Nov 152019

As a busy mum of six I try to be as organised as possible for the Christmas season. I generally get my shopping sorted early and aim to get a good combination of fun, practical and educational gifts that are durable and will be enjoyed by all. With the big Summer holidays rapidly approaching I am always on the look out for presents that will keep the peace on long road trips or boring flights and I think a good old Where’s Wally? book is definitely a winner:

If you’re a Wally fan like my kids you’ve probably got quite the book collection already. Search and find mysteries never get old and the kids are always grabbing one or two when we hop in the car. This year Wally is on a different kind of adventure in Where’s Wally? Double Trouble at the Museum (RRP $24.99).

Come and join Wally and the gang as they travel through the ages on a trip to the museum. From the reading room to the museum gardens, from the entrance hall to the costumes and clothing and much more, there is plenty to see for keen spotters. But it’s not Wally or his friends you need to look out for, the aim of the museum game is to spot more than 500 differences. Kids will love this fresh new take on the classic Where’s Wally concept and it might just save your sanity on your next drive too.

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Nov 042019

Thanks to the recent closing of Uluru there is a shiny new spotlight on the traditional owners of Australia, their rights to protect their sacred sites and the many ways others can treat Australia’s indigenous people with the respect they deserve. The indigenous community has the most amazing stories to tell and Magabala Books makes them available to all. Today we’re learning about the beauty of Darug Country:

Cooee Mittigar (RRP $24.99), come here friend, welcome to Darug Country (the Sydney area). Darug author Jasmine Seymour invites young readers on a special trip to Darug Country to meet the exciting wildlife, explore the different seasons and discover what they mean to Darug people. Along the way you’ll even get a crash course in Darug language so you can understand the locals even better!

Accompanied by stunning illustrations by the hand of Darug artist Leanne Mulgo Watson Cooee Mittigar is wonderfully warm and inviting, just like the beautiful Darug people. As the traditional owners of the Darug region they know where to find the goannas and the echidnas, they read the stars and watch the rains and they wait for the yams to bloom and the bottlebrush to flower. Each Australian season has it signs, you’ll soon learn to spot them too!

Two lucky Hip Little One readers will soon own their very own piece of true Australian art, as we have two gorgeous Jasmine Seymour prize packs to give away. Each winner will take home a copy of Jasmine’s newest title Cooee Mittigar, a copy of her sweet book Baby Business and a very special bracelet designed by a member of the Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation. Made with gum nut and Tuckeroo seeds found on Darug Country together with wooden beads these limited edition bracelets are a real treasure.

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