Jun 102018


If, like me, you have a big The Wiggles fan (or a few) in the family there may have been some frowns when yellow wiggle Emma announced she would be taking a break from performing for medical reasons. Thankfully she is on the mend after her hospital stay and this week Emma, together with her Wiggly husband Lachy, treated her little fans to a fabulous new DVD + CD release:

The Emma! & Lachy! Show proves that yellow and purple are a winning combination, both in marriage and in music. Singing and swinging, ballet and bouncing, dancing and dressing up… Emma and Lachy are ready to entertain the whole family with 24 catchy new recordings.

Young dancers will be able to enjoy a range of different dance genres from all over the world while budding musicians will enjoy seeing Lachy play the piano, supported by plenty of other musical instruments. Emma and Lachy are joined by Ponso the Pony, Phil the Fluter, ballerinas and fairies and if you look closely you may even spot another familiar Wiggles face too. If you can’t get the new tunes out of your head you can take them along in the car too with the The Emma! & Lachy! Show CD featuring 29 wiggly sing-along songs.

‘The Emma! & Lachy! Show’ is now available on DVD (RRP $19.95) and CD (RRP $12.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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  6 Responses to “‘The Emma! & Lachy! Show’ giveaway”

  1. Awesome prize pack for any kids who love singing and dancing along to Emma & Lachy!

  2. Love tap dancing. Amazing to be able to dance and make music at the same time. Movie Lord of the dance my all time favourite 😍

  3. tried to learn disco dance like John Travolta wow could he move his body to the beat

  4. Ballet of course, just like Emma Wiggle!

  5. I love musical theater both the singing and the dancing

  6. Im an old time musical fan myself but my village like the jump on the lounge singing loudly style better.

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