Oct 202016


As I browse our holiday photos and see our children enjoying family time it amazes me once again how different the five of them are. Even though they are siblings and share certain features they have such unique personalities and they’re all wonderful and special in their own way. This gorgeous picture book by Jennifer Higgie is a lovely celebration of what makes your little one different:


There’s not one colour, colour is everywhere. There’s not one flower, there are billions. There’s not one star, there are too many too count. Featuring bright, vibrant colours and modern art author Jennifer Higgie is using her first book to spread a very important message: There’s Not One (RRP $24.99) like you!


There’s Not One makes a perfect sweet bedtime story for the special little person(s) in your life, showing them how wonderful and unique they are and how very loved. It’s a wonderful gift idea for Christmas, a baby shower or ‘just because’, being a sturdy, hardcover edition it will be enjoyed over and over again.


To find out more about Scribe Publications, to browse the range and to order online visit www.scribepublications.com.au.

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