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Aug 242017


No matter how old and grubby they are by now, I simply can’t get myself to throw out my two favourite childhood toys, a soft blue bunny with one twisted ear and a sleeping baby doll whose arms are slowly falling off. Childhood toys hold so many memories and emotions, no wonder we tend to hold on to them as we get older. Take Guff, a cheeky fabric friend like no other captured by the talented Aaron Blabey:

Thoroughly loved and tad scruffy from all the cuddles and laundry cycles, cheeky monster Guff (RRP $16.99) is irreplaceable. He follows his owner everywhere, bringing not only comfort and reassurance but also cheeky adventures and mysterious disappearances. Thankfully he always show up.. after all, what would you do without your Guff?

Featuring gorgeous illustrations in Aaron Blabey’s signature style, accompanied by simple text, Guff is the perfect picture book for young readers with a favourite cuddly toy, and everyone else who still cherishes their childhood friend.

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Feb 272014

Penguin Australia

Two weeks ago the twins were asked to select their favourite book and bring it to school for Show and Tell, quite a tricky decision when you are five. After lots of umming and ahing they settled on a title each, miss 5 chose a new picture book that we’ve read endlessly over the past month or so by much loved Australian author Aaron Blabey (you may know him for Noah Dreary and The Dreadfull Fluff). The Brothers Quibble is officially available in Australia as of yesterday and I LOVE reading this book to the kids, I think you will enjoy it too:

The Brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey

The Brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey

In The Brothers Quibble Spalding Quibble is in for a ‘nasty’ surprise, used to being the king of the castle he is now presented with a baby brother called Bunny and he is not happy about it. Spalding is making very clear what he thinks of this little intruder and everyone in the house is miserable. But as Bunny grows he manages, little by little, to turn Spaldings anger into love and in the end Spalding realises that a little brother can also make an awesome friend.


Spalding didn’t understand.
He felt a bit delirious.
He took his mother by the hand
and said: ‘You can’t be serious?’

‘Is this some sort of joke?’, he cried.
‘It really isn’t funny.’
‘Hush now, Spalding,’ mother sighed,
‘And say hello to…

The Brothers Quibble is beautifully written and covers a topic that many families deal with at some point in time, the arrival of a new sibling. Dressed in a pretty jacket of gorgeous illustrations and covered in a delightful sauce of rhyme, humor and words that flow like a wave this book is a pleasure to read, look at and listen to, I could read this book over and over without it ever getting boring.

Spalding and Bunny

You see, despite the pain that came
 with every whack or shove,
Bunny spoke his brother’s name
 with nothing less than love.

The twins’ teacher and the children in the class loved The Brothers Quibble so much that they have requested to borrow it so they can read it again in class, I told you it was a winner!

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