Jun 242018


There is no stopping him now! Ted is turning into quite the adventurer and if he sees the chance he is off exploring the house. Thankfully he makes plenty of noise so we know exactly where he is hanging out. His latest hobby is following around this fella by the toy makers at VTech:

VTech Chase me Casey (RRP $59.95, ages 9-36 months) is a gorgeous toy monkey who loves to hang out with curious toddlers. Not only is he very cheeky, he is super clever too as he is fitted with built-in sensors that help him move around the floor without bumping into things, react to movements and interact with your little learner.

Casey is quite the versatile fellow and there are many different ways to enjoy his company, making him a hit with little ones at all different stages. Measuring an impressive 34cm tall Casey is designed with little hands in mind, he is easy to control and easy to spot. Using the five chunky shape buttons toddlers can not only activate lights, sounds and music but also learn about letters, numbers, colours, body parts and more. It’s a fantastic way to train those important fine motor skills and a good introduction to the cause and effect principle too.

At 9 months old Ted loves crawling after Casey in Catch Me Mode, he has just mastered proper crawling and trying to keep up with Casey is great practice! As Casey rolls across the floor he encourages tiny explorers to follow him through music and short sentences. He even recognises when he’s been caught; time for another round of play.

Whether your baby is just sitting up or can already stand independently, with Casey in Music/Dance Mode no one will be able to sit or stand still. Casey can play a range of catchy tunes/music styles for kids to bop, hop, tap, clap and swing along to. In dancing mode Casey will wiggle and dance but not move away so he stays within reach of little hands to press his buttons. Parents will appreciate the volume control for quiet play.

Chase me Casey is available in blue and pink and is available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.vtech.com.au.

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