Oct 092016


After five fabulous weeks of holidays I didn’t think the kids would be keen to return to school, but they were actually quite happy to go back. While they didn’t miss the math exercises and science class they couldn’t wait to join their favourite lunchtime activity called ‘Glee Club’, where they sing and dance until the bell puts a stop to it. Knowing how much they love singing and performing I had no doubt the kids would love the chance to record their efforts with SelfieMic:

selfiemicFrom the toy experts at Worlds Apart comes SelfieMic (RRP $39.95, ages 8+), a fun and fabulous craze that allows young talent to star in their own music videos. Based on the popular selfie stick concept this clever set combines an ear piece, microphone and extendable selfie stick to create an instant recording studio using the StarMaker mobile phone app, how cool is that?

selfiemic-packThe extensive StarMaker song library contains a selection of free tracks from popular artists as well as thousands of other hits and famous sing-along songs that can be downloaded using so-called ‘tokens’ or by becoming a StarMaker VIP member. When you purchase the SelfieMic kit you receive 1000 free in-app tokens and each time your record a track you earn even more, so you can keep growing your repertoire one song at a time.

Once you have perfected your performance you can share your talent with family, friends or even the world on the StarMaker website. You may just win a prize in the SelfieMic contest! Even though our children are a bit too young to know much about current music hits, that most certainly doesn’t stop them from having fun with SelfieMic: Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’, Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’ and of course ‘Happy’, you’re never too young to become a superstar!


What are you waiting for? Download the free StarMaker App from the iTunes Store or Google Play and start your recording career today.

To find out more about SelfieMic, to locate a stockist near you and to join the SelfieMic squad visit www.selfiemic.com.au.

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