Nov 262019

I’ll be honest, I absolutely love writing about all the gorgeous kids’ books I find but I am struggling today. Just last week I lost my amazing Opa, which made this new Walker Books release even more personal, special and quite emotional to me. If you have a wonderful grandpa (or grandma) in your life this book is sure to pull on your heartstrings like it did for me:

In The Corner of my Eye (RRP $26.99) we meet a special grandfather and his granddaughter Sally, who is determined to help her grandpa find what he is looking for. Things would be a lot easier if grandpa actually remembered what he was looking for, but he forgot that too so Sally decides to simply start looking…

From the cluttered kitchen cupboards to the soft, cosy armchair, from the colourful backyard to the farthest corner of the attic and everywhere in between, Sally searches everywhere and while she finds lots and lots of things she still doesn’t find ‘it’ so she must keep going. This treasure hunt sure is full of interesting finds and dear memories which are all precious in their own way.

As I have sadly seen in my own Opa, dementia is a cruel disease. Dementia turns someone’s brain into a big, messy house where they can’t find the one thing they are desperately seeking. As a loved one you often don’t know what the missing object is, however you can help join the search and sometimes that’s enough.

The ‘Corner of my Eye’ is a beautiful and heartwarming book that, in a wonderful, gentle way, helps young children to understand their ‘forgetful’ grandparent a little better. Featuring an interesting mix of hand drawn illustrations and real photos the book is a joy to look at. I just love the balance between the calm, peaceful images and Colin Thompson’s signature busy, overflowing pages which are perfect for a game of search and find. ‘The Corner of my Eye’ is a touching addition to any family bookshelf.

To find out more about Walker Books and to take a closer look at ‘The Corner of my Eye’ visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of ‘The Corner of my Eye’ (RRP $26.99) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter, good luck!

  4 Responses to “‘The Corner of my Eye’ giveaway”

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.
    My Mum and My Auntie both had Dementia.
    They both died after getting Kidney Failure and Pneumonia.
    My Mum remembered me until she slept almost continuously
    before she lapsed into unconsciousness a couple of days
    before she passed away.

    • I am so glad your mum was able to remember you until the end, what a blessing. Sadly my Opa also passed away after getting pneumonia, at 96 years old his body simply could not fight it. He is sorely missed.

  2. Is there any way of entering the competitions besides Facebook.
    I’ve been warned about anybody being able to read everything
    I put on facebook.

    • I am so sorry Rosemary, at this stage you can only enter on Facebook. In regards to your privacy, you should never include any personal details (eg. email address) in your entry. If you are drawn as a winner you will be contacted and can provide personal details privately. I hope that puts your mind at ease!

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