Jan 132017

With the suitcases packed away, the photos filed and the tan lines faded away our wonderful European adventure feels like a distant memory. That is until several months later we received a letter from car rental company Avis…

During our 5-week holiday we had the pleasure of driving a comfortable and super spacious Opel Vivaro which took our family of seven (as well as Opa and Oma) all around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even France. We explored big cities and little villages, walked along beaches and browsed local markets, experienced Disneyland Paris and visited family in every corner for the country. It was bliss!

For as long as I have known my husband he has been an extremely careful driver with not a speeding ticket to his name, so I was rather shocked to receive a letter from Avis informing us that we occurred a fine during our rental period. As they had automatically deducted the fine, plus administration fee, from our credit card my initial response was to (as annoying as it was) just accept the fact and get over it.

However, the more I thought about it the more I wanted to know what offence we supposedly committed, the details in the letter were vague and the location/date was not filled out. We later realised that the registration number mentioned did not even correspond with the car we rented! We enlisted my family in The Netherlands to defend our cause and after some back and forth communication Avis agreed we did not commit an offence after all and the entire amount was refunded.

I am so pleased we spoke up and it proves again that you have to fight for your right! If you’ve copped a traffic fine too and are confident of your innocence, yet you need a bit of help you can always count on the legal professionals at Prime Lawyers to back you up. They are experts at fighting speeding fines NSW, ensuring you only have to pay the fine if you’ve really done the crime.

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