Oct 092015
Welcome Baby Giveaway - Day 9 Remington

Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 9 If you thought the uncomfortable nights and many toilet breaks during pregnancy were though, you’re in for a whole new level of exhaustion when baby finally arrives. Of course your precious bundle is totally worth it but all these broken nights are bound to take a toll on your skin. Thankfully Remington is here to help freshen up tired [read more]

Sep 282015
Mama on Monday

Not only is today the last Monday in September, it is also the last Mama on Monday photo I got to take. I hope you have loved watching our baby grow these last few months and seeing what an everyday mama wears during pregnancy, I know I will enjoy looking back at these weekly updates later down the track. For this last photo moment with my (rather [read more]

Sep 272015
gr8x giveaway

For an impatient person like me there is nothing worse than not knowing when things will happen. Even with a due date in hand you can’t rely on baby arriving exactly on that one day you circled on the calendar. Like most expecting mums I packed my hospital bag a few weeks ahead of time and it surprises me every time how much space you [read more]

Sep 212015
Mama on Monday

With Autumn rolling into Spring I have quickly dug up some of old maternity Summer styles, I’m so pleased I held onto them! This week’s pick was my favourite little black dress back in 2011 (when I was breastfeeding baby no.3) and it has now made it through another two pregnancies, great value for money I say. I have also unboxed my FRANKiE4 sandals from [read more]

Sep 142015
Mama on Monday

What can I say, I have reached absolute whale proportions and am struggling to find garments that will cover this basketball of a baby for the few weeks that are left. At least the weather has really warmed up here which does lift the spirits. Who would have thought we could go from winter coats and gumboots to a beautiful sandal-perfect Summer day in just one [read more]

Sep 112015
SRC Pregnancy Leggings: Supported, stable and safe

After carrying four babies (including twins!) I know all about the toll pregnancy takes on your back, hips and pelvis. During pregnancy your body has a lot of extra weight to carry and for me, like for many mothers, pain and discomfort has been part of every pregnancy journey; it’s definitely not all smooth sailing. What a blessing the adorable babies make you forget about all the tears [read more]