Jun 292017


The transition from primary school to high school is not easy for anyone, let alone when you are a nerd who has to earn his spot at a selective school full of super-nerds. Former primary school teacher, stand-up comedian and author Oliver Phommavanh is back with a brand new, rather funny and slightly nerdy Con-Nerd adventure that will be thoroughly enjoyed by young readers:

After making his way through a gruelling selection process clever Connor, also known by his friends as Con-Nerd, has been accepted at an exclusive school for high-achievers. To his great shock he discovers that he is longer one of the smartest kids in school and needs to work extra hard to even earn a decent mark. Making new friends is also a lot harder than he thought and he immediately bumps heads with cocky Andrew, who seems to be the no.1 student in every subject.

With all the extra school work, the struggle between holding onto old friends and finding new ones and an important challenge with Andrew to win Con-Nerd has little time to draw his famous comics, just when the awesome Comic Smash convention is coming up. In Super Con-Nerd (RRP $16.99) he learns the importance of friendships (old and new), of playing fair and of staying true to yourself.

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  1. It must be hard to find out you are not the smartest kid in the class and have to study very hard to get good marks.
    Transition from Primary School to High School is definitely hard. Instead of having one teacher you suddenly have 3 or 4 teachers (for different subjects) Each one may give you homework on the same night.

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