Get into gear with GearZooz

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Mar 172019
Get into gear with GearZooz

After several holidays to the Netherlands with our large family a long plane trip does not worry us anymore. By now I know exactly what to pack and what to do to make the journey as pleasant as possible for young travellers… For our last European adventure in August we bought Ted the cutest GearZooz Lion & Mouse toy and it was a real hit. [read more]

‘Saying Goodbye to Barkley’ giveaway

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Feb 282019
'Saying Goodbye to Barkley' giveaway

Death and grief is hard enough for adults to accept and understand, let alone for young children. Saying goodbye is really difficult and often the first heartbreak a child will endure is the death of a much loved family pet. If you’re looking for a helpful tool that will start this conversation look no further, EK Books is here to help with this lovely new [read more]

Grey-glasses-itis giveaway

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Feb 212019
Grey-glasses-itis giveaway

Many years ago someone told me (with nothing but love!) that I tend to ‘wear a black hat’ and see problems and worry wherever I go, something that has always stayed with me. Since then I try my best to leave off my black hat and not waste my time and energy on negative things. It’s a lesson that is valuable to people of all [read more]

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs giveaway

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Feb 142019
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs giveaway

At almost 3.5 years old miss Hattie is getting very excited (and also a little nervous) about the prospect of starting kindy. She loves painting, craft and colouring but is not too keen to practicing her letters and numbers, so the trick seems to be to combine them. Over the last few weeks we’ve been working with this cool picture book by Paul Stickland, the [read more]

Feb 072019
The Box Cars giveaway

We all know the saying ‘three is a crowd’ and when it comes to kids play it’s often very true: three can be a tricky number. I try to teach our children that it is important to be inclusive and always invite others to join in their play, thankfully they do try most of the time! Sometimes inclusion takes a bit of creative thinking, like [read more]

Dinosaur Roar! giveaway

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Feb 012019
Dinosaur Roar! giveaway

For the last 25 years Dinosaur Roar! has been printed and reprinted over and over again, entertaining young dinosaur enthusiasts from all over the world with its catchy rhyme and gorgeous artwork. To mark this special milestone in style Pan Macmillan has released a celebratory edition of Henrietta and Paul Stickland’s dino classic and we’ve got three to give away: From spiky and lumpy dinosaurs [read more]

Jan 202019
Smiggle giveaway

And that’s a wrap, almost! Just one last week of school holidays to go until the kids return to the classroom for an exciting start to term 1. For most mums this final week is filled with school uniform fitting, ironing on labels, prepping the freezer with healthy school snacks and grabbing all the must-have stationery items from the shops. Make sure to leave time [read more]