Oct 142016


We all know a fabulous pair of maternity jeans is an absolute must-have for your pregnancy wardrobe, but what should you look for in your maternity denim? Four pregnancies (and several disappointing buys) later I have come up with a list of features that make the difference between a winner or a ‘binner’:


Your beautiful baby is not the only one growing, over the course of 9 months your body is bound to change in shape and size too (sometimes going up several clothing sizes). Keep an eye out for adjustable waists and elasticised sides that allow you to create the perfect fit for tiny little bumps, big round tummies and post-baby bellies. With a bit of luck that means the same pair of jeans will fit beautifully throughout the whole journey and you won’t have to buy new jeans every trimester.

Make sure your maternity jeans are soft and stretchy to help accommodate the rapid body changes your body will go through during pregnancy and post-delivery. It’s all about balance when it comes to stretch: As a proud, pregnant mama you want denim that is stretchy yet strong, you definitely don’t want a unflattering jegging (jeans x legging) that offers no support and loses its elasticity after one wear.

Thankfully the denim experts at Jeanswest understand that being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up on your sense of style, so they have created a great range of maternity jeans to suit everyone. The skinny fit is right on trend and with different washes and finishes you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The award winning Jeanswest Maternity Jeans range caters for sizes 6 up to 18 and even comes in length options Short, Regular and Long, they have all expecting mamas covered.

Tummy Support
tummy-bandPersonally I love the extra support and comfort of a soft, elasticated tummy band that sits nicely over your belly. It gives beautiful shape to your growing bump and prevents it from being accidentally exposed (and getting cold). Especially near the end when your bump is at its biggest the under-belly styles can get a little bit ‘awkward’…, a builders-crack doesn’t look good on anyone! The belly band also offers gentle support for a painful belly button or sore back.

To find out more about the Jeanswest Maternity range, to locate a Jeanswest store near you or to order online visit www.jeanswest.com.au.

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