Jul 312015
Wonderland giveaway

I don’t know about your place but in our home it’s generally either kids TV or hubby’s pick, I am rarely in charge of the remote. Of course I’d love to put my tired pregnant mama legs up for some relaxing screen-time every now and then too so a good stash of DVDs is a must, that way I can pick and play when it [read more]

Jul 272015
Mama on Monday

Normally our weekends are filled with family activities, lots of fun but also a little tiring when you’re growing a baby. This Saturday I had my most relaxing Saturday morning ever, courtesy of the mandatory Glucose Tolerance Test I sat down in a hospital chair for 2.5 hours of blissful peace and quiet. No interruptions, no noise, no nappies to change, no arguments to solve, [read more]

Jul 202015
Mama on Monday

And then it was time again to set the alarms in the morning, pull out the uniforms, prep the lunch boxes and think of a Show & Tell topic for today, Term 3 is here! Yesterday was an absolutely lovely sunny winter day so we finished our school holidays with a relaxing afternoon at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. You can easily spend a few hours walking the gardens [read more]

Jul 192015
The Secret River giveaway

After almost 10 years in Australia I feel quite settled but obviously there is still plenty left for me to learn and discover, especially when it comes to Australia’s history. Sometimes we forget about the first owners of this amazing country and how much things changed for them over time, which is why The Secret River was such an eye-opener for me. Whether you have read [read more]

Jul 062015
Mama on Monday

All I can say this week is: ‘Thank God it is school holidays’. I have really been hanging out for the end of term so to finally put away the lunch boxes and fold away the uniforms is a big relief. I am looking forward to spending two relaxing weeks at home with the kids, especially considering the fact that next school holidays we will [read more]

Jul 052015
Goodness giveaway

When I think back to my life ten years ago I can’t believe how much has changed. Not only did I get married and moved to Australia from the other side of the world, we also welcomed four (soon five) beautiful children into our family. I absolutely love our busy household and while our big family means I may not be able to splurge on luxury [read more]