Dec 292017
Alphaprints giveaway

When you have a large family like ours Christmas is quite the big party, so many laughs and giggles, so much food, loads of presents and happy faces all around. Of course it can be a bit tricky to find suitable gifts for the little ones as they already have everything but you can never go wrong with books. These two sturdy Alphaprints board books [read more]

Dec 192017
The Emoji Movie giveaway

I don’t know about you but at our house the school holidays are filled with crafting and creating, reading and relaxing and plenty of making and baking. Without the usual time pressure I am quite happy to take on a fun kitchen challenge and all our children love helping out with mixing, rolling, icing and of course eating. Are you looking for a super cool [read more]

‘Giggle All The Way’ This Christmas

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Dec 162017
'Giggle All The Way' This Christmas

Now that the school holidays have begun I know there will be some moments where a charged iPad is just the sanity saver I need. The big kids are great at keeping themselves busy with craft and construction while a quick online catch-up with Hattie’s most loved ABCKids characters allows me to feed little Ted in peace and quiet. Cheeky duo Giggle and Hoot are [read more]

Boredom Buster in a Box

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Dec 052017
Boredom Buster in a Box

I am sure you know what it is like: It’s almost time for bed when your cheeky preschooler decides to tip out an entire box of LEGO (there goes your 7 o’clock bedtime goal) or it’s almost dinnertime yet the kids want to start watching a long movie. I’ve found the best way to avoid the drama is by grouping together a selection of games [read more]

Dec 032017
'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway' giveaway

Take it from this mum of six, if you’re planning a fun Christmas escape or road trip you might want to put together a special ‘holiday backpack’ for your little travellers. I always plan ahead and pack a range of boredom busters to get us to our holiday destination without going crazy: a notebook with pens/markers, a toy for pretend play, a game to play [read more]

Nov 302017
Talkin' Toys giveaway

November has been a funny month when it comes to the weather. From cold, rainy and miserable to hot, humid and sweaty, we’ve seen it all! No matter which one of those two, we’ve been inside quite a bit so our games cupboard has been very popular with the kids. Action games are always a hit and this cool Talkin’ Toys game definitely ticks the [read more]