Aug 222019

EK Books

This month marks 13 years since I left my home country, my family and my loved ones behind to move to Australia. Time really does fly and the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is totally true as well. My old Opa is now 96 years old and I would give a small fortune to be able to visit him today. Whether you have a grandpa, a poppy, an opa or a pa, this¬†gorgeous EK Books release celebrates the funny side of them all:

Go on, put on your best listening ears and come along for a visit to Grandpa. Giggles are guaranteed as you learn to recognise Grandpa’s Noises (RRP $24.99)!

He may not be a man of many words, but that definitely doesn’t mean Grandpa is quiet… A day with Grandpa is filled with lots of interesting noises, you could call them his signature sounds. From his crunching knees and creaking back to his slurping lips and his peaceful purring when he sleeps, the more time you spend with Grandpa, the better you get to know his repertoire of noises.

Reading ‘Grandpa’s Noises’ quietly in your head is obviously not an option, this book simply demands to be read out loud with each sound turning into a real performance. Our youngest readers thoroughly enjoy the show and love predicting and joining in the different noises. What a lovely family book!

You can find ‘Grandpa’s Noises’ in leading book stores across Australia.

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