Oct 282016


One of the awesome benefits of being a parent is that you can join in all the fun kids’ stuff, our children always love it when I bounce with them on the trampoline, go on the swing, play with dolls and build cubbies (and so do I!). Seeing how much they enjoy riding their scooters it was only a matter of time before I tagged along with the cool kids and set off on my own set of Globber wheels:


Goodbye to ‘You’re too big for that’ and hello to ‘You’re never to old to have fun!’, Globber is maximising scooter fun with the awesome Globber 18.0 by Kleefer (RRP $350, black or white). Designed for riders measuring between 1.45m and 1.90m and with a height adjustable handlebar this trendy and tough scooter is perfect for both adults and children who have outgrown their smaller rides.


This top-of-the-range Globber scooter features only the very best, strong, high quality materials to ensure a pleasant ride and durable construction that is made for everyday use. Made from sturdy, extruded aluminum the spacious deck offers great balance and sits close to the ground so you can get on and off easily. The Globber 18.0 by Kleefer has a generous weight limit of 100kg to accommodate most adults comfortably.

globber-kleefer-foldFolding the Globber 18.0 is a breeze and done in just a matter of seconds, all it takes is a gentle kick of the foot to activate the clever piston-assisted Kleefer fold mechanism (No strong muscles required!). Not only does the scooter have a neat, compact, vertical fold that is ideal for transport or storage in small spaces, you don’t even have to carry it as you can just wheel it along like a trolley.

I was super impressed with the reliable feel and the smoothness of the ride, in fact the first time I rode it its fast speed really surprised me and I (secretly) felt a little nervous! Of course I didn’t show the kids, I put on my cool mum face and put my trust in the front and back brakes. The lever of the front brake sits conveniently on the ergonomic handlebars making it quick and simple to use.


The Globber 18.0 is a great choice for older children/adults travelling with public transport, people who work in the city, those who enjoy a ride through the park with the wind in their hair, parents who want to explore the outdoors with their children or even just grown-ups who are a big kid at heart.

To find out more about Globber, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.globber.com.au.

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A grown-up lunch on the go with Briggi

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Feb 202015


Whether it’s for uni, the office, the gym, a fun day out or a simple picnic in the park, if you’re planning to bring yourself a healthy homemade lunch or snack (so much cheaper and healthier than buying on-the-go!) you can do so in style which these gorgeous lunch bags by Briggi:

Briggi Lunch Bags

Created right here in Australia by designer duo Brigitte and Raf a Briggi Lunch Bag (RRP $28) is the grown-up answer to the insulated kids lunch bag.

Briggi All in a RowMeasuring 25 x 18 x 9 cm in size it’s the perfect size for an average adult, it will fit in your handbag and stores neatly in the office fridge. Briggi bags are currently available in five stylish prints that are classy as opposed to childish, you will be able to recognise your lunch in a flash without feeling embarassed. Not only are they good looking and keep your food cool, they are easy to clean too and as they are reusable they’re great for the environment.

To find out more about Briggi, to browse the range and to order online visit www.briggi.net, shipping is free Australia wide.

Dec 122014

Oh My Giddy Aunt

Christmas Countdown – Day 12

Whether you’re a mum or dad, grandma or grandpa or even loving aunty or friend, a baby’s first Christmas is a special celebration for the whole family. Children grow up too quickly so it is important to celebrate these wonderful occasions and make beautiful memories while you can.

Baby Jingle Bracelet

If you are looking for a unique keepsake to treasure life’s precious moments look no further than Oh My Giddy Aunt:

Harmony Balls AnkletThis cute Bella Donna Silver Harmony Balls Bracelet/Anklet (RRP $49.95) would make the perfect gift for a special baby girl. At first this sweet piece of jewellery can be worn around the ankle where it jingles with every little kick, as baby grows it can be moved to the wrist to be worn as a bracelet. I think it would make a lovely ‘First Christmas’ gift or Christening present that can be enjoyed straight away and cherished for life.

Harmony Balls BraceletThe sterling silver Harmony Balls Bracelet/Anklet is lovingly handcrafted in Bali and is available in three different designs: Single Tinkle (one single bell only), Jingle Tinkle (multiple bells across the entire bracelet) and Love Tinkle (four heart charms and one bell), which one do you like most? For an extra personal touch Oh My Giddy Aunt can attach a letter charm of your choice, additional fee applies.

To find out more about Oh My Giddy Aunt, to browse the range and to order online visit www.ohmygiddyaunt.com.au.

For your chance to win a Bella Donna Silver Harmony Balls Anklet/Bracelet ($49.95) from Oh My Giddy Aunt enter our giveaway below:

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Nov 102014

Pan Macmillan Australia

After many tiring days of looking after my sick family I was in desperate need of some quiet catch-up time before starting a new week, so while my lovely hubby took the big three to Bunnings and the baby had a nap I snuggled up on the couch with a new book. I may not get to read as much as I used to but when I have a spare minute I love reading a few pages, it is my favourite way to relax. This year why not pop a good book for yourself under the tree too? Go on, you deserve it! Here’s a great book suggestion for you:

Saving Grace

I started on Saving Grace by Jane Green yesterday and didn’t go to bed until I had read all 343 pages of it, I just had to know how it ended! Saving Grace tells the story of wonderful wife, mother and cookbook author Grace who is married to Ted, a world famous author whom everyone looks up to. Life in the spotlight is not always easy and of course they have their struggles and arguments but all in all they have a good life.

When Ted’s loyal assistant quits things start to crumble so when a young, quiet and helpful girl called Beth shows up out of nowhere both Grace and Ted are grateful to have found the ‘perfect’ assistant. At first Beth seems to be the Godsend they all prayed for but slowly things are becoming a little odd and Grace starts to feel uncomfortable, the problem is that no one else sees it but her. As Beth makes herself more and more unmissable Grace is losing her sense of self and there are few people she can talk to. Almost unnoticeably Beth takes over Grace’s roll as a partner, a wife, a mother and any other position Grace enjoyed. Beth even starts to dress like Grace and wears her hair the same, Grace feels the life as she’s known it for the past 25 years slip away from her and there is nothing she can do about it.

The quiet, dull Beth is nowhere to be seen and the confident, beautiful new Beth wraps everyone around her little finger. As she mentally reduces Grace to shreds and breaks up the marriage she steps in the spotlight as Ted’s muse and unmissable partner. Who is Beth, where did she come from and where is she heading? If Grace wants a chance at saving her marriage she has to find out, even if she has to do it on her own. That is, if she wants her old life with Ted back at all…

To find out more about Saving Grace (RRP $29.99), published by Pan Macmillan, and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Aug 232012

After spending 5 lovely weeks with family it is very hard to come home knowing you won’t be seeing them for a few years. We had such a great time and one of the highlights was our first family day. Thirty of us got together for lunch, old videos, a delicious barbecue and of course games. I come from a game playing family and I still love playing games now, luckily hubby and kids do too. Our latest additions to the game cupboard are from the Bananagrams range by Moose.

You can’t help but be very curious when you hear the name Bananagrams, it sounds fun and intriguing which is just how I like it! The range consists of 3 cheeky letter games for players aged 6 and up: Bananagrams, PEARSinPAIRS and Appletters. Each game comes in a cute fruit shaped fabric bag, ideal for easy storage at home and while traveling. Don’t let their compact size fool you, there are multiple ways to play each game to keep it challenging and to suit the age and number of players.

Leader of the pack (or should I say fruit bowl) is Bananagrams, my favourite of them all. The goal is for each player to create their very own combination of connecting words using letters from the ‘bunch’. You can keep rearranging your words as you add new letters so it keeps your brain very active. Unlike with Scrabble you do not have to ‘build’ on the words of others as you work individually, this lets players play to their strength (perfect for me, English is not my native language so I know fewer words than others yet I can still win!).

Next comes Appletters which is ideal for younger players as it uses the easy-to-understand snake principle of adding new words to the front or back of the existing snake word. Tricky letters can be removed from the game at the start so that the youngest family members can easily come up with new words and it even works well with short words. But you can make it as challenging as you like with 2 other game suggestions included.

Last but not least there is PAIRSinPEARS which, you guessed it, is all about making pairs. The pear shaped bag contains 4 complete alphabets in different patterns. Not only do you need to come up with pairs of words (two words that share one letter), you also need to make sure the pairs are using letters from the same alphabet family (same pattern). Anyone who loves a good word game will very much enjoy the Bananagrams games, they provide great (educational) entertainment for young and old.

To find out more about Moose, to take a look at the different Bananagrams games ($24.95 each) and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mooseworld.com.au.

For your chance to win a Bananagrams prize pack containing the three games featured above visit www.mooseworld.com.au and answer the following question: What is your favourite family game and why?

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ABBA: You Can Dance

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Dec 152011

When I was a child I once entered a colouring in competition and won a Nintendo Gameboy, the dream of every child at the time. Game consoles were on every child’s wishlist back then and I remember very clearly the excitement when I (and my three siblings) finally got the Super Nintendo we had been asking for for a long time. With two controllers we often had to wait for our turn but we didn’t care, we thought game playing couldn’t get any better. Things have changed a bit since then and these days adults can have just as much fun with game consoles as children. I am not talking about car racing, soccer or fighting (maybe relaxing to some but not my cup of tea), I am hinting at the new Wii game ABBA: You Can Dance.

Big name game developer Ubisoft (well known from the Just Dance series) has just released the new title ABBA: You Can Dance, combining the big ABBA hits from the 70’s with the newest Just Dance technology. If you thought you were too old for playing computer games think twice. Instead of just singing along to the famous ABBA tunes from the olden days, get on your feet and show off your dance moves like only a real dancing queen can. It is not only fun but also a great way to add some exercise to your day (something many adults could really use).

As you probably know Wii games are played by simply holding a Wii remote (no endless pressing buttons like with old school controllers) and the same goes for ABBA: You Can Dance. Playing is as easy as copying the dance moves you see on your tv screen whilst holding your Wii remote in your hand. The remote will register how well (or maybe not so well) you are doing the actions so you can see on the screen if you really are as good a dancer as you think.

ABBA: You Can Dance can be played by up to four players at a time so it is a great activity for a family or small group of friends, in the end everyone loves ABBA so it will be a hit with people of all ages. With over 25 songs including Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen and three game modes there is plenty to be discovered. Dance to your favourite track in the Dance mode, sing along Karaoke style (while you dance or in the special Karaoke mode) or, my favourite, play a role in an ABBA mini-musical in the Musical mode. In this last mode you get to act out a short story by singing and dancing, great fun when working with multiple ‘actors’!

Nice to know: it is not important how good your dance moves are and what your scores are, as long as you are having fun. In saying that, I am also not game enough to upload a video review of me and the hubby dancing in our living room so you’ll have to do with the above screenshots and this awesome trailer. We had a fabulous time dancing to ABBA and really got into it straight away! The real ABBA fans will enjoy exploring the extra’s, featuring interesting facts about ABBA and the band members as well as lyrics to all the songs used in the game.

To find out more about ABBA: You Can Dance by Ubisoft (RRP $69.95), to watch scenes from the game and to order online visit the dedicated ABBA/Ubisoft website. The game is now available at gaming retailers all over Australia.

Nov 292011

At the moment the youngest member of our household is not her usual happy self. She has a decent number of teeth already (at only 15 months old) but I think some more are on the way , at least I hope that is what it is otherwise I really have no idea. To help ease the discomfort she is using both a teether for her to bite and chew on (more about that another day) as well as an amber teething necklace from Gummy Babies.

Gummy Babies is an Australian store filled with great products for babies, kids and even adults. Most items in store are chosen because of their gentle, eco-friendly qualities, something that is very important to many modern Australian parents. The range has been handpicked by parents just like you, who wanted to make it easy for you to shop from home for quality pieces for your own family or gifts. To make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible you don’t have to worry about postage, all Australian orders ship free of charge.

The Gummy Babies range consists of some well known labels like Dandelion, Lamaze and Aden + Anais, this last name is famous for it’s fabulous baby wraps and sleeping bags in the most gorgeous prints. This Aden + Anais Cozy Sleeping Bag ($48, size medium, large and extra large) is available in a boy and girl design and is made of 100% natural muslin to keep your baby cool this summer.

I admit that I had my doubts about the effect (if any) amber would have on babies but figured it was at least worth a try. The baby has only just started wearing her necklace but my three year old daughter wears hers all the time and we have definitely seen a change in her behaviour, she seems happier. At Gummy Babies you’ll find Teething Necklaces in several colours to suit your taste and at the moment they are on special for just $19.95.

Although more and more parents are getting to know the comforting properties of amber for children there are many adults who don’t know that amber can be beneficial for adults too. Amber contains a natural analgesic which can offer effective relief for rheumatoid pains, migraines, colds and general aches and pains. Gummy Babies stocks both amber bracelets and necklaces for adults, prices start at $18.

To find out more about Gummy Babies, to browse the range and to order online visit www.gummybabies.com.au.

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