Aug 012017

Pan Macmillan Australia

While our younger children still very much believe that mummy and daddy know everything the older kids have (sadly) worked out that this is far from the truth. More and more often I have to admit that I don’t know the answers to all their questions (and with 5 kids there are loads of questions!) and we regularly turn to a dictionary, encyclopedia or Google to find the information they’re after. The twins love learning about interesting new things so these clever guides by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki are right up their alley:

Combining fun with facts Dr Karl’s Little Book of Dinos (RRP $12.99) is the ultimate gift for young dinosaur lovers. Filled with 150 pages of tongue twisting dinosaur names and cool ‘did-you-know’s, awesome games and puzzles, story writing, drawing exercises and much more you’ll become a dino expert in no-time. What a great boredom buster for rainy winter days, road trips and holidays!

Take your exploring to the next level with Dr Karl’s Little Book of Space (RRP $12.99), look further than the earth we live on and discover planets, stars, the sun and plenty of other milky way secrets. Space can be a concept that is hard to grasp for young minds, but thankfully Dr. Karl knows how to make things easier to understand and exciting to learn. These educational activity books are fantastic value for money and after all the activities are completed they make a handy reference guide.

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  1. I would love these books for my grandchildren. We have enjoyed Dr. Karls books in the past.

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