Jan 202019
Smiggle giveaway

And that’s a wrap, almost! Just one last week of school holidays to go until the kids return to the classroom for an exciting start to term 1. For most mums this final week is filled with school uniform fitting, ironing on labels, prepping the freezer with healthy school snacks and grabbing all the must-have stationery items from the shops. Make sure to leave time [read more]

Jan 142019
Ready, Set, Action with Kidizoom

Growing up in The Netherlands our Christmas holidays only lasted two weeks, so for me it still feels a little strange to have 6 long weeks of school holidays this time of year. Not that my kids are complaining, they love the summer holidays and having a brand new selection of Christmas presents to play with makes it extra fun! For master 10 this Vtech [read more]

Jan 042019
Welcome to the Squad: Best Furry Friends - Series 2

Just when the kids had gotten comfortable at the new school things are about to be shaken up, with brand new classes waiting for them next year. A new teacher and new students to meet, many new names to learn and (hopefully) new friends to make, it’s a little scary but I am trying to get them excited about what’s ahead. Best Furry Friends Besties Zoe, [read more]

Jan 032019
'The Short & Curly Guide to Life' giveaway

As you can probably imagine with six curious kids my days are filled with questions, some easy and some far from it! Especially now that everyone is home on school holidays there are tricky questions galore, they are long days of thinking, discussing and arguing… If you have one of these questioning minds at home too this awesome book by Dr Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven [read more]

Jan 022019
The secret is out: BabySecrets

People often comment on the size of our family, saying that 6 children is ‘a lot’, but there are families much bigger than ours! When it comes to BabySecrets it’s definitely a case of ‘babies are so easy adore, you can always have one or two more’. A brand new generation of babies has just arrived in store and they’re cuter than ever: With 50 [read more]