Sep 032015
JJ Cole Collections giveaway

Nappies and wipes, spare clothes and a blanket, bottles and food… individually all these baby bag essentials don’t weigh much but it all adds up. The result is a nappy bag heavy enough to hurt your back, not exactly something any new mum is looking forward to! JJ Cole Collections loves making life easier and more stylish for busy parents and now they are making it [read more]

Aug 312015
Mama on Monday

Every time I wear this lovely Soon Maternity dress I receive the sweetest comments, this week’s favourite remark was that it looked glorious on me. It’s not a dress for the shy and secret because your bump is very much on show but I am savouring these moments while I still can, before we know it I’ll be missing my blessed round shape! I wore the [read more]

Aug 242015
Mama on Monday

After a long wait we finally enjoyed some beautiful sunny winter days this week, everyone and everything instantly looked a little brighter and happier. At least I can confidently say I have had lots and lots of wear out of my maternity winter wear this time, it has been boots and knits for pretty much the entire pregnancy! Lucky for me I have plenty of [read more]

Aug 172015
Mama on Monday

And then she was five! On the weekend we marked our beautiful Juliet’s birthday with a small get-together for family and friends and even though the weather was not as good as expected she had a wonderful day. I love the reminiscing that comes with kids’ birthdays, it’s amazing to see how much they grow in just a year and with four (soon five) little [read more]

Aug 152015
Orly giveaway

As the birth of our new baby boy or girl is coming closer I am starting to think about the delivery and all the things I still need to organise. My pretty Designer Mamas birthing gown (so much nicer than those faded hospital gowns!) is washed and ready and I’ve booked in a last appointment at the hairdresser, all that’s left is to freshen up my [read more]

Aug 112015
Fake Bake giveaway

A little peek on the calendar will tell you that spring is exactly three weeks away. After such a long and cold winter I am sure we’re all very much ready for the warmer weather to arrive, I know I can’t wait to put my winter coat, scarves and boots away. Of course that healthy spring look doesn’t come without a bit of work, getting [read more]