May 242015
Big Baby Shower Day 24 - JJ Cole Collections

Big Baby Shower – Day 24 At JJ Cole Collections they understand that every mum is different so they have designed a wide range of stylish baby bags in lots of different colours and sizes. Compact or spacious, contemporary or sporty, shoulder bag, backpack or weekender, there is a perfect JJ Cole bag to suit everyone. If you’re one of those parents who rather brings [read more]

May 142015
Big Baby Shower Day 14 - Trilogy

Big Baby Shower – Day 14 Everywhere you go people are talking about how radiant and beautiful the Duchess of Cambridge looked during her pregnancy and especially shortly after the birth of princess Charlotte. Now I know most of you (including myself) can’t afford a personal hairdresser and make-up artist like Kate but we can learn from her beauty regime and add a touch of royalty [read more]

May 122015
Big Baby Shower Day 12 - Milk & Love

Big Baby Shower – Day 12 If you are a long time reader of Hip Little One you would know by now that I have quite the breastfeeding journey behind me. I have tried to breastfeed all of our children, the twins only for 2 months but with baby no.3 and no.4 I breastfed until well past their first birthday, it wasn’t always easy but [read more]

May 102015
Big Baby Shower Day 10 - gr8x

Big Baby Shower – Day 10 Yesterday we talked about going out for a quick walk with a new bub with minimal gear, but we all know that on some days and outings you do want to take more than just the basics. Don’t worry, there are other options than huge boring, black backpacks. Here’s how to bring ‘the bulk’ without it looking bulky and [read more]

May 012015
The Hip Little One family + one

I expect some of you may be surprised to discover such a ‘heart on your sleeve’ post here, I know it is not your usual Hip Little One material but after laying awake for a few hours thinking of what I wanted to say I felt I had to get it off my chest. Many of you have come to know me through the blog, you [read more]

Apr 292015
How to ease your nagging backache

Ever since I fell pregnant with the twins in 2008 I have been struggling with a sore back. Many broken nights, busy days with lots of cleaning and lifting, a huge baby bump, heavy babies to carry on my hip, a lack of core muscles and a big tummy muscle separation, another two pregnancies… all added up it is no surprise that these days my back [read more]