Jul 152014
JJ Cole Collections

The closer we get to our holiday the more I get overwhelmed by the logistics of it all. Four small children under six, 5 big suitcases, 5 pieces of hand luggage, a pram, a camera and a laptop bag… I am already tired just typing it out! Surprisingly enough baby Sybbie will be the easiest to look after because I have found the perfect nappy bag [read more]

Jul 142014
Tracks giveaway

As we are having friends over from the Netherlands this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a newly released and truly Australian movie. Tracks brings us back to 1977 when Australian girl Robyn Davidson makes a 2700km solo trek through the Australian desert with four camels and her loyal dog. Her journey was documented by a National Geographic photographer [read more]

Jul 102014
New Baby 101 giveaway

Whether it’s your first or your fourth, whether you’re twenty or forty and a mum or a dad, when there is a new baby on the way there are always new things to learn. If you are like me and don’t have the time to read an endless pile of new baby books but you would still like a handy reference guide to answer everyday questions about [read more]

Jul 042014
Easy as ENJO

Confession time: I am not a cleaner, I have never been and probably never will be a big fan of cleaning. Of course I do what needs to be done but I prefer not to spend any more time on it than necessary. I need cleaning to be quick and efficient leaving me with as much time as possible to enjoy my little ones who grow up way [read more]

Jul 012014
A Little Pocket Money giveaway

As you can probably imagine I get many emails every day, businesses making bookings, marketing companies introducing their clients, stores pitching their product, sponsors discussing posts, there are no two emails the same. But no matter how many emails I get I still have a chuckle every time someone asks me for a certain person in our office. My ‘office’ is a small and messy [read more]

Jun 302014
ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe Denim

Since becoming a mum almost six years ago I have tried several different styles of baby carriers (some I loved, some not so much) but I always put the Mei Tai in the ‘too hard basket’, it just looked difficult, time consuming and more intended for hardcore baby wearers which I do not consider myself to be. Everything changed the moment I saw a picture of the ByKay [read more]

Jun 222014
Win a pair of FitFlops

School drop off, school pick up, a visit to the shops, a doctor appointment, a stroll around the block with your baby, hanging up the washing, a quick walk to the mailbox; when you are a busy mum like me you are on your feet all day. Over the past year or so I realised that, as cute as they may be, those pretty pink thongs, sweet [read more]