Feb 282019

EK Books

Death and grief is hard enough for adults to accept and understand, let alone for young children. Saying goodbye is really difficult and often the first heartbreak a child will endure is the death of a much loved family pet. If you’re looking for a helpful tool that will start this conversation look no further, EK Books is here to help with this lovely new book:

Barkley is soft, small and very smart. He is furry, friendly and fabulous. Barkley is Olivia’s best friend and together they make the most amazing team, until the time comes for Barkley to hang up his superhero cape and retire… Saying Goodbye to Barkley (RRP $24.99) has put an end to exciting adventures and Olivia is feeling lost, her¬†heart is heavy and she misses Barkley terribly…

After a while Olivia’s feelings slowly start to change, and she realises that Barkley would never want her to stop having fun or miss out on secret missions. Inspired by her buddy Barkley Olivia visits the local animal shelter and falls in love with a big white fluffy dog called Spud.

It turns out that Spud doesn’t actually like fighting crime or catching bad guys like dear old Barkley did. Olivia comes to accept that Spud is not Barkley, but that doesn’t make her any less loveable… just different and that’s perfectly OK too.

You can find ‘Saying Goodbye to Barkley’ in leading book stores across Australia.

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