Nov 022015

Today is a big day in the Hip Little One household as we prepare to welcome my parents who are coming over from The Netherlands. It has been more than four years since they last visited Australia so we can’t wait to spend time with them and show them around. The fact that they are able to meet miss Harriet while she is still so small means a lot to me and is truly the icing on the cake. Well, small… as you can see Harriet is growing every day and turning into a gorgeous chubby baby:

Harriet Obubu

Harriet Aden + Anais

Harriet Bebe by Minihaha

Red Stripe Wrap (RRP $29.95) by Obubu
Aden + Anais Owl Swaddle (RRP $37.95, 2-pack) by The Little Haven
Bebe by Minihaha Dress by Billy Lids

Up to 50% off Aden + Anais

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Jun 192015


I have a confession to make: I am addicted to buying Aden + Anais swaddles. Whether I am pregnant or not, the sight of all those gorgeous Aden + Anais wraps always make my heart beat a little faster and I simply can’t resist buying a few more. While I have plenty of wraps left from our last bubba I have already put away some more for our new arrival, my best excuse was that they were on sale!

Aden + Anais Swaddles

Aden + Anais 4-pack Swaddles (from $27.45)

When people ask me about my number one must-have for a new baby I always vote for Aden + Anais wraps. They are such a useful, versatile, stylish and practical baby gift and you could easily use a few at the same time. When we have a new baby in the house we generally use one as a wrap, one as a sun cover on the pram, one as a mattress cover in the carrycot, one in my nappy bag and one for breastfeeding privacy and clean-ups. Now you can see why I need a whole stack of them!

When you don’t know the gender, you just have to buy both!

In my opinion Aden + Anais swaddles are always excellent value for money (they wash beautifully and really last) but of course it’s even better if you can stock up while they are on sale. If you are in need of some Aden + Anais goodies you better pop in at The Little Haven, who currently offer up to 50% off all Aden + Anais products. You can pick up a 4-pack of wraps for as little as $27.45, that’s an unbeatable price!

Aden + Anais Sale

More Aden + Anais goodies on sale

We don’t know the gender of our new baby just yet but that hasn’t stopped me from shopping. With prices this good I grabbed both pinks and blues, after all we know one of them will have to be right. Aside from the swaddles you can also pick up Aden + Anais blankets, comforter toys, sleeping bags and wash cloths, all heavily reduced. Be quick as stock as limited and sure to sell out.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range and to order online visit

Mar 052015

Our four kids just love bath time: splashing in the water, filling the bowls, squeezing the ducks, painting with bubbles… You’d think they would be grumpy to get out but they love that part too, as long as I wrap them up like a ‘sausage in a jacket’. At aden + anais they know how much little ones enjoy that cosy, comfortable feeling of being scooped up in a soft towel which is why they have released a gorgeous new range of baby bath linen:

Aden + Anais Bath Linen

From teeny tiny newborns to cheeky tots, aden + anais has got them all wrapped up in style with their Baby Bath Wraps, Toddler Towels and Hooded Towel & Washcloth Sets in a range of sweet colours and designs.

Baby Bath WrapStarting at the youngest swimmers the Baby Bath Wrap (RRP $44.95) makes it super easy to cover that slippery bundle after the bath. Made from plush terry and finished with a soft muslin cotton hood and easy-to-use tie the Baby Bath Wrap is gentle against your baby’s delicate skin and keeps cold chills at bay. There are currently five different boy, girl and gender neutral designs to choose from.

Hooded Towel SetPacked in a neat aden + anais gift box the 2-piece Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set (RRP $44.95, available in Water Baby White, Rock Star Blue and Bathing Beauty Pink) makes a perfect present for a special little person. We use aden + anais washcloths all the time and they are fantastic, I love how the muslin cotton fabric gets softer the more you wash it (no one likes cleaning their face with a rough, hard face washer!).

Toddler TowelYour baby will get bigger and outgrow the hood but they’re never too old for a snuggly warm towel after your bath, if only they made the Toddler Towel (RRP $37.95) in my size! These large towels are ideal for growing toddlers, they are available in aden + anais’ familiar prints Princess Posie, Jungle Jam and Twinkle as well as the cool new Fluro Pink and Fluro Blue star design which will no doubt get the thumbs up from little trendsetters.

To find out more about aden + anais, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite products online visit

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Up to 50% off Aden + Anais

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Jan 112015


Boxing Day may feel like months ago but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t scoop up a last Boxing Day bargain or two. If you want to spoil a special little someone with a lovely Aden + Anais gift or even just want to fill up the gift cupboard after the big Christmas clear-out you better pop into The Little Haven and score a great buy:

Aden + Anais Sale

From stylish sleeping bags to cuddly comforters, from stretchy swaddles to beautiful blankets, for a limited time only the entire Aden + Anais range has been reduced with savings up to 50% to be had. Once you’ve discovered the wonderful quality, excellent durability and super soft fabrics of Aden + Anais you will be a fan for life, we have been enjoying Aden + Anais for years and I will be very sad when I have no babies left to use this gorgeous brand.

Aden + Anais Wash ClothMy top sale pick would have to be the super soft Aden + Anais wash cloths, they are only half price at the moment and available in four sweet styles to suit boys, girls and even unborn babies whose gender is yet to be revealed. At just $12.45 for a set of three of these luxurious soft wash cloths they’re the perfect add-on for your next baby shower gift too. It may be my Dutch heritage speaking but I love this orange themed set!

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range and to order online visit

Oct 062014

Spring is here and it’s been buzzing with excitement in the Aden + Anais beehive. New products, news designs, new materials, there is plenty of unpacking to do. Here are some of the highlights:

Aden + Anais Merino

After lots of toe tapping and nail biting the Aden + Anais Merino collection has finally arrived and boy was it worth the wait. This stunning marriage between beautifully soft Australian Merino wool and Aden + Anais’ signature muslin is simply divine, you won’t find anything more luxurious than this for your little bundle.

Merino Muslin Dream BlanketsThe Aden + Anais Merino collection currently consists of 4 great products that will make bedtime pure heaven for children of all ages: newborns can be wrapped snug as a bug in the Merino Muslin Swaddles, older babies will sleep and sound in the Merino Muslin Sleeping Bags, kids of all ages will love the cosy and comfortable feel of the Merino Muslin Dream Blankets and everyone is sure to find a lovely new cuddly friend in the gorgeous Merino Muslin Security Blankets.

All Merino Muslin products are lovingly hand-dyed and available in three breathtaking ombre tones: natural Horizon, pretty blue Seaside and striking pink Sunset. Each piece comes packaged in a sweet gift box making the Merino Muslin collection a wonderful present for a special little person in your life.

Merino Muslin Swaddle

If you are a longtime Aden + Anais fan like I am you probably have a large collection of Aden + Anais muslin swaddles already, I dare to admit that my pile is at least 12 wraps tall yet I still can’t resist buying new designs when I see them. This latest release is just waiting to jump in your shopping basket, isn’t it cute?

Vintage Circus Classic SwaddlesThe Vintage Circus Classic Swaddles (RRP $49.95, 4-pack) bring the best of the carnival into the nursery. Beautiful prints, lovely red and blue colours and of course the famous Aden + Anais muslin fabric, a winner all around. Measuring a huge 120 x 120 cm in size Aden + Anais swaddles are very easy to use and designed to survive a grow spurt so you can wrap your baby for longer. The 100% cotton muslin is soft and stretchy and it only gets better with washing, big bonus: they dry in a flash!

To find out more about Aden + Anais, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite products online visit

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Jul 122014

With nights this chilly it can be hard to know how to keep your baby warm safely: pyjamas are too cold yet blankets too heavy and a SIDS risk factor. Who better to turn to than Aden + Anais, known around the world for its soft, stylish and safe baby products. Especially for the cooler season Aden + Anais has given their famous Cozy Sleeping Bag a winter makeover:

Aden + Anais Sleeping Bags

Featuring a 2.5 TOG rating and soft 100% cotton muslin shell the brand new Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag ($69.95) is designed to keep your little munchkin comfortable and toasty warm at bedtime. By removing the need for loose sheets and blankets you are creating a safer sleep environment for your baby and automatically reducing the risk of SIDS.

Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping BagTo help make dressing, undressing and mid night nappy changes as easy as possible the Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag is fitted with press studs on both shoulders and zips on bottom and sides. There is no need to pull the garment over your baby’s head; just open the bag up, lay baby inside and close it. As you don’t have to take off the whole sleeping bag you may be able to tackle that nappy change without waking baby up from his/her sleep, fingers crossed!

Aden + Anais Starburst Cozy PlusMuslin is a finely-woven breathable fabric believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the Middle Ages. It’s one of the purest, simplest, most gentle fabrics in the world and it’s the number one material choice of the Aden + Anais range. Unlike many other fabrics muslin gets better with age, becoming softer and more flexible the more you wash it, one of the main reasons we are such big fans of the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles.

The Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag is available in 6 great designs in boys, girls and gender neutral colours. Choose from sizes Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), Large (12-18 months) and Extra Large (18-24 months), for more detailed information on the weight range and length of each size refer to the handy Aden + Anais Size Chart.

Aden + Anais (RED)While you are browsing the Aden + Anais website make sure you check out the exclusive Aden + Anais (RED) collection. By purchasing a product from this vibrant new range you are helping prevent a mother living with HIV from passing the virus to her baby. 10% of the retail price of every Aden + Anais Special Edition Item will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, together we can help fight for an AIDS free generation.

To find out more about Aden + Anais, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite products online visit

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May 062014

With Mother’s Day just a few days away men all around the world are racing into stores to pick up some last minute gifts for their beloved partners, wives and mothers. Of course they only want the best for their favourite mum but while that beautifully wrapped skincare pack from your local chemist may look lovely it is probably hiding a long list of nasty ingredients that you don’t want near your mum at all!

Aden + Anais Ultra Gentle LotionAt Aden + Anais they have got precious bundles and their mamas covered with a wonderful range of naturally-derived skincare products that are ‘gentle enough for baby, yet sophisticated enough for you’. We all look after our most precious little bundles with utmost care and it is time we do the same for ourselves and other mums, we deserve it. The Aden + Anais skincare range consists of 5 great products to keep you clean, soft, smooth and fragrant from top to toe.

Aden + Anais Bubble BathI don’t know about you but at our house bath time is 90% fun and 10% cleaning, the kids spend ages laughing, playing and splashing and they’re sad when they have to come out. A few small capfuls of tear-free Aden + Anais Bubble Bath ($24.95) will turn an ordinary bath into a sea of bubbles and leave a wonderful scent of Australian sandalwood. The addition of pawpaw fruit has a moisturising effect perfect for sensitive newborn and mama skin.

Aden + Anais Hair + Body WashThe same fabulous natural ingredients can be found in the Aden + Anais Hair + Body Wash ($24.95), a fantastic all-in-one product for the whole family that makes the daily clean very easy and smells great. Like the rest of the Aden + Anais skincare range it is free from phytoestrogen, parabens, petroleum oils, phthalates, gluten and soy so you can enjoy it with confidence. If you have a wriggly baby like I do you’ll love the pump flacon, you only need one hand to apply a small amount to your baby’s head.

Aden + Anais Stretch Mark Reducing CreamSome expecting mothers get lots, some just a few and some (lucky) others get none, they come in many shapes and colours and none of us like them, I am of course talking about stretch marks. Whether you are a mama-to-be or a new mum the Aden + Anais Stretch Mark Reducing Cream ($39.95) is specifically created for you to help reduce the appearance of, and even prevent, the stretch marks that many of us fear and suffer from as a result of pregnancy. Apply religiously twice daily during and after pregnancy and watch the shea butter and natural-grade darutoside work their magic, you could see results in as a little as two weeks!

Aden + Anais Soothing OintmentThe last, and my absolute favourite, product in the range is the Aden + Anais Soothing Ointment ($39.95). I first discovered this ‘magical’ ointment last year and since then it has become the go-to solution for many little and big skin ‘problems’ in our home. We use it on chapped lips and red noses that have become sore from lots of blowing, it soothes little scrapes and shaving cuts, moistens dry patches, relieves nappy rash and much more. This nice big jar will go a long way, a real mama must-have!

To find out more about Aden + Anais, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite products online visit

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