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For most of this year we’ve been counting down until our baby’s arrival, without a doubt the highlight of the year. A crazy as they are about him, now that baby Ted is finally here the other kids are quickly moving on to the next big thing on our agenda: Christmas! With just 10 weeks to go time is rapidly ticking away so I better get my act together and start my Christmas preparations, are you on track with your shopping?

At Smiggle they know all too well how much kids love counting down to a special date, event or milestone, which is why they have put together this gorgeous collection of surprises just in time for Christmas:

Behind 25 secret little doors the magical Smiggle Advent Calendar (RRP $39.95, ages 6+) is hiding 25 awesome pieces of Limited Edition Smiggle stationery and gifts. Starting December 1st Smiggle fans can open one door daily to find a new gift every single day, what a great way to count down the days until Christmas morning!

Each calendar holds more than $70 of Smiggle goodies, making this Advent Calendar amazing value for money and much kinder on your children’s teeth than the chocolate alternative. I love the wide variety in gifts as it means there is something fun for everyone and you can even share the calendar as a family taking turns opening the doors.

Our curious tribe of kids was more than willing to take a sneak peek behind a few of the doors, giving Santa’s helpers a tiny taste of what Smiggle has in store this Advent season. From funky erasers to cute pencils, from cool wristbands to teeny notebooks and so much more, this calendar is bound to bring smiles every morning. Don’t worry, we’ll be good from here on and leave the remaining doors closed until December. I wonder what other fabulous finds are waiting for us?

But wait, there is more! As if 25 colourful Smiggle goodies aren’t enough of a gift already, Smiggle has also tucked away a bunch of lucky tickets in their Advent Calendars. You could just be the lucky person who finds 1 of 25 highly sought-after Smiggle Lucky Tickets, which means you have scored a huge $1000 Smiggle shopping spree. The sad news is that we didn’t find one, the good news is that means more chances for you. Good luck!

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

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  15 Responses to “Smiggle giveaway”

  1. We love Smiggle! My son calls it his ‘happy place’ :). The backpacks are the perfect size, lhave lots of pockets and are long lasting – not easy to find!

    • How’s the quality, do they last well? I was thinking of getting my eldest 2 Smiggle bags for Christmas.

      • Sorry Kathy, I am afraid we haven’t used any of the Smiggle backpacks yet so I can’t comment on the durability. I have seen them in store and they look terribly cute with lots of pockets, I bet they would be a big hit for Christmas.

      • Kathy, my 6 year old had his for Kinder last year (3 days a week) and prep full time this year and its still going. Its a little thin in the bottom where he dumps it on the ground, drags it and overloads it, but still good. We will replace it for next year.

    • I just noticed it’s supposed to be 25 words or less so here’s my revised entry if not too late 🙂

      “We love Smiggle! My son calls it his ‘happy place’ :). He’d love a new Smiggle backpack under the tree, he loves his current one!”

  2. My granddaughter has introduced me to Smiggles, great products for kids

  3. My 3 daughters adore Christmas and advent calendars. My 7 year d doesn’t eat sugar or sweet and has longing wanted an advent calendar that she can open with delight. She would be so thrilled to have a Smiggle advent calendar this year.

  4. My kids would love this! We had the Kmart ones last year and were not great quality, this would be great for them to learn how to share 😃

  5. Daughter’s Santa Clause: Anythink and everythink PINK and glittery PLEEEEEASE ( Her spelling, too)

  6. An awesome, bright, colourful Smiggle Fluffy backpack for school!

  7. A ride on Little Tikes car would make my girl squeal with joy…

  8. My twin granddauthers took me to Smiggle at Chermside to show me what they would like for Christmas….wish their was a stool like this when I was a child. So much pink ..Any way would love win .Thank you

  9. A rainbow umbrella – perfect for singing in the rain…

  10. OMG!!!! I’ve been waiting for this forever! my daughter would love this for Christmas!

  11. Love to win this for my 3girls,so we can count down Christmas,

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