Nov 052016


As we’re heading into the season of fuzzy feelings and memorable moments I think more and more about my childhood, I recall particular places, special smells and times spent with loved ones. Isn’t it amazing how your brain works? If you too would love to deposit a precious moment into your family’s memory bank this festive season here’s the perfect opportunity to do so:

The marvellous Circus 1903 will travel across Australia next month and set up camp in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, where they are guaranteed to wow guests of all ages.

Created by the producers of The Illusionists, hailed ‘the world’s biggest magic show’, and the award-winning puppeteers from War Horse Circus 1903 takes its audience back to the golden age of circus. This family-friendly theatre show is a true spectacle that will have everyone sitting on the edge of their seat, get ready to be amazed by the most unique, amazing and dangerous circus acts from all four corners of the world.


From strong men to contortionists, from acrobats to musicians, from knife throwers to the high wire and much more, Circus 1903 brings you the magic of the traditional circus in a refreshing new jacket. One of the most exciting twists is the use of carefully constructed and realistic puppets instead of actual animals, skilfully brought to life by the talented puppeteers from War Horse.

The crew of Circus 1903 will first step into the ring in Canberra on December 1 and the curtains will close in Melbourne on January 12, 2017. Don’t miss all the ‘big top action’ and book your seats today, ticket prices vary per location.

To find out more about Circus 1903, to view the tour schedule and to order your tickets online visit

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