Jun 092017

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Over the past few years Aussie author Tania McCartney has taken us on some fabulous A Kids Year adventures, showing us a glimpse of what life is like for children living in a range of interesting countries and cities around the globe. This month you’re invited to travel with us to two brand new destinations, for our first trip you may want to put on your gloves and pack your beanie as we’re heading all the way to Canada:

In A Canadian Year (RRP $19.99) we meet five Canadian kids who each have their own history and story to tell. Over the course of the book, which is divided over 12 months, these young Canadians share about their families, the languages, the weather, the food, the places they live, their hobbies, favourite Canadian festivities and more through fun, colourful illustrations… Come and meet Chloe, Oki, Ava, Liam and Noah!

Being so very different to Australia our kids love reading all about this foreign country, they can’t imagine what -30°C feels like but they sure get very excited about the sound of ice hockey, sled races, skiing and riding the toboggan. Everyone is chatting  about igloos and ice hotels, we discover the meaning of Inuit and why houses in North Canada are built on stilts.

But Canada does get sun too, which is when Canadian kids go berry hunting, hiking in the Rocky Mountains or enjoy a weiner roast on the beach. Throughout the year they celebrate Peacekeepers Day, Canada Day, Vimy Ridge Day and there are plenty of other interesting celebrations that are new to us.

Want some more cool Canadian facts and inside scoop? How about  ‘Ogopogo’ (The Lake Okanagan monster), Loonies and Toonies (pocket money), Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Bannock (Canadian flat bread) or Tartan Day? Once you’ve finished ‘A Canadian Year’ you’ll be a true Canada connoisseur.

You can find the ‘A Kids Year’ series in leading book stores across Australia.

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