how it bring families together and creates wonderful memories to be treasured for life (even if you lose!). I also love that the book covers footy in general, not taking sides for a particular club or player and therefore appealing to little footy fans all around the country.

To find out more about Why I Love Footy by Michael Wagner, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Mar 072015

Pan Macmillan Australia

As AFL fans across the country wait impatiently for the new season to kick off next month here’s a little something from Pan Macmillan to keep you busy while you count down:

Game Day

The ruckmen face off over the centre circle and for a moment everything is frozen possibility: players, umpire, the ball suspended overhead, the softly clouded sky. Everything except the fans, a circus beyond the stillness. Then the ball swings down and cracks it all open.’

The new draft pick, the tired has-been, the up-and-comer, the might-have-been. The talent scout, the coach on the edge, the beleaguered umpire, the concerned medic. The number-one fan, the lifetime members, the desperate gamblers. The footballers’ mums, the WAGs, the groupies. The tags, the rivals, the sledging. The pressure.

Mick Reece and Jake Dooley, best mates since childhood, began their first professional season playing AFL with little notion of what they’re getting into or the complexity of the beast that the game must feed.

In Game Day (RRP $29.99) Miriam Sved brings this beast into the light over the course of one season of Aussie Rules. Revelling in their battles, their victories and their relentless interdependence, Game Day asks whether what unites the true believers is stronger than what divides them, and if love of the game can transcend our flaws and imperfections to result in something beautiful.

To find out more about Game Day by Miriam Sved, published by Pan Macmillan, and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Jan 192015

Penguin Australia

We decided to extend our quick trip to Melbourne for the Bloggers BBQ and turn it into a fun family weekend away by spending two nights at our favourite holiday park in The Grampians: Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. Instead of blogging and answering emails we are enjoying the beautiful scenery, exploring the mountains, admiring the wildlife and going for a splash in the pool, it’s the perfect mini-holiday. If you’ve come to read today’s hip find here’s a quick and simple giveaway for the boys (and girls, before I get in trouble!):

Walk Tall

Walk Tall (RRP $16.99) is a special younger readers’ edition of the Jim Stynes autobiography My Journey, adapted by Warwick Green. Part football autobiography and part coming-of-age story, Walk Tall is an inspirational and unforgettable account of a man who continues to inspire through his life and his legacy. If you have a young AFL fan at home this tribute to one of the biggest Australian AFL legends of all time would make a fantastic read.

There were men in strange jerseys on the TV, running around with some kind of rugby ball.
I turned to my father. ‘What’s this, then, Dad?’
He looked up from his paper. ‘Australian football.’
What’s the big deal about that? I thought.

Jim Stynes My JourneyAt first, Jim Stynes didn’t understand Australian football at all. But once he accepted the challenge to play, there was no stopping him. Jim never took the easy road, on or off the football field. He pushed himself, and he worked hard to help others realise their potential. In this special younger readers’ edition of his bestselling autobiography My Journey, Jim Stynes shares his early life as a knockabout kid growing up in Ireland, his move to Australia as a teenager and his rise to football stardom, with all the trials and tribulations along the way.

To find out more about Walk Tall by Jim Stynes and Warwick Green, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Feb 202012

Recently we were invited to the birthday party of our nephew, of course the kids were super excited but they are not the ones having to buy a present for a 10 year old boy. I never have any trouble picking gifts for girls, no matter what age, in fact I am always well prepared and know in advance what sort of present I am looking for. Shopping for boys on the other hand is much more difficult (I think) and up until the last minute I wasn’t sure what to get. The only thing I did know is that he loves footy so just in time I came across these two great new books:

The Find The Footy activity book ($14.95, 48 pages) is both fun and educational so it will get the tick of approval from both kids and parents. On every page kids need to locate up to 12 footy balls, hiding in pictures of famous landmarks and locations from all around the world. That sounds easier than it is and it will certainly keep them busy for quite a while! The Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, kids will learn a lot whilst hunting for icons from their favourite sport.

As a child I (and my sisters) used to love arts and crafts but my brother was not much into all the creative stuff. Both my son and daughter love sitting at the table with their colouring books but when boys get that little bit older they are often not very interested in drawing and colouring in anymore. They prefer to go outside and get dirty in the yard or even better, play a game of footy. But what do they do when it is too cold or rainy to play outside?

The Bumper Footy colouring book ($9.95, 96 pages) is great crafty entertainment for young footy lovers. The book features a massive 48 famous AFL players and whilst learning lots of interesting facts about the players kids can colour in a picture of each sportsman and team logo. When was he born, how tall is he, what position does he play and what moves is he famous for? Little supporters will love this crafty footy ‘encyclopedia’. Priced at just $9.95 the Bumper Footy book is a great gift idea.

To find out more about Find The Footy or Bumper Footy and to order your favourite titles online visit www.slatterymedia.com, delivery within Australia is free for every book order.

For your chance to win a copy of Bumper Footy and Find the Footy visit www.slatterymedia.com and answer the following question: Name one of the players featured in the Bumper Footy colouring book.

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