Aug 232018

Maybe it’s the petting zoo or the cake competition. Maybe it’s the ferris wheel, the popcorn stall or the dodgem cars. Or maybe you just love looking at all the delighted faces and listening to the happy giggles and big belly laughs. There’s nothing like a day at the show, there is just so much to see and do! Let Gwyn Perkins take you out and join the fun:

In Gwyn’s latest picture book Grandad and Iggy set off for A Day at the Show, they want to enter Doreen the Chook into a competition because she lays such beautiful eggs. With Doreen under his arm Grandad and Iggy go on the bus and so their day out begins…

They see amazing rides, wood choppers, ball-throwing games and cheerful bright colours, they go on pony rides and enjoy a twirl in the spinning tea cups, they see animals and ride on the Merry-Go-Round and so much more. The show has something fun for everyone! Then it is time to put Doreen in the spotlight, will she be awarded a ribbon? Let’s see what the judge thinks of Doreen and her beautiful egg…

Gwyn has delivered yet another gorgeous picture book that will delight not just young readers but their parents too (you are never too old for a day at the show!). Through his amazing illustrations has skilfully captured the magic of the show, the joy that is found in every corner and the excitement it brings to all, what a wonderful addition for your family book shelf.

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  1. Dodgem cars for sure. The eldest is just old enough to go it alone and loves it.

  2. The Ferris Wheel 🎡is a winner!!

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