Jun 282018

When you have a big family like ours there is sometimes no other choice but to split everyone up and do things separately. Sometimes you win and you get to go the movies with the older kids, other times you lose and you have to do the grocery shopping with the little ones but that’s OK. Recently hip Daddy was the lucky one to take the kids to see Peter Rabbit on the big screen and they had the best time, while my afternoon was a lot less fun. Don’t worry, I am catching up this week with Peter Rabbit being released on DVD:

Whether you have been a long time Beatrix Potter fan or have only just discovered this cheeky rabbit, Peter Rabbit has hopped straight into the hearts of people of all ages with this gorgeous new feature adaption of a Beatrix Potter’s classic:

There is nothing shy about Peter Rabbit! The bold, brave and boisterous (or should I say mischievous) bunny is the leader of the pack and tends to get his bunny buddies into a lot of trouble. Just when he thought his long-lasting feud with Mr. McGregor had finally come to an end and they would have free reign of the bountiful veggie garden new owner Thomas moves into the property and it looks like the bunnies will be banned for good.

Thankfully there is the warm and welcoming neighbour, a kind artist called Bea, who has a real soft spot for the adorable rabbits and she is determined to protect their home. With a big sprinkle of humor, a dash of romance and lots of animal antics Peter Rabbit is sure to please the whole family.

Peter Rabbit is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Peter Rabbit or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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  11 Responses to “Peter Rabbit giveaway”

  1. Awesome movie. xxx

  2. My kids would freak

  3. 🤞

  4. 🤞

  5. such a lovely story with timeless visuals

  6. cool

  7. This would be a brilliant present for our little one

  8. I took Master 7 to holiday art classes so we missed movie the rest of family saw. We’d love to catch up with the DVD.

  9. Would love to see this haven’t been lucky enough to yet but looks so good

  10. This would be great for my kids to watch at home, we can’t always afford to go to the movies and we haven’t seen this yet 😊 thanks heaps!

  11. One of favourite garden veggies is cabbage just like our beloved peter rabbit & Benjamin bunny.

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