Feb 212019

EK Books

Many years ago someone told me (with nothing but love!) that I tend to ‘wear a black hat’ and see problems and worry wherever I go, something that has always stayed with me. Since then I try my best to leave off my black hat and not waste my time and energy on negative things. It’s a lesson that is valuable to people of all ages and this gorgeous EK Books read has been a wonderful way to teach my kids the importance of positivity, how we can influence our emotions and look at things differently:

Let’s start by saying that hats are out and glasses are in. In Grey-glasses-itis (RRP $19.99) we meet a Little Anxious Creature (LAC) called Loppy. As Loppy is using a rainbow of colours to make a beautiful painting he realises that different colours evoke different feelings: Blues are peaceful, yellows are cheerful and reds make him excited.

Then Curly comes along and invites Loppy to try on glasses with coloured lenses: Green lenses make Loppy feel relaxed and purple sparks creativity. But what happens when Loppy puts on the grey glasses? The grey glasses turn everything grey, the happy colours disappear and Loppy gets sadder and sadder… He no longer wants to paint.

Find out how Loppy overcomes this severe case of grey-glasses-itis and brings the colour back into his life and his mind. Grey-glasses-itis is a lovely conversation starter for families with young children, encouraging Little Anxious Creatures to take off their grey glasses and choose colour!

You can find Grey-glasses-itis in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Grey-glasses-itis (RRP $24.99) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

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